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“iPad keeps restarting” has been one of the major complains from a large number of Apple users. This revealing matter where the iPad keeps restarting without any known reason is truly troubling. In this article, we'll show you how to fix this issue.

Why iPad Keeps Restarting?

A subtle explanation to the dreaded question of why your iPad keeps restarting is simpler than you can imagine. A logical reason is behind a purposeful mechanism built-in all Apple devices. The faulty flash memory seems to be the troublemaker here. When your iOS system goes back to get something from the faulty memory your iPad adapts to an in-built safety net. Apple has made a safety switch by assisting the device towards a reboot rather than letting the phone crash or getting locked.

This flashy memory can easily be prevented once you upgrade and install new software. This reduces the chances of you encountering the troubling process where iPad keeps restarting.

How to Fix “iPad Keeps Restarting”?

1. Clean Junk Files

There is a valid chance that you might see yourself stuck once your iPad would start restarting even after you reset it. You can take the trouble and go through cleaning up your iPad device and its core data application software. Or sometimes, it may be caused by some invisible corrupted files or log.

It’s high time you get rid of the junk and clean your Apple devices once and for all. iMyFone Umate Pro accompanies a 1-click removal of all the useless junk you have managed to pile under the rug of your iPad. When your iPad keeps restarting again and again you need to take strong steps to completely eliminate the problem from the root.

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Key Features:

  • Clean as much as junk and temp files once, such as corrupted files, log, cache, cookies, and etc.
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3 Steps to Avoid “iPad Keeps Restarting”

Step 1. Connect your iPad to computer and launch iMyFone Umate Pro.


Step 2. Tap “Quick Scan” button and it will show you how much storage can be freed up.


Step 3. Hit “Clean” button beside “Junk Files” and tap “Start” to begin. When it finishes, you can clean other specific items without scanning again.


2. Hard Reset Your iPad

Most of people have solved this problem arter a hard reset. This solution is simple and effective. To do it, just press and hold “Sleep/Wake” button and Home button simultaneously until Apple logo appears.


3. Restore Your iPad

You can also restore your iPad if it is convenient for you. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Connect your iPad to your PC through a cable and open iTunes.

Step 2: Click your device tab and next click on “Restore iPad” button.


Don’t forget to back up your data before you proceed with this method. Please make sure you have the latest iTunes on your computer.

4. Update Your iPad

Update to the latest iOS system is also an effective solution when your iPad keeps restarting again and again. Follow these steps to update your iPad:

Step 1: Open Settings app at your iPad.

Step 2: Tap on General > Software Update.


Step 3: Then choose the iOS version to download and install it.

How to Fix iPad Keeps Restarting While Charging?

This is also reported quite often that iPad undergoes a restart once you plug it in. What you can do is update to the latest software. It is advisable that you:

  1. Make a back up.
  2. Restore the iOS software.
  3. Restore from the backup you saved on your iTunes earlier.

This easy smart way is your full-proof guide when your iPad air keeps restarting while on charge.


If the above tips have not worked on your device and the iPad keeps restarting on its own, then contact your nearest Apple store. There can be an issue with the hardware of your devices rather than the software that we seem to blame.