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2015-12-07 17:12:44

the program surprised me! I purchased it for my sumsung, and it worked. Then I remembered my another sony phone lost data for water damage. I just had a try and it worked also! NICE!

By Reece Dellow


2015-11-27 13:44:11

Got all the contacts back for my sumsung phone! Saved so much time for me! Goooooooooood!

By Nathan


2015-11-23 11:49:42

this software really did some useful work! nice!

By Phillip L Ford


2015-11-16 15:24:25

recovered pictures on my samsung galaxy s4! and i think it's worthy to be recomended.

By James Downs


2015-11-12 19:54:08

My Samsung galaxy S6 egde was damaged by water. The screen can\'t show the right things what it supposed to show. But I needed my photos for my school work. This software effectively recovered my photos. Thanks!

By Jason


2015-11-11 13:39:26

It did what i needed it to do. it recovered notes from my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. That's really important for me.

By Catherine Carter


2015-11-06 11:11:47

I doubted whether this software can really work at first, but after the program recovered my deleted photos, I\'m pretty sure that I have bought the right product. Nice try. This is a must-have for android phone!

By Molly


2015-10-23 18:00:35

the important messages in my LG G4 are finally recovered,i am so happy,thank for using this tool

By Theo


2015-09-22 13:29:33

Samsung S6, lost my data during upgrading. It can solve.

By Kathrian


2015-09-17 15:56:00

Very handy! Just few minutes, all the lost data back!

By Linda

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