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iTransor for WhatsApp

( Reviewed by 32 Users )

User Reviews of iTransor for WhatsApp

  • By litt 2021-07-28

    very good

  • By Ervin 2021-03-13

    Thenk you

  • By Games Packages 2021-02-09

    The best !

  • By Avery 2021-01-27

    Used to transfer WhatsApp info from an old iphone to a new phone. Worked without any issues. Would recommend.

  • By Johan Jansen Van Vuuren 2021-01-05

    It worked 100% in transferring my whatsapp chats from Iphone to Android. But it looks like it installed the apple whatsapp on my android phone because I can\'t backup to my google drive at all. If I select my gmail account to backup to it says it is not available. And my whatsapp is offline alot of the day. Comes on for a few minutes and goes off again. Very frustrating. I have sent an email to support yesterday and today but had no response. I use my whatsapp daily for my work groups and this is causing a huge delay in everything. I hope they get back to me soon.

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi Johan, glad that you got all the data successfully transferred to the new phone. For an Android device, you will have to update to the latest version of WhatsApp from the Google Play Store. Here is the guide:

  • By Paulo 2020-12-07

    ok obrigado

  • By Iain Simpson 2020-12-06

    The program tranferred between android and iphone, the only issue was after reinstalling the normal whatsapp app back on my android device i was issued with an automatic 30 hour ban from using it.

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi Iain, Thanks for purchasing our product. It's a bit inconvenient indeed, you have to wait until the ban time over to log in. If one keeps logging in and out of the same WhatsApp account in a period of time (likely more than 6 times in 24 hours), WhatsApp will ban the account for safety. Normally, using the program to transfer from Android to iPhone will cost 3 of them. Still, hope you enjoy the program.

  • By A Alam 2020-12-05

    I tried 3 other programs prior to using this, and none of them worked. Two that I tried would not work on MacOS, and the other required some strange app emulation on Android which did not work when I tried it. However, iTransor worked brilliantly for transferring all my WhatsApp for Business data (including images and groups) from my Pixel 3XL to my iPhone 12 Pro. One thing that didn\'t transfer however is the labels that I assigned to different chats, but that\'s not too big of a deal.

  • By Ioana Cristina Gosman 2020-11-15

    I found out when I bought myself the new iPhone that I cannot transfer my whatsApp messages from Android to it. Very annoying :) Then I bought iMyPhone and even if the process is kind of complicated (you need a computer, install iTunes and then connect both phones) it works perfectly the first time. Also the iMyPhone application explains the process well, I hope the eventual errors in the process are well explained, I did not have any so I cannot tell. I am impressed.

  • By Aaron Manesh 2020-11-12

    its really excellent i tried many ways to transfer my whatsapp data from andriod to iphone but everytime i faced erroe at final stage , i saw one video in youtube abt this app and purchased this app with in reasonable price. its done i transferred all my whatsapp data from andriod to apple 12 pro - thanks to the team for developing this APP

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