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Here is a tutorial on how to use iMyFone iMyTrans to transfer WhatsApp between iPhone and Android, back up WhatsApp on iPhone or Android phones, restore iOS/Android/iTunes/Google Drive WhatsApp backup to iPhone or Android devices, and export WhatsApp backup to HTML, PDF and CSV/XLS.

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Transfer WhatsApp/WA Business between iOS and Android
Back Up WhatsApp/WA Business in iOS
Back Up WhatsApp/WA Business in Android
Restore WhatsApp/WA Business Backup to iOS and Android
View WhatsApp/WA Business Backup
Export WhatsApp/WA Business Chats, Images, Videos, Audios, etc.


[Video Guide] How to Transfer, Backup, and Restore WhatsApp by iMyFone iMyTrans


Part 1. Transfer WhatsApp between iPhone and Android

iMyFone iMyTrans supports transferring all kinds of data including chats, photos, videos and attachments between iPhone and Android devices. You can transfer WhatsApp Messenger from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone as well as Android to Android easily and quickly.

First, you need to select the social app you want to transfer when you open iMyFone iMyTrans. For example, after clicking on the WhatsApp icon, you can transfer, backup and restore WhatsApp to Android/iOS devices.

choose social app

Step 1. Connect your devices

Open the program and connect your devices to a computer with an original USB cable. To connect Android phones you may be prompted to open and allow USB debugging, or allow access to phone data. To connect iPhones you have to unlock the screen and trust the computer on your device. You won't see the prompts if you have done these things before.

When both devices are connected, click Transfer. You will be asked to choose the type of WhatsApp you want to transfer. Choose the one you want and the transfer will start. The WhatsApp data on the target device will be erased after the transfer. Therefore back up WhatsApp if necessary.

connect your devices

Step 2. Transfer WhatsApp

If the destination device is iPhone, you must turn off Find My iPhone on the target iPhone and install WhatsApp on it.

Besides, please note that the program will install customized WhatsApp on your Android device no matter it is the source or destination device.The customized WhatsApp is almost the same as the official version. The only difference is that the data in the customized version can be accessed by the program, but the data in the official version cannot. Rest assured that it is completely safe.

During the transfer your cooperation is needed. The operations are very easy. Just follow the instructions on screen.

transferring WhatsApp from one phone to another

Step 3. Finish WhatsApp transfer

The transfer time depends on the size of WhatsApp data on your device. It will usually be finished within half an hour. Then all messages and attachments including photos, videos, and voice messages can be checked on the target device.

transfer WhatsApp successfully


Part 2. Back up WhatsApp on iPhone or Android

iMyFone iMyTrans supports backing up WhatsApp in all iOS versions and Android versions.

Step 1. Connect your device

Connect your Android device or iPhone to a computer. To get them connected enable USB debugging and allow access to phone data on Android phones, or unlock the screen and trust the computer on iPhones. The program will skip the steps if you have done it before. Once your Android phone or iPhone is connected, click Back Up. Then you can choose whether to back up WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business.

connect your device to pc

Step 2. Back up WhatsApp

For iPhone the program will do all the rest for you. Just wait.

For Android devices the program will install customized WhatsApp in order to access your WhatsApp data. During the backup your manual operation on Android devices is needed. Follow the guide in the program.

backing up WhatsApp on your device to computer

Step 3. Finish WhatsApp backup

The backup time won't take long. You will be notified when the backup is successful.

successful WhatsApp backup


Part 3. Restore WhatsApp to iPhone or Android

You can restore both Android and iOS WhatsApp backup to iPhones and Android devices. All you need is to follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Choose a backup and connect your device

Choose a backup from the list and click on the Restore to Device button.

choose a WhatsApp backup to restore

A popup will ask if you would like to preview the WhatsApp backup. You can proceed to view the chats and attachments in the backup or skip this process to restore the backup directly. Once you are ready to start the restore, connect the iPhone or Android phones or tablets that you want to restore with an original USB cable.

you can preview the data before restore

For iPhones, unlock your device and trust the computer. For Android phones or tablets, enable USB debugging and allow access to phone data. If you have done it before, you won't see the prompts.

Once everything is ready, click Restore (the third icon in the left). The WhatsApp data on your target device will be erased. Therefore back them up before the restore.

Step 2. Restore WhatsApp

When the program is restoring backup to an Android device, it is necessary to install customized WhatsApp which is used to get the data in the backup to your device. It is safe and you can update it after the restore. You also need to do some manual operations on your devices. It's very simple and the program will offer a detailed guide.

When the program is restoring backup to iPhones, make sure that you've installed WhatsApp on your device and turned off Find My iPhone.

restoring WhatsApp backup to your device

Step 3. Finish WhatsApp restore

The restore time depends on to the size of WhatsApp data. Generally it will be finished within half an hour. Then you can check your WhatsApp chat history on your device.

WhatsApp restore successful


Part 4. Export WhatsApp Chat to a Computer

The WhatsApp messages, contacts, photos, videos, audios and etc. from the backup made by iMyTrans can be exported individually or together in a whole chat.

Step 1. Choose a WhatsApp backup

Choose a backup from the list and click on the Export to Computer button. The program will start scanning the data in the backup.

choose a WhatsApp backup to export

Step 2. Preview and select the chats or attachments before export

Once the scanning is done, all the WhatsApp chats and attachments in the backup will be shown on the screen. You can search for the chat (included starred messages) or attachment you want to export, or export all the chats and attachments at once.

iMyTrans supports WhatsApp chats export to HTML or CSV/XLS files. Through HTML files you can read WhatsApp chats as they are on your phone. By exporting to CSV/XLS files you can see all your chat messages as a log file.

preview and select the WhatsApp chats or attachments to export

Step 3. Finish WhatsApp export

After deciding what and how to export, click on the Export button. The exported data will be automatically open later.

WhatsApp export successful


Part 5. Restore/Export Google Drive WhatsApp Backups

Preview, Restore and Export Google Drive WhatsApp Backups

Step 1. Download Google Drive backup

Click Restore/Export WhatsApp Backup > Import Google Drive Backups to log in to your Google account.

log in google account

After successfully logging in, select the WhatsApp backup you need to download, click and get started to download.

backup whatsapp data

The Google Drive WhatsApp backup you have just downloaded will be added to the backup list automatically after finishing downloading.

Step 2. Analyze the backup data

The WhatsApp backup downloaded from Google Drive cannot be previewed, restored, or exported directly, and it needs to parse first.

Select the Google Drive backup you just downloaded, click Restore to Device or Export to Computer in the lower right corner, and after confirming, you will enter the analysis process.

The analysis process has four steps:

*Environment Preparation

preperation on computer

*Account Verification

account vertification step

Note: In the second step of the process, Account Verification, you need to fill in the mobile phone number used for the backup, receive and fill in the verification code.

fill in vertified number

*Data Calculation

data calculation

*Data Analysis

data analysis

Step 3. Restore/export Google Drive backup

After the backup analysis is complete, you can preview/restore/export your Google Drive backup data.

For the data restoration and exportation, please refer to the contents of Restore WhatsApp to iPhone or Android and Export WhatsApp chat to a computer.

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