How to Export WhatsApp Chat to PDF? 3 Effective Methods

Using WhatsApp to communicate with other people for almost all purposes is becoming increasingly popular, whether it may be to arrange the next party with your friends or send an important message about work to a colleague.

export whatsapp to pdf

Due to this, you may want to save your WhatsApp chats as a PDF file so that they can be accessed from a PC without having to look through your phone for them. This article will show you how to export your messages easily from your phone to a PDF file.

Method 1: Export WhatsApp Chat to PDF via Email

This method is useful for exporting whole chats with one contact whilst not requiring any third-party software except for Microsoft Word (or WPS office if you choose to use that). This method will allow you to export chats as PDF on both iPhones and Android phones.

Step 1 Open the WhatsApp chat that you would like to save as a PDF. Tap on the vertical ellipsis and then "more", before choosing "Export chat".

export whatsapp via email

Step 2 Choose your email application and send this email to yourself. This will contain a .txt file of the WhatsApp conversation as an attachment.

email whatsapp chat iphone

Step 3 Open the email and download the attached text file. Then open the text file, use ctrl+A to copy all your content, paste to your word processor and save the file as a PDF (this can be done by selecting PDF under the file format option).

convert word to pdf

Method 2: Export WhatsApp Chat to PDF via File Manager

For this method to work, you will need to have a file manager installed on your phone. Most newer devices come with a built-in file manager, which may be called "Files" or something similar. However, you may need to install one from the play store (we recommend using ES file explorer). You will also need to have WhatsApp Viewer installed on your PC to view the messages your retrieve from a backup.

Step 1 Open your File Explorer application on your phone and locate the WhatsApp folder in your internal storage. Within this folder, you will see a folder called Databases. Open it and find a file called "msgstore.db.crypt12". This is the file that you will need to copy to another location. (Note: the ending of this file may be different, such as crypt8… This method will still work).

open whatsapp database via file manager

Step 2 Transfer this copied file to your PC, either by using a USB data transfer cable to by sending via another method, such as OneDrive. To decrypt the database file, you will need the key file from the phone as well. It can be found at /data/data/com.whatsapp/files/key.

Step 3 Download WhatsApp Viewer and extract it to a location of your choice. Open the .exe file in the extracted folder and under file, click on open and then select file. Locate the msgstore.db file and select this file. Leave the "account name" file empty and continue.

whatsapp viewer

Step 4 Find your chat and then export it as a text file. Either by using the methods listed in method 1 or by using a conversion tool, convert your exported text file to a PDF.

This method only works for Android phones and larger files, such as images cannot be exported as only thumbnails of images are stored in the msgstore.db file. More information about this method can be found at its' product page. There is a section for FAQs if you require further assistance.

Method 3: Export WhatsApp to PDF via iTransor

This method will only work for iPhones but is the recommended one if you would like to save your WhatsApp chats as a readable file to another location. This method will export your WhatsApp data collectively to a .html, .csv or .xls file. We suggest that you keep the file as a .html file because as an HTML file, you will still be able to see files such as videos on any device with a browser. However, this guide will also show you how you can convert the .html file to a PDF if you would like to do so.

export whatsapp to html using itransor

Step 1 Download and install the iTransor software on your PC. Connect your iPhone using its data transfer cable to your PC too.

Windows version    Mac version

Step 2 Open the iTransor tool and on the left-hand side pane, click on Export from Device & Backup.

export whatsapp from device itransor

Step 3 From the given data types, tick WhatsApp and proceed to scan.

choose whatsapp to export itransor

Step 4 After the data has been scanned, you can look through the data and only select the messages/files that you require. After you have clicked on export, you can then pick the file format (we recommend exporting the data as an HTML file) and save location. You can either keep the file as an HTML to view in your browser on either your mobile device or PC, or you can convert it to a PDF. Use an HTML to PDF converter tool, which can be found online and then download the converted file.

preview chats before export itransor

The great feature about iTransor is that it allows you to selectively backup and restore your data, decreasing restoration/backup times. Also, you can merge WhatsApp data between files, and it works across different versions of iOS so you can restore the data from an older iPhone to a newer one.

Extra Tip: WhatsApp Transfer Tool

Although saving the messages as a PDF file may seem like the best way to view your WhatsApp messages on another device, you can actually transfer the messages from one phone to the other so they can be read on that device too. For this, you will need the iTransor for WhatsApp tool. It doesn't even matter if you are switching between Android and iOS devices because this tool works between the two different operating systems. As well as allowing you to safely transfer your WhatsApp data directly between two devices, it also has other features built within the program.

itransor for whatsapp

  • Local backup – With this tool, you can create a local backup on your PC of your WhatsApp data, which can be accessed at any time by you. As the backup is local, only someone with access to your device will be able to access it, and you won't be prompted to buy more cloud storage because it will be using the storage capacity of your PC.
  • Restoring data – As well as backing up your WhatsApp information, this tool also allows you to restore your previous backup another Android/iOS phone, no matter how old.
  • Separate backups – Instead of overwriting the previous backup, this program will let you make separate backups when required so that you can choose specifically which backup to restore from when required.
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