Effective Ways to Turn off Find My iPhone without Password

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What is the whole essence behind disabling or turning off “Find My iPhone?” If you say security, you are right! But, what about turning off “find my iPhone” without password or using your Apple ID? That is novel to some users or impossible. However, apart from security reason, other reasons may necessitate turning off “find my iPhone” without using a password.

Apple adds “find my iPhone” feature for security purpose. Your iPhone could get stolen. If that happens, protecting your vital information becomes paramount, and this feature gives you an opportunity to do that without a password.

Another reason why the “find my iPhone” turning off is present in iPhone that, at times, you may need to replace your iPhone from Apple and you will be required to turn off or disable the feature.

How to Turn off “Find My iPhone” without Any Password

1Turning off “Find My iPhone” on iOS 7 without Any Password

You need not apply your Apple password when trying to disable “find my iPhone” on an iOS 7 device. Most users are familiar with their device asking for a password when carrying out a task as iPhone restore, but there is a bug that makes it possible to disable the feature without using a password. Find it below.

Step 1: Go to iCloud Settings.
Step 2: Tap on “delete account” and the switch to disable “Find My iPhone.”
Step 3: A window will request for password, press down the power button and shut down your iPhone.
Step 4: Restart your device.
Step 5: Go back to iCloud Settings.
Step 6: Click on Delete Account to disable to “find my iPhone.”
Step 7: Done.

For more clarity, you can watch a tutorial video on YouTube. But, since there are many of such videos on YouTube, the link here can help with quick understanding on how to disable “find my iPhone.” Check this out:

2Disabling “Find My iPhone” on iOS 10 without Any Password

If you are using iOS 10, it is likewise possible to disable “find my iPhone” without your Apple password. Follow the steps below to do so.

Step 1: Open Settings in the iCloud account.
Step 2: Remove your existing password and input any code.
Step 3: Click OK.
Step 4: When an error notification regarding wrong password and ID appears, click OK.
Step 5: Locate ‘Cancel’ on top and click.
Step 6: When the iCloud page appears, click on Account.
Step 7: Delete description, then click OK.
Step 8: Once it returns to the iCloud main page, the “find my iPhone” would have been disabled.

That is all. If you want to see a video on YouTube that describes how to disable “find my iPhone” without a password, go here:

How to Completely Reset/Erase iPhone

If you have been looking for a reliable way to reset iPhone without iCloud password, your best bet is to use a third-party application. Of the many software applications being used to reset iPhone, iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser or iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser for Mac is the most effective one and is fully compatible with current iOS 12.

Umate Pro iPhone Data Eraser is a good application for solving issues related to reset and erase iPhone. For example, it has been used to clear any iPhone error codes, delete unwanted files permanently, etc. below are some of its outstanding features.

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Key Features:

  • Reset iPhone: Thoroughly wipe everything from iPhone/iPad without leaving leftover piece.
  • Selectively Reset iPhone: Preview and select the specific private data to be reset, for privacy protection.
  • Erase Deleted Files: The previously deleted files which are still recoverable will be scanned and completely destroyed.
  • Manage Storage Space: Umate Pro can help manage storage space on iPhone effectively and speed up your iPhone.
  • Fully compatible with iOS 12 and receive lots of positive reviews from macworld.co.uk, Makeuseof.com , Cultofmac.com etc.

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Steps to Reset iPhone without Password

Note: To reset iCloud account without password, make sure "Find My iPhone" is disabled first.

Step 1: Install and run Umate Pro iPhone Data Eraser. Then, use a cable to connect your iPhone to the PC.
Step 2: Select the erasing mode of "Erase All Data".
Step 3: Tap the "Erase" button to completely erase your device.
remove icloud lock

Step 4: Confirm the deletion by imputing ‘delete’ into the box.

Your iPhone is now completely resetted!