One of the best parts of an iPhone is its operating system. Apple's iOS has an excellent UI and is very responsive. This mobile operating system is exclusively developed for Apple iPhone and iPad, so they are faster because of better software and hardware integration.

However, even the best operating system can give you issues. Many iPhone users have reported that they encounter issues in their devices regularly. Some are very complex for a common person to understand, so some of the iOS issues want to flash the device.

Today we will show you how to flash the iPhone through various methods. You can choose the one you prefer according to your own situation.

Option 1. Flash iPhone via iTunes (official but complex)

You can flash the iPhone via iTunes software on your computer. Apple iTunes is music and video playback software and it can also manage all your iOS devices and backup and restore data to your device. Before starting, you need to find and download the firmware on your own.

select device type to download IPSW

Step 1: Download, install and open iTunes software on your computer.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer. On a successful connection, iTunes will ask you to allow access to your iPhone. Tap Trust on iPhone. This will allow iTunes to read and manage the iPhone information.

Step 3: For Mac press the 'Option' key and tap 'Update' or 'Restore'. If you have a Windows PC, hold 'Shift' and press 'Update' or 'Restore'. You can choose Update for saving the internal data of the iPhone. You can also press "Restore iPhone" which will erase all the contents of your device.

Step 4: If any firmware updates like the latest iOS 16 are available for your iPhone, an indication "Select the firmware" will pop-up on the screen. You need to choose the firmware that you downloaded before and click OK. The iPhone will restore after a few minutes.

Disadvantages of Flashing iPhone via iTunes

  • If no updates are available, you will not be able to flash your iPhone at that time.
  • The steps are complicated for users who know nothing about technology.

restore IPSW file using iTunes

As you can see, you need to find and download the latest iOS 16 firmware on your own, so this will take a lot of your time. Thus many users have asked, "How can I flash iPhone without iTunes?". Find the answer now.

Flashing and restoring the firmware of your device is the best way to fix some of the software problems that the device must be experiencing. Flashing can also involve updating the firmware of your device. This process will install the newest iOS 16 on your device.

But how do you flash the iPhone? The most common way is by using iTunes.

Luckily, you can flash your iPhone without iTunes. You can use an advanced third-party tool for flashing the iPhone without any loss of data and damage to your device.

Option 2. Flash iPhone via Best Third-Party Software (easiest & safe)

Due to the disadvantages of iTunes, you can flash your iPhone using a professional third-party tool popularly known as iMyFone Fixppo. Within a few minutes, you can flash and restore your iPhone without any data loss.

  • iMyFone Fixppo is a powerful tool for not only flashing and restoring the iPhone, iPad but also for fixing all kinds of iOS issues.
  • Fixppo also helps to reset iPhone without password.
  • The advanced technology used in Fixppo will offer you the maximum 100% of flashing and restoring the iPhone successfully.
  • Many famous websites around the world have trusted this tool.

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Here you will learn how to flash iPhone without using iTunes. First, download and install Fixppo on your computer and then follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Open the program and choose Standard mode on the main page. Now connect your iPhone to your computer and click Next. Unlock your iPhone if it is running on iOS 16 and click Next. Your device should get detected by Fixppo. If it does not, you need to follow the onscreen instructions for putting your device in DFU or Recovery mode.

 enter Recovery Mode under Standard Mode

Step 2: When the device is in DFU or Recovery mode, it will automatically get detected by the software. Now Fixppo will display all the available firmware versions on the screen. Select the most appropriate firmware version and click Download.

download firmware under Standard Mode

Step 3: After the firmware gets downloaded, it will be verified and the software will be extracted. As soon as the firmware is ready, click on the Start button. Fixppo will start flashing the iPhone.

finished fixing your device

Many users have tried this way and left their positive feedback on it.

user feedback

Comparison of the iTunes Restore & iPhone Flash Tool

After checking all the details of each method, you can have a look at the comparison table noa and make your final decision.

iTunes Restore
Save data on the device
Allow users to choose firmware versions
Fast and easy to use
Faster and easier
Sometimes takes long time


We believe you have understood how to flash iPhone using three different methods. View the methods carefully and then try any one method for flashing the iPhone. Do you have any doubts? Feel free to contact us through the comment section below.