League of Legends is an online game published in 2009 where two teams with 3-5 members battle each other for half of their chosen map. Due to game mechanics, it immediately became the most popular game in the world of e-gaming. LoL is free to download and play and comes in three modes Classic, Dominion, and ARAM.

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Within each team, the most unique role is jungler in League of legends. Their task is to clear jungle camps by fighting monsters that are neutral units in League of Legends and pop out to surprise the enemies.

Continue reading to know more about the LoL best junglers to choose for gameplay. Tips and tricks necessary to play junglers is ready for you. Just Go!

What Is Jungling in League of Legends

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Each team has to invade the enemy's base and destroy a key building, "Nexus". In every standard game with 5 members, 4 members are laners, and one is jungler.

Jungling is an action performed by a jungler in summoner's rift mode. It involves killing the neutral monsters that spawn and respawn between the lanes. Junglers do so for keeping up with their lane mates and earning gold and experience.

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Jungling instills enemies' sense of fear as they don't know where you are or what you are doing. With a jungler, a team gains considerable advantage regarding map awareness and earning the maximum farm. As a result, more farms increase the chances of winning the game.

Why Need Jungler in League of Legends

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As mentioned above, having a jungler in a team increases the chances of victory manifold. Here are the reasons why you need junglers in League of Legends:

  • Instead of just killing minions, junglers are more equipped to kill neutral monsters quickly to get you more gold and experience. When the top lane is busy farming gold, junglers bring extra gold which would otherwise be sitting there in the jungle. 
  • They can easily keep up with players in lanes or even better while also allowing the two champions to solo the lane.
  • Moreover, jungle champions can also take down the dragons and earn 190 gold to all the team members.
  • They also help to do some skills such as ganking lanes, punishing the aggressive opponents.

Which Is the Best Jungler Champion

Here are the LoL best junglers:

1 Evelynn


Evelyn is an assassin jungler with special camouflage skills to attack the enemy champions and cause heavy damage. The reason why it's among the top picks is its ganking potential after gaining camouflage at level 6.


  • Evelynn has a demon shade (passive) ability that grants her health regeneration, thus giving her a second chance to fight. From level 5, camouflage helps to roam around the map fearlessly and finds the target. With Hate spike (active), you can spit out a big spike of hate twice before it cools down
  • Other abilities include Whiplash that drags the target towards you and Allure, a crowd control ability to slow down the target and make it more vulnerable to magical attack.


  • Evelynn doesn't have the one vs. one potential, and most of the time, you have to go for a full clear in the jungle

Item Build

The best item built for this champion is Night Harvest and Sorcerer's shoes. Other items to complete the build include Rabadon's deathcap and Void Staff. Additionally, Flash and Smite work best as summoner spells.

2 Amumu


Amumu is a tank jungle champion who is excellent at team fights. He is mastered in setting plays for his team and enhancing their damage rate. His abilities include cursed touch, bandage toss, despair, tantrum, and curse of the sad mummy.


  • A great jungler champion for the beginners for its simple mechanics and high game impact
  • Surprising synergy with magic damage dealers
  • Useful for teams by setting plays and increasing damage output
  • Can escape fights with his Q


  • Amumu is slow, clear, and weak against strong early invades like Lee Sin, Xin Zhao, and Olaf
  • Has low turret damage potential that affects its team
  • As primarily dependent on his blue buff, his whole game suffers if blue buff lost

Item Build

Amumu item build includes abyssal mask, Ionian boots of lucidity, Rylai's crystal scepter, Liandry's Torment, Morellonomicon, and Void Staff.

3 Xin Zhao

xin zhao

Xin Zhao is a fighter jungler and best at clearing the jungle camps. He has also got the potential to go one vs. one against the enemy jungler. With his strong early game ganks, you can snowball your lanes. His abilities are determination, three talon strikes, wind becomes lightning, audacious charge, and crescent guard


  • A strong champion at the start of the game
  • Simple and easy to use the skillset
  • Has powerful ability to go solo, go to the jungle and gank
  • Exhibits multiple crows controlling effects such as slowing with Audacious Charge (E) and knocking away with the Crescent Guard (Q)


  • Short skill range
  • Low mobility
  • Can be easily caught by the enemy because of simple gameplay

Item Build

The core build items for season 11 are Eclipse, Blade of the Ruined King, and Sterak's Gage, and the optional built items are Death Dance, Guardian Angel, Dead Man's Plate, Trinity Force, and Spirit Visage.

