It’s an undeniable fact that Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform. From promoting your products to sharing pictures, you can also create a custom location for your brand and use it to drive traffic. This will also allow people to share, tag, and follow the custom location tag, giving your brand the required exposure.

For individual profiles, you can add a fake Instagram location tag and fool your friends and family to believe you've visited the place. Whether you are a business owner or a regular Instagram user trying to prank your loved ones, the following guide will help you create custom location tags on Instagram.

Part 1: How to Add a Custom Location on Instagram Using iMyFone AnyTo

The most convenient way to add a fake Instagram location is to spoof your device’s GPS location. iMyFone AnyTo is a dedicated tool you can use to manipulate the GPS location on both iOS and Android devices. This method is really useful if you have a specific destination in mind that you want to use as your fake location.

All you have to do is follow a couple of easy steps and you’ll be able to add a custom location to your Instagram posts. Before you take a further move to see how this tool works, you are welcome to grab a general knowledge of iMyFone AnyTo - a fabulous location changer for Instagram Users.

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Main Features

  • Spoof GPS location on both iOS and Android devices and share it on social media platforms with ease, such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Hassle-free teleport to anywhere in the world within a single click.
  • Save location history for future use.
  • Add a customized route to simulate your GPS movement (Really useful for people who play Pokémon GO).
  • Move and pause at any time like a real outside walk.

How to Change Location on Instagram Using iMyFone AnyTo - iOS 16 Supported

Follow these steps to use iMyFone AnyTo change your device’s GPS location.

Step 1: Download and Launch

Free download and install the iMyFone AnyTo software on your computer/Mac in the first place. Launch and tap the "Get Started" button.

start iMyFone AnyTo

Step 2: Conncet Phone and Locate

Before moving further, make sure to connect your device to the computer/Mac using a USB cable. Unlock your device and you'll receive a notification asking your permission to confirm the connection. Tap the "Trust" button and enter your passcode to confirm.

connect and unlock

Step 3: Activate Teleport Mode

A map will appear on your screen, displaying your current location. In the top right corner, tap the "Teleport" option. To be precise, it will be the third icon from the left at the upper right side of the screen. This will allow you to select any point on the map that you want to use as your fake location.

You can also use the top search bar to search for a specific location.

search location

Step 4: Change Location

Once you have selected a location, tap the "Move" button from the pop-up sidebar at the left side to change your device’s GPS location.

change location

Step 5: Location Changed on Phone

You can now see the changed location on the map. Your location on your phone will be changed synchronously. Also, this tool allows you to check the previously spoofed location in the records.

location changed

Step 6: Location Changed on Instagram

So, you can now open Instagram and add the fake location on it before sending the post. Here is how.

1: Launch the Instagram app and tap the "Add Post" button. Choose a picture and click "Next".

2: Select the "Add Location" button and your current location will automatically appear in the suggestions. Choose the right location and continue uploading your post.

add location on Instagram

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Part 2: How to Custom Location Tag on Instagram with Facebook

You may already know that Instagram is owned by Facebook. While you cannot directly add a custom location tag on Instagram, you can use Facebook to do the job. Here’s how to use your Facebook account to add a custom location to your Instagram posts.

Step 1: Launch the Facebook app in your device and tap the "Check-In" button.

check in

Step 2: Facebook will display a list of suggestions with all the closest location. Since you are here to add a custom location, tap "X" in the search bar.

Step 3: You’ll be prompted with the "Not Able to Find What You’re Looking For" message and a dedicated button to add the new location. Tap the "Add" button.

add your location

Step 4: The next step would be to specify a category for your location. This is an extremely crucial step, especially for business owners. Choosing the right category will help you attract the right people to your Instagram feed.

category of location

Step 5: At this point, you are almost approaching the end. All you have to do is physically set the location on the map. Move the pin around to specify the physical address of your custom location and hit the "Create" button. If you are currently present at the location, you can also toggle the "I’m currently here" button to specify the location.

create a place

Step 6: Launch the Instagram app and click the “Add Post” button. Choose a photo, click next, and tap the "Add Location". The custom location will now appear in the suggestions. Select it and continue uploading your post.

That’s it; you have just created a custom location that you can use to tag your Instagram posts in the future. Cheers!

Part 3: The Benefits of Changing Location on Instagram

Using a fake Instagram location is beneficial for both individuals and business owners. So, now that you have learned the methods to add custom locations on Instagram, let’s discuss some of the benefits of changing your location.

  • In general, people use hashtag or location to search posts over Explore. A compilation of all the stories or posts shared publicly with the respective location or hashtag shows up in results.

  • For business owners, adding a custom location will allow you to drive the required exposure through your Instagram account. By creating a custom location, you put your business on the map, which means it’ll become easier for social media users to find your brand.

  • Adding different locations on Instagram will help you attract local customers to your newly opened business. Let’s say you have just opened a coffee shop in the block. Now, if you create a custom location for your shop, any local user searching for the word “coffee” in “Instagram Searches” will stumble across your brand. From here, he/she can easily explore your Instagram feed and decide whether to have his cup of coffee at your shop or not. That’s it! You have just earned a new customer through Instagram.

  • Changing location on Instagram will also drive more engagement to your posts.

  • Finally, a custom location tag will boost your business promotions drastically. When your customers will tag your custom location in their posts and Instagram stories, the word will spread like a fire and everyone would be eager to visit your coffee shop.

Part 4: Top 5 Coolest and Most Trending Location Tags on Instagram in 2021

Here is a list of top 5 cool and most trending location tags of 2021.

#london (131 million posts)

london location tag

#italy (121 million posts)

italy location tag

#newyork (98.4 million posts)

newyork location tag

#california (81.3 million posts)

california location tag

#france (77.6 million posts)

france location tag

If you own a business in any of the above places, you can also use these specific location hashtags along with your custom location tag to make your posts appear in the "Instagram Search" of your potential customers.


No doubt, Instagram is an excellent app to showcase your daily activities to others. However, it can also be used to promote your brand and engage potential customers. Using a custom location on Instagram is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers and appear in the "Instagram Search" sections, resulting in significant exposure. So, follow the above guidelines and create a custom location for your brand as well.