Every year, tens of millions of phone users change or upgrade their phones. Consequently, these people are faced with a very simple challenge: how to move their data from an old phone to a new one? Are you one of those people looking to transfer data from one smartphone to another without issues?

huawei phone clone

Some phone manufacturers start to pay attention to data transfer services and invent relevant apps such as Move to iOS and Samsung Smart Switch. Huawei's Phone Clone app also does a good job of migrating data to a new phone, but a few crucial flaws have pushed people to hunt for an alternative. Luckily, there is an amazing app that does just that – it is an excellent Phone Clone alternative.

Part 1: A Brief of Huawei's Phone Clone App

Huawei aimed to fill the huge void of mass data transfer by introducing the Phone Clone app. The app prides itself on being able to move data easily and safely, transferring via a secured wireless network encryption. You neither require cloud storage nor a hard disk to use the Phone Clone app. You also technically do not need Wi-Fi internet connection to use it and the app is available for downloading on Google Play for android users and the App store for iOS users.

It supports the transfer of messages, apps, pictures, videos, music and files. You start the cloning process by downloading the app on both devices, and then you select the desired data from the sending device. Both the sending and receiving phones are connected via QR code scanning. Meanwhile, once a connection is established between both devices, most data can be easily accessed and transferred. Despite the ease to use the Phone Clone app, it comes with some disadvantages.

huawei phone clone

Part 2: Downsides of the Phone Clone App

Although the Phone Clone app has great features that should make moving data between devices easy, this is not always the case.

1. Issues with Non-Huawei Smartphones

The Phone Clone app was developed by Huawei and seems to function most effectively when both devices are Huawei products. When trying to transfer data between other brands of phones, the app is sometimes unable to differentiate between the sending and the receiving phones, making the transfer process impossible to execute, and frustrating users.

2. Restrictions on Data Transfer

Although the Phone Clone app can reach a speed of up to 1gb per minute, it is sometimes not convenient to transfer all data at once with the app. This is because with so much data being transferred, the app could experience glitches or a break in connection. Furthermore, although the Phone Clone app can transfer all major file types like photos, videos, contacts and messages, not all data types are supported. One of such example is the transfer of WhatsApp chats between devices.

3. Connection Issues

wifi connection problem

Upon installing the Huawei Phone Clone app, some users have complained about experiencing some difficulty with their hotspot connecting with another phone while transferring data. The phone's hotspot continually interrupts the Wi-Fi connection, which causes some confusion amongst people. Moreover, the app also has issues connecting two devices unless their proximity is increased.

Part 3: The Best Phone Clone Alternative

The good news is there is an alternative to the Phone Clone app that provides an improved experience for smartphone users, without the technical downsides. iMyFone's iTransor Pro app does that as a much better and highly recommended Phone Clone alternative.

iTransor Pro is a desktop app that makes it easier for tens of millions of users to migrate data easily from one phone to another, without a chance of losing any data. It is the best Phone Clone alternative that ensures the smooth transfer of data from one device to another. The iTransor Pro app transfers all types of data across all devices.

Why Is iTransor Pro App Better?

the best phone clone alternative

1. Fast Speed

With the iTransor Pro app, smartphone users who need to transfer data or completely clone their devices can speedily achieve their goals. The app is very fast, simple and easy to use.

2. No Compatibility Issues

iTransor Pro supports many different devices and develops to ensure users do not experience any compatibility or connection issues. With this Phone Clone alternative, you can transfer all the data from one phone to another by simply connecting the phone to a computer via a USB cable. There are no issues with a particular brand or version of phone, unlike the Phone Clone app's preference for only Huawei devices.

3. No Restrictions on Data Transfer

Unlike Huawei's Phone Clone app, iTransor Pro does not place any restrictions on the type or amount of data you can transfer at once. This Phone Clone alternative supports the transfer of every major data type such as pictures, videos, music, contacts, messages, call logs, bookmarks, notes, ringtones, and even apps.

In view of the fact that iTransor Pro has not been released yet, users can try the product iTransor for WhatsApp which is made by the same developement team to transfer, back up, restore and export WhatsApp data. The iTransor Pro is coming soon.