The high-resolution iPhones, iPads sometimes seem smaller to watch films, videos and playing games. Some people have no idea how to share a screen on an iPad. Technology has now made things easier than before. You can share the iPad screen on the TV. People nowadays enjoy sharing iPad screens on the TV.

share ipad screen

This feature of sharing an iPad screen on TV enables the user to enjoy the video streaming on bigger resolutions. There are different ways to share iPad screen to TV. There are different ways you can share iPad screen to TV and PC. So, let’s explore some awesome features.

How Does Screen Sharing iPad Work

Screen sharing is the way to experience the mobile screen on bigger screens. The screen share with iPads can be done if both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The least expensive way to share an iPad screen on TV is through cable. You connect your iPad to the TV through an HDMI cable. But, can you screen share on iPad without wires?

share ipad screen

Yes, definitely. The other way to share iPad screen to TV is through AirPlay. It’s a special iPhone feature that allows the user to screen share iPad to TV through the air. You can also share your iPad screens through AirBeam. AirBeam helps the user to share the iPad screen without external connections.

How to Share Screen iPad to Mac

iPads are best known for their connectivity. You can teach, do live webinars, meetings and streaming live videos through sharing iPad screen to Mac. An alternate display provides the best interface and extended screen in real-time. There are different options to share the screen with iPad to Mac. Let’s see how Sidecar works.

1 How to Use MirrorTo to Screen Share iPad

With advanced technology, iMyFone MirrorTo can help you mirror iOS devices on Windows with ease. In this way, you can easily control your phone or manage social apps on PC with mouse and keyboard. Just follow these steps.

  1. Download & Install iMyFone MirrorTo on your computer and launch the program.
  2. Make your iPad and PC in the same WiFi network environment, select "iOS".
  3. Allow MirrorTo to access your network.
  4. Select iOS screen casting, enter your mobile phone [Control Center] > [Screen Mirroring], select MirrorTo, and start screen casting.
  5. Pair the Bluetooth. Go to "Settings", then enter Bluetooth and pair the current screen casting computer. Now, your iOS devices screen is successfully mirrored to the computer. And you can control your devices on PC freely. 

2 How to Use Sidecar to Screen Share iPad

Before making connections to iPad and Mac, it is necessary that both devices must be sidecar supported. Because not all iPads and Mac devices are sidecar supported.

  1. Connect iPad to Mac either wireless (Bluetooth) or through cable. In the case of wireless, the distance must be in the range of 10 meters. For wired connection, devices are to be connected through a charging cable.
  2. Both accounts must be logged in by the same iCloud account.
  3. Once the connection is made, click on the AirPlay menu from Mac, then click on your connected iPad.
  4. Now you can either extend the display or share the same screen.
  5. This can also be turned into a sidebar option that is easy to access.
  6. You can move the window to the corner of the screen till the cursor appears on Mac. Else you can hold the cursor on the green button at the top in the left corner then click move to Mac.  
  7. ipad sidecar sharing

3 How to Use LetsView to Screen Share iPad

When it comes to sharing iPad screens on PC, there are many ways. LetsView is one of the best tools to screen share with the iPad. Through this method of screen share with the iPad, you can easily share the iPad screen to Mac without any hustle of wires. LetsView is an app that works efficiently on iOS devices as well as on Android. The process of screen share with iPad to Mac is easy as follows.

  1. Install LetsView on iPad and Mac from the app store. Once they are installed, connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network. The connection will not be made if both devices are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. letsview code

  3. You can scan the QR code shown on the Mac screen or enter the four-digit PIN code and then click on screen mirroring to start sharing.
  4. letsview qr code

How to Share iPad Screen to TV

Everyone enjoys watching videos, photos on bigger screens. There is more than one method to share iPad screen to TV. Three of them are through cable wire, through AirPlay and via AirBeam.

1 Connect with a Cable

iPad screen can be shared with TV in a very simple way. For making the connection, the user must have a suitable adapter. You will need an HDMI or VGA cable to make the connection.  Apple peripherals require Lightning Digital AV Adapter to support streaming video apps because third-party adapter does not support copy protection.


