How to Reset an iPod Touch without iTunes?

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Like every other mobile device, you may run into problems with your iPod Touch. Sometimes, the device may refuse to work in a normal way. You might click on music and refused to open up, or it might just be that you could not download some media from the computer to the iPod Touch. Whatever the reason, you might need to hard reset iPod touch so that you keep enjoying it. But, if you reset your iPod, what will be the outcome?

Resetting your iPod has advantages and disadvantages. The main benefit you get when you reset is that your iPod will function normally again. However, there are some disadvantages of resetting iPod. What are they?

  • When you reset iPod, you stand the risk of losing all your music and video.
  • Resetting your iPod, in some cases, may not solve the problem you had hoped it would solve.
  • Resetting your iPod can cause you to spend money on new music and videos which you previously had.
  • Resetting iPod may cause it to malfunction, especially if the device had been having problem repeatedly.
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As you can see, resetting your iPod will definitely affect your music and other contents in the iPod. However, in many cases, some people had successfully made the iPod touch reset and continued to enjoy their music and other contents. If you want to reset your iPod, what steps should you take? Let us look at this.

Reset a iPod Touch without iTunes

If you want to restore your iPod touch without iTunes, simply hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons down for about 10 seconds. Keep holding it down until the iPod touch shuts off and begins to restart. Once you see the Apple logo, release the buttons. It is simple as that.

The two options above will definitely reset your iPod, and it is possible to recover your music and other contents through back up. However, there are times when you want to delete your music and other contents permanently from your iPod for privacy protection or other issues. How can you do this? The only and best way to do that is to use iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac to erase your iPod data permanently. Umate pro is the software that helps to delete permanently and it comes in 4 features. You can use any of the features according to your particular need.

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1-Click Cleanup: This offers you options to clear up junk & temporary files, app caches, compress photos, mass delete photos/videos. 1-Click Cleanup will free up your iPod, and your device will perform at optimal level.

Erase Deleted Files: This gives you the option to erase permanently the previously deleted files. Any content deleted with this mode cannot be recovered, even with latest recovery tools.

Erase Private Data: This is another option you can use if you want to delete a particular file. This mode will destroy file you selected with 100% unrecoverable.

Erase All Data: It helps to erase all data completely from your iPod, just like the iPod touch reset. This feature should be applied if you want to give the iPod out or sell it.

Steps to Permanently Erase iPod Touch Data:

Step 1: Run the program and connect your iPod Touch.

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Step 2: Choose the erase mode according to your need.

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Step 3: Scan your iPod Touch and click “Erase Now” to erase iPod Touch files.

how to reset a ipod touch