How to Transfer WhatsApp From Samsung to Samsung


You may have recently upgraded to a newer Samsung phone from an older one and you may be wondering on how you can transfer all of your WhatsApp data from your old device to a newer one. WhatsApp is used by a majority of people as it provides you with the facilities to not only send messages for free but to also send images, videos, documents and even voice notes. We will show you how to transfer WhatsApp from one Samsung to Samsung.

3 Methods to Transfer WhatsApp From Samsung to Samsung

Method 1: Google Drive Backup and Restore

On Samsung and other Android devices, WhatsApp allows you to back up your data for WhatsApp to a Google Drive account. You can use this back up to restore the data on your another Samsung so that the data is transferred.

Note: Any messages/use of WhatsApp after the most recent backup will not be restored as the restoration only restores the data as of the backup.

To do this, make sure that you have a Google account, although you most likely do if you are using a Samsung device.

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to settings.
  2. In the chats option, you will find chat backup. Choose this menu.
  3. Click the back up button to save your information to Google Drive.

  4. backup-whatsapp-google-drive

  5. Install WhatsApp on your other Samsung and enter your information (phone number and confirmation code).
  6. WhatsApp will give you the option to restore your data from the latest backup. Go with this option.

  7. google-drive-backup-restore

The speed of this will depend on your Wi-Fi connection and the amount of data (messages, photos, videos, etc) being moved over.

Method 2: Transfer Files to Laptop (Hard)

When you are using WhatsApp, your data is saved on your device’s internal storage. This is the main storage of your Samsung. Luckily, this can be accessed and modified using a PC/laptop. With these benefits, you can copy all the WhatsApp data from one Samsung to the other.

  1. Connect the Samsung that you would like to transfer the data from to your PC.
  2. Open the File Explorer in Windows and then locate your device.

  3. install-es-file-explorer-whatsapp

  4. Choose internal storage and then find the “WhatsApp” folder located on your device’s internal storage.
  5. Copy this folder onto another directory on your PC, such as your Desktop.

  6. file-explorer-whatsapp

  7. Now connect your new device and then locate its internal storage as you did with the other device previously.
  8. Copy the folder into the internal storage of your new device. Make sure that WhatsApp has been installed and setup on this device prior to doing this.

Method 3: Transfer WhatsApp From Samsung to Samsung Via iTransor for WhatsApp (Recommended)

Moving WhatsApp data is a little more complicated than transferring images from one device to another. This is because you cannot “send” the data in the same way you would with images, which is why we would recommend that you use another method to transfer data.

So, what is the best method for transferring your information from one Samsung to another? Unarguably, it is the iTransor for WhatsApp tool. It is easy to claim that it is the best method however we will prove to you that this is the case. Imagine you could transfer your data without worrying about losing any of your data during the transfer. No corrupt files, no data leaks, no accidental deletion of information. A 100% success rate. Imagine you could transfer all your data (messages, call logs, images, etc.) simultaneously instead of doing each file type separately. Imagine you could do all of this in a few clicks. Well, this is what the tool by iMyFone allows you to do.

windows version    mac version

The requirements to do this are:

  • Have the tool downloaded and installed on your PC.
  • Make sure your PC/laptop has 2 or more USB ports.
  • Have data transfer cables for both Samsung devices. It is recommended to use the ones that came with your device however if you cannot use these, then make sure that you are using a genuine transfer cable or a high quality one to avoid a disruption in connection.

The process of how you can move your data for WhatsApp from one Samsung to the other is:

  • Connect your devices to your PC/laptop and select the source (original) device and the destination (the device where data will be transferred to).

  • transfer-device-itransor-for-whatsapp-connect

  • Click the “Transfer” button and wait until your data is transferred.

  • itransor-for-whatsapp-transferring-whatsapp-data

  • Your device will restart.

  • itransor-for-whatsapp-transfer-finish

That’s all that is required from you to swiftly transfer your WhatsApp data from Samsung to Samsung. So, make sure that you check out the iTransor for WhatsApp tool to automatically move over your data and use it to save yourself the time and hassle of manually transferring your information.

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