SIM card stands for Subscriber Identity Module or Subscriber Identification Module. They are inserted into every phone to store the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) number which is used to identify a phone user.

Every SIM card has its own unique number and can be used to store hundreds of data including names, phone numbers, addresses and messages. Our contacts and text messages are some of the most important data on our mobile phones, and they can be stored on our SIM cards.

SIM card

When switching to another phone, most people are very interested in how to clone a SIM card unto their newer phone, especially in case they cannot just insert the SIM card in the new phone. There are many ways to achieve this. This article explains a few of them.

What types of data are stored on your SIM card?

A SIM card typically has between 8KB to 256KB of data storage capacity. This can be used to store contacts, call logs, SMS/MMS, application data or system logs and other information.

data stored on SIM card

Most SIM cards automatically store a number of SMS messages and phone book contacts. Contacts are usually stored in simple mode, consisting of just names and numbers. The number of contacts and messages that are stored depends on the type of SIM cards. Earlier SIM card models could save as little as 5 messages and 20 contacts, but most modern SIM cards can store contacts as much as 250.

All these make it even more important to be able to clone the data off your SIM card when you buy a new phone.

How to clone a SIM card?

Regardless of if you’re considering a switch between Android and iPhone, or from Android to Android, or from iPhone to iPhone, one thing is likely to be constant: you’ll certainly need the data on your SIM card.

Thanks to technological progress, there has never been an easier time to clone a SIM card. The simplest method is to use one of the many apps/ tools available for download on Apple’s App Store, the Google Play store, or a PC app.

Our team of writers spent weeks researching the best apps and tools for cloning SIM cards. Here are the leading tools we found:

Tool 1: iTransor Pro [For PC users]

iTransor Pro is a revolutionary PC app and one of the simplest cloning tools for cloning all data from a SIM card. It makes it possible to clone all data from iPhone to Samsung and Samsung/Huawei to iPhone, including contacts, SMS/MMS and call logs in the SIM card, among others.

iTransor Pro

Furthermore, iMyFone iTransor is multiple times faster than most other cloning tools and it guarantees the security of all your cloned data, making it one of the most secure apps for cloning SIM cards.

Here is how to clone your SIM card with iTransor Pro:

  • Download and install the program to your PC.

windows version      mac version

  • Open the app and connect your iPhone and Samsung to your PC via USB.
  • Allow access to phone data on the Samsung and Trust the PC on your iPhone when prompted. Next, click on Start and follow all the on screen instructions.

steps of using iTransor Pro

  • Select all the data you wish to clone from your SIM card (contacts, messages and call history) and start the process. Wait for the cloning process to complete.

Tool 2: CLONEit [Mobile App]

CLONEit is an exceptional mobile cloning app which is excellent for cloning data from a SIM card. It offers a transfer speed of up to 20mb/s, making it one of the fastest mobile cloning tools available.

It is a great tool to clone messages, contacts, and call logs, among others. Furthermore, it features a very simple user interface which makes it incredibly easy to use.

Here is how to clone your SIM card with CLONEit:

  • Download CLONEit on both the sending and receiving android Devices. Open the app and select the sending device as “Sender” and the receiving device as “Receiver”.
  • The receiving device should automatically start searching for the sender’s Wi-Fi connection. Select the sending device’s Wi-Fi to confirm the connection, then click “OK”.

clone SIM card via CLONEit

  • On the sending phone, select the data that you wish to clone (contacts, messages and call logs) and click on “Start” to begin the cloning process. Wait for the process to complete.

Tool 3: Phone Clone [Huawei App]

Phone Clone is an excellent data cloning app by HUAWEI.  It clones all contacts, SMS, and call logs from a phone or SIM card to a Huawei phone. Phone Clone features a cloning speed reaching up to 1GB per minute, and supports cloning SIM card data from almost all other Android phones and iPhones.

Here is how to clone your SIM card with Huawei’s Phone Clone app:

  • Download the Phone Clone app on both the source and target devices. (Note that the target one can only be Huawei.)
  • Open the app and select “This is the new phone” on the new device and “This is the old phone” on the older device.

open Phone Clone

  • Scan the QR code and select the data you wish to clone from your SIM card.  Tap “send data” and wait till you see “Transfer complete”.

Tool 4: SIM Card Info and Contacts Transfer [Android App]

SIM Card Info and Contacts Transfer is an Android app, available on Google Play, which specifically works for cloning your SIM card data like phone numbers and contacts.

The app supports cloning contacts from SIM card to your smartphone and vice versa. Along with cloning your SIM card data, this app can also provide you all information about your SIM card, such as your SIM card’s Serial Number or Operator code, while you can only use it when you are able to insert your SIM card into both of your phones.

Here is how to clone your SIM card with SIM Card Info and Contacts Transfer:

  • Download the app from the Google Play store. Open the app and tap on the Menu.

SIM Card Info and Contacts Transfer

  • On your new/destination phone (with the old SIM card), tap on the Import/Export option and choose Import from sim card.
  • Choose the data you would like to clone to your phone and click Import. Wait for the process to finish.

In conclusion, cloning your SIM card means copying all the data unto another phone or SIM card. And while CLONEit, Phone Clone and SIM Card Info and Contacts Transfer are all excellent cloning tools for cloning your SIM card data, iTransor Pro offers by far the best result. It offers a convenient method that all the data on your SIM card would be cloned unto your destination phone in a speedy, safe and efficient manner.