The best items built for big damage and strong stamina are Eclipse, Plated Steelcap, Blade of the Ruined King, Sterak's Gage, Death Dance, and Guardian Angel.

Gankbang Kill--When and Where to Do

Although you cannot guess how the lanes will play out, the jungler should start planning the early game pathing. After you get in the game, keep an eye on available gank opportunities. Discern what lanes will have crowd controls as you can prey upon the weak enemy laners.

ganbang kill

Look for the laner health, lane position, and clear camps.

If your bottom lane health is low and out of mana, gank would not be successful even if jungle and mid lane show up. Also, ensure that your team can follow you up if you launch the attack. If both laners are weak, initiate the gank as you can pick a kill and save your ally from death. With healthy laners, you can dive turrets without trade kills.

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Look for your enemy lane position and jungler position so that you can help your team if the enemy is out of position; your chances of successful ganking increase manifolds.

Besides the lanes and position, you also need to look at your jungle camps. If the majority of camps are up, clear some of them before ganking. If you fail the gank without clearing the camps, you face a huge opportunity cost. Camps clearing reset the time and give more opportunities to farm in the game.

5 Tips for Playing Jungler - League of Legends

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The five best tips for playing jungler are:

  1. As a beginner, try different jungle champions to understand champions' abilities, how they can work, and what champions are more preferable for winning the game.
  2. Keep on switching your patterns. As you progress in the game, you need to traverse different paths based on new information. Try to get yourself acquainted with different scenarios and don't stick to one path
  3. Let your enemy overcommit to gank before you launch counter gank. You may want to gank first to protect your teammates from dying, but no chance would be better to gank the enemy in counter gank when they are engaged.
  4. If any of your champions have crowd control ability, ask them to use it on Rift Scuttler that will destroy its shield, so you can kill it quicker
  5. Ask your team laners to call out the summoner spells the enemy laners use so that you can use this information to plan jungle pathing

FAQs about League of Legends Jungler

1 Who Are the Best Jungler in LoL?

The best jungler in LoL are Elise, Evelynn, Amumu, Shaco, Lee Sin, Nidalee and Karthus

2 Is Olaf a Good Jungler?

Olaf is primarily a jungler as he does better in the jungle than in the lane. He has reasonable survivability and burst damage but is not very beneficial to the team. At the start, he can't do much. He cannot gap close. His lack of mobility makes him poor at chasing or ganking.

In the mid or late game, he becomes pretty strong and scary.  He will not blow out the enemy but stay on him forever, for which the enemy can do nothing.

3 Is Jungling Hard in League of Legends?

For most beginners, jungling is challenging and stressful. Even with the easiest junglers, players find it hard to succeed.

Beginners should watch jungle guides to understand what they should be doing as jungler. Moreover, if it is not necessary, don't take risks or counter gank. Get to know the map pretty well and find a champion with which you can do better.

4 How Do You Farm as a Jungler?

Some valuable tips to farm successfully as a jungler are:

  • Utilize the first minutes of the game to do some productive tasks such as to harass baron lane or help your mid-layer to zone out the enemy.
  • Understand the jungle rotations and know what runes you should pick for the particular champion.
  • Itemize accordingly. The most common item bought is Smite that will upgrade with levels.
  • Use the empty lanes to your advantage and clear the creep.
  • Farm with the team so that you can contribute your skills and abilities.
  • Try to keep the balance between jungling and fighting.


Each team in the game intends to invade the enemy's base and destroy an essential building. However, jungler holds the most important place among the team members. His successful jungling can help him earn gold and experience to get closer to victory.

If you are a pro at jungling, the chances are high that you win the game, and if not, don't worry. The skills and tactics that we have provided in our article will definitely help you better understand your role play as a jungler and win the game next time.