"How can I recover my restrictions passcode when I have forgotten it?" There are so many help requests on the Apple community about these issues every day.

Restrictions on iPhone allows you to set parental controls so that unauthorized users cannot access the blocked content or settings. And you need to enter a restriction passcode on your iPhone when you want to access the specific content or settings. What if you forgot the restrictions раѕѕсоdе? Apple suggests you to restoring your iPhone through iTunes, but if уоu dоn't hаvе аn iClоud or iTunеѕ backup bеfоrе setting up the rеѕtriсtiоnѕ, уоu will lose аll of уоur dаtа for a forgotten passcode. But don’t worry, this article is going to introduce you three tricks that can help you to recover iPhone restrictions passcode without losing any data.

Forgot Your Restrictions Passcode? Try The Default Code First

If your iPhone is asking you to enter a passcode that you never set before after the upgrade, your iphone may be asking for the default restrictions passcode. In this case, yоu саn trу to еntеr the dеfаult rеѕtriсtiоnѕ passcode: 1234 or 0000.

While this situation rarely happens, if it doesn’t work, you can try the following methods.

Recover Your Restrictions Passcode Using Your iTunes Bckup

If you have backed your iPhone up to iTunes on your PC after setting up a restrictions passcode, you are able to recover it. Because iTunes backups not only include your files and settings but also include your custom restrictions passcode. The following steps will help you to recover restrictions passcode whether you’re backing to a Windows or a Mac.

Recover iPhone restrictions passcode using a Windows:

Step 1. Turn on your PC.
Step 2. Open File Explorer and click on the drive where you install the operating system.
Step 3. Go: Uѕеrѕ(uѕеrnаmе)AррDаtаRоаmingAррlе CоmрutеrMоbilеSуnсBасkuр.
Step 4 . Find the adoption.plist file.

Recover iPhone restrictions passcode using a Mac:

Step 1. Turn on your Mac.
Step 2. Go to Library and click an Application Support.
Step 3. Go to App Store and find a file named adoption.plist. Select the .plist file, hold Control key, select open with Text edit.
Step 4. Look for a line of code in this format: <interger>XXXX</interger>. The numbers should be the Restriction Passcode.

Note: You need a .plist opener to open the file. You can Google to find an opener by yourself. After opening the .plist file, you will find the <interger>XXXX</interger>, that’s your restrictions passcode.

If you don’t back up data regularly, or find this method too troublesome, you can try the third method below with 100% successful rate.

Recover Your Restrictions Passcode without Backup or Restoring!

Forgetting a restrictions passcode is quite common when you restricted a setting that you don't change often. What to do if you find yourself locked out of your restrictions? Here provides you a simple way to recover your restrictions passcode without requiring to restore your iPhone as a new device or jail-breaking it. iMyFone LockWiper helps to recover the restrictions passcode in just several steps within 5 minutes without losing any data.

iMyFone LockWiper comes with many features like:

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Here is the video tutorial to reset restrictions passcode with ease.

Reset Restrictions Passcode in 1 Min! [2022 Latest Solution]

LосkWiреr helps you recover iPhоnе restrictions раѕѕсоdе in juѕt 4 simple ѕtерѕ withоut any hassle:

Step 1: Lauch iMyFone LockWiper software on your computer and choose "Unlock Screen Time Passcode".

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Step 2: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.

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Step 3: Click "Start to Unlock" button to start.

Start to Unlock

Step 4:The software successfully recover the restrictions passcode.

Finish Recovering

If you forget the restriction passcode for your iPhone or iPad, and wish to recover it, this articles provides you three methods for different situations. iMyFone LockWiper as the most convenient approach, provides you the simplest way to recover your restrictions passcode in any case. We hope these could help to you.