How to Back Up and Restore iPhone Apps?

Do you need to back up and restore your apps on your iPhone? Maybe you’re worried that you could lose precious data, or maybe you’re planning to do a factory reset and you want to be able to restore your apps without much trouble. Whatever the reason, it’s actually a fairly easy thing to do and there are a few ways to do it.

Back Up and Restore Apps on iPhone with iCloud or iTunes

The first way to back up and restore your apps is to do so with iCloud or iTunes. Basically, this involves backing up all your data as you normally would use these tools and then restores it when you’re ready. Your apps will be backed up and restored as part of the process.

With iCloud, you will need a Wi-Fi connection and you can set it up to automatically back up your data periodically. With iTunes, you can do the backup and restore by simply plugging your phone into your computer and going through some steps.

This is the official way to do it, so you’ll find some support materials written about it by Apple:

How to back up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from a backup

use iCloud or iTunes back up iOS device

Disadvantages of The Method

There are a few disadvantages with using these methods, though. For instance:

1. iCloud only gives you 5GB of space for free, so chances are that you won’t have enough room to back up all of your apps without paying.

2. You can’t selectively back up and restore your apps. In other words, you’ll be backing up and restoring ALL of your iPhone’s data, not just the apps. This can be a long, cumbersome process if you’re just trying to back up your apps.

Back Up & Restore iPhone Apps Using the Apps Themselves

Many popular apps already have a native function for backing up and restoring data; for instance, WeChat and WhatsApp have this function. You can simply use these settings in the apps themselves to back up and restore your app data. Let’s take WhatsApp as an example. You can back up your data like this:

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Tap Settings.

3. Go to Chat Settings, tap Chat Backup, and then tap Backup Now.

Back up WhatsApp chat Back up WhatsApp chat automatically

You can also set an auto backup by going to Settings > Chat Backup > Auto Backup, and then setting it to whatever interval you would like. For example, you can set it to back up daily, weekly, or monthly.

Just make sure that iCloud drive is turned on and that WhatsApp is toggled in the “on” position in iCloud drive before you do this, otherwise the backup process won’t work.

Since this backup is stored on iCloud, to restore the backup, all you need to do is reinstall WhatsApp and sign in with the same Apple ID and phone number that you used to make the backup.

restore WhatsApp chat automatically

Disadvantages of The Method

Though this method can be convenient, there are also disadvantages. For instance:

1. The app you want to back up might not have this function, since many popular apps actually don’t. Kik, for example, does not have a native backup function like this.

2. You have to go to a lot of trouble with this method because you are backing up and restoring one app at a time. This can be really slow and waste a lot of time, especially if the app contains a lot of messages and attachments.

Selectively or Entirely Back Up and Restore iPhone Apps

You can also use iMyFone D-Port Pro, which is a professional software that helps you make backups of your iPhone data and restores the data when you’re ready. Because it is much more powerful than any casual tools, it can selectively back up and restore your apps on any iOS device. If you choose you can also back up and restore your data in its entirety.

It streamlines the backup process and offers advanced security with an easy user interface. You can back up without fear of data loss, and you can do this with just a single click.

iMyFone D-Port Pro’s Features

D-Port Pro can do more than you can imagine. It can:

  • Back up or export more than 20 types of apps — both your iPhone’s built-in proprietary apps and the third-party ones that you find in the App Store, such as voice memos and WhatsApp.
  • You restore the apps selectively or restore all of your iPhone’s data and settings. No need to back up more than you need!
  • You can try it for free before you buy it. Just download the trial version and test it for yourself.
  • It is available both for MacOS and for Windows users.

How to Back Up and Restore iPhone Apps Using iMyFone D-Port Pro

The process of backing up and restoring data with D-Port Pro is very simple, and in many cases requires only one click. Here is how to back up iPhone apps:

  • Launch D-Port Pro and click Data Backup & Export. You will see four options. You can click Entirely Back Up, Back Up WhatsApp or Back Up WeChat.
  • Click Back Up on the interface and the program will back up the data according to your choice.
  • D-Port Pro will take some time to finish the backup process which depends on how much data do you have.
  • Then the full backup or partial backup is completed.

To restore apps back to your iPhone:

  • Launch D-Port Pro and click Restore Backup Data.
  • Choose one previous backup and click Next at the bottom.
  • You can choose Restore Full Backup or Preview & Restore Selectively.
  • If you want to selectively restore your apps, then select the data types you want to restore.
  • Click Next it will scan the data on your iPhone. after scanning, preview the data and choose what you need.
  • Then click Restore to Device and you can see your app(s)’ data on your iPhone after the restore.

There are many methods to back up and restore your iPhone apps, but the simplest and easiest way is with iMyFone D-Port Pro. It makes the process extremely simple and you can selectively back up and restore your apps. Best of all, there’s no risk because you can try it for free.