Did you lose your important files and data on the Lexar micro sd card? Don't worry, you can restore your data. You can use various data recovery tools to recover lost and deleted files.

This article will introduce the official Lexar sd card data recovery software and its best better alternative iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery. We will explain the step-by-step procedure to recover your data from the SD card.

Let's begin!

Part 1. Best Lexar Professional Micro SD Card Recovery Software Free on Windows/Mac-iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery

iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery is an excellent alternative to the Lexar micro sd card data recovery tool. It is an application available for both Windows and Mac. It is specifically suited for beginners so that anyone can use it without experience or expertise. Most importantly, there is no need for backup or other requirements as it can do everything independently.

Lexar micro SD Card

The algorithm of iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery is commendable. It recovers almost all files quickly. More than 1000 file formats are supported, including videos, images, audio, emails, and archives. Due to its robust scanning, it recovers all your lost data. First, it runs a quick scan that completes in no time. Then, it runs the deep scan that checks the drives thoroughly and finds more files.

iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery can perform Lexar SD card data recovery with perfection. It has an excellent success rate that recovers files safely. The best part is that it works in almost all scenarios, including accidental deletion of files, formatted SD cards, virus attacks, etc. In addition, there are no gratuities and conditions.

Main Features about iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery:

  • With the help of D-Back Hard Drive Recovery, you can recover files from your SD card, CF card, digital camera, hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, or any other storage. It works perfectly well on all storage options and recovers your data.
  • It requires only three simple steps to recover your lost data. Beginners can easily follow the instructions and recover their lost data.
  • The fast algorithm of D-Back Hard Drive Recovery recovers your files faster than other tools on the market.
  • After the Lexar micro SD card recovery, you will see all files organized according to their type and format. You can easily select the files you need and recover them without hassle.
  • iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery scans your SD card and other drives for free, and you can also see the preview of the recovered files.
  • Fortunately, it also offers free recovery of a few files, but you need to buy the premium plan for massive data.
  • You can recover your data on your own without trusting service members. Thus, your recovered information is entirely secure.
  • You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get a refund if you are not satisfied with the software.

Steps for Lexar Memory Card Data Recovery Using D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert:

Step 1. Download the recovery app to your computer, there are different files for Mac and Windows. Install it on your computer.

Step 2. Use a card reader to connect your Lexar SD card to your computer. Insert the card in the card reader. Once your SD card is recognized, open D-Back Hard Drive Recovery. You will see the Lexar SD card on the main screen.

select external device

Step 3. Click on your SD card. The scanning process will begin automatically. D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert will do a quick scan and recover most of your files quickly. Then, it will start the deep scan to recover more files if left in the quick scan. You can stop and pause the scan whenever you want.

scan external device

Step 4. Once the scanning is complete or stopped, you can select your files from the File Type on the left. Select the file type and format. Select the files you need to recover. Finally, click on the Recover button.

preview files from external devices

Step 5. Enter the path of the destination folder and click on OK. Wait for the files to be recovered, and then you can open the folder and see the files.

Part 2. Review of the Offical Lexar SD Card Recovery Tool

Lexar sd card data recovery software is an official tool from Lexar. You can use it to recover your lost files from your SD card. The device can recover images, videos, audio, and other formats without hassle.

It is available for Windows and macOS. The tool is straightforward to download and use. It is perfect for new users. Apart from file recovery, you can also use it to format your SD cards and other drives.

The data recovery software is free. But it is not very efficient. It takes too much time to recover your files. In addition, there are options for images, videos, and audio, so if you want any other format, you will have to scan all your files.

Lexar SD Card data recovery

Key Features of Lexar Data Recovery Tool:

  • Lexar data recovery tool is completely free.
  • You can select the file type, such as photos, videos, and audio. You can also like all files.
  • The software takes a few seconds to download, and you can directly use the tool from the archive.
  • You can also format your SD cards and other drives using the tool. It formats the drive safely.
  • It can support audio, video, image, and document formats.
  • It recovers files in the case of accidental deletion, accidental formatting, lost partition, and file system header corruption.

Lexar sd card data recovery software is free and an excellent tool, but it cannot recover all your files. It does not support emails, archives, and many other formats you might want to heal. 

Moreover, it does not work in some scenarios, such as complete formatting, overwritten data, and encrypted drives. Thus, it is not a powerful recovery tool to recover your lost files. However, you can try it first, but if it does not work, you can use iMyFone D-Back.

Part 3. FAQs about Lexar Micro SD Card Data Recovery Software

3.1 How good are Lexar professional micro SD cards

Lexar professional micro-SD cards are reliable. They are of good quality and can be used for all purposes. However, they are used mainly for videos and images as they are very cheap and can be replaced without any hassle.

Other SD cards are pretty expensive, and their frequent use can damage the card, but Lexar SD cards are very cheap. Most SD cards are reliable and work for a long time, but sometimes, these can fail. But as they are reasonable, people still like to buy them.

3.2 Does D-Back Hard Drive Recovery support Lexar pen drive recovery/USB recovery/Lexar compact flash card recovery

Yes, D-Back Hard Drive Recovery supports data recovery of all Lexar's storage devices. It works exceptionally well and recovers almost all types of files quickly. D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert is better than Lexar data recovery software because it is fast and can recover more than 1000 formats. Its algorithm recovers files in almost all scenarios.


You might have got an idea of how to recover the lost files from Lexar SD/CF cards. You can try the official recovery software. It might work in your case, but if it fails to recover your lost files, you can try iMyFone D-Back. It is a fantastic data recovery tool that will heal your lost data in all scenarios. Its robust deep scanning will search and retrieve your files without losing them. Moreover, it supports 1000+ formats and recovers massive data in the shortest time possible. You can download it and recover a few files for free.