This cable allows the user to plug in the HDMI port to the TV. On the other end, connect your iPad through a Lightning connector. There is a plus point in using this cable that it provides an option to charge the iPad meanwhile. The method is really simple that anyone can do.

  1. One end of the HDMI cable is connected to the HDMI port of the adapter and the other end will be connected to the HDMI port at the back of the TV. Same as with Lightning VGA adapter to hook up with VGA-enabled devices.
  2. hdmi and vga cable

  3. iPad will then be connected through the lightning port to the adapter.

Switch on the TV and make sure the connection is made. There are multiple HDMI ports at the back of the TV. You can pick the connected HDMI port through the remote control. Once the screen share from iPad to TV, you can use Control Centre to specify the content to be sent to the bigger screen.

2 Airplay

If someone is not in the mood to deal with cables, the simple and easy method to share iPad screen to TV wirelessly is via Apple’s built-in feature AirPlay.


It enables the user to share and cast the screen from iPad to the devices with the AirPlay feature. To use this feature, make sure the streaming devices and smart TVs are connected with the same Wi-Fi network. How to use:

  1. Make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open Control Centre from iPad by sliding down from the top of the screen, if you are using the new version of iPad. Else you can slide up to open the Control Centre.
  3. Click on the screen mirroring.
  4. Select your TV from the connected devices list.
  5. If you are using the iOS device, then for the first time, you need to enter the four-digit code on every device.
  6. You can stop sharing your iPad screen to TV at any time by tapping stop mirroring.
  7. airplay

If you share an iPad screen to TV frequently, you can ease this process by making this connectivity automatic. Click on settings >General>AirPlay & Handoff from iPad. Now click Automatic Airplay to TVs.

3 Airbeam

If one desires to share an iPad screen to TV and does not have Apple TV, screen sharing is still possible. This method does not require any bunch of wires, adapters, or ports. The other way to share iPad screen to TV is through downloading screen mirroring app from the app store.


There are many screen-mirroring apps available on the app store, but the most recommended app is AirBeam. It is the most recommended and reliable app for iOS peripherals. AirBeam is developing different apps that can function on all iOS types.

This method does not require any cables or adapters. You can stream your apple device through this app without any hustle. You can share the iPad screen on any smart TV through AirBeam. This is a completely reliable way to stream movies, photos and videos. The method is easy to understand:

  1. Download AirBeam from the app store to your iPad and also on your smart TV.
  2. Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Open the app on your iPad and TV and wait for a while so that your TV recognizes a network.
  4. For some devices, there comes a pop-up message that asks your permission to connect and for some devices, it will directly show you the list of connected devices.
  5.  Click on your TV then click on start mirroring.
  6. airbeam

FAQs about Screen Sharing iPad

Q1: Does Zoom screen sharing work on iPad?

Yes, you can share your iPad screen on Zoom. Zoom allows iPhone users to share their screens via iOS mirroring. First, you have to connect to a Wi-Fi network, then click on screen mirroring and then tap on Zoom-Scott. In this way, you can share your iPad screen on Zoom.

Q2: Is there any video calling app on the iPad that supports screen sharing?

There are several video calling apps on iPad that support screen sharing. Some of them are Zoom, Webex, Skype, Team Viewer, Google Hangouts, GoTo Meeting. With these apps, you can share your iPad screen very easily during video calls. These apps are free for downloading from the app store.

Q3: Why can’t I find screen mirroring on my iPad?

The reason might be the AirPlay-compatible peripherals are not turned on or they are at a distance from each other. The screen mirroring feature works when AirPlay-compatible devices are near to each other and connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Q4: Is sharing an iPad lock screen password as a family illegal?

No, sharing iPad lock screen password with family is not illegal. As per your wish, you can share your iPad screen password with as many people as you can. This is just a way of allowing different people to gain access to your data on iPad.

Q5: Why can’t I share my iPad screen on Zoom?

There might be an error occurring if you cannot share your iPad screen on Zoom. For this error, uninstall Zoom, reboot your iPad, then again install Zoom and now share your iPad screen.


You can make your experience of visualizing an iPad screen on bigger resolutions better with these apps and built-in features. The iPad screen can be share on PC and TV with wires and without wires using the apps and features discussed above. The iPad screen can be shared with different screen mirroring apps and you can explore features.