Instagram (IG) is one of the most popular social software in current, with widely different users. Instagram’s Check-in can bring topics and traffic to the location. Whether it is an individual or a business, it can get attention from it. Therefore, how to create your custom place on Instagram is a topic that the users care about.

This article will introduce the steps to creating a custom place on Instagram. Besides, the following guide will give you some tips to modify your Instagram locations easily so you can check-in all over the world.

how to create your custom place on Instagram

Part 1: What Is the Benefit of the Check-in Feature

Whether you like new things or are someone who likes to make careful decisions, the check-in feature can help you. For example, when you want to go to a cafe, you can search and locate nearby coffee shops to see the choices, and you can also know the environment of the shop and the taste of the food through the comments of other people.

places cafe

When searching for a nearby London coffee shop and randomly selecting the posts that have punched in the top three, you can find that even though they are not internet celebrities, they also have more than 300 likes. Not only did the individual attract attention, but the exposure of the targeted stores also increased.

cafe places

This situation has caused netizens to learn how to add Instagram check-in locations one after another.

Part 2: How to Create Your Custom Place on Instagram

The following guide will help you create a custom location on Instagram step by step.


Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to directly use Instagram to create a custom place, so you need to use Facebook to edit it at first.

Step 1. Open your Facebook, create a new post, and select "Check in".

Step 2. Scroll to the bottom and select "Add a new place" to enter a name, then click "Save Custom Place" to submit the location.

Step 3. Wait for a moment, the custom place will be synchronized to Instagram.

add new place on location


If the new location is not synchronized to Instagram immediately, please wait patiently for the system to upload.

Step 4. Open your Instagram, add a new post, select “Add Location” and choose your custom place.

new post add location

Now you can add any custom place according to your preferences.

Bonus Tips: Way to add the custom location on your photo or video

select location on picture

Part 3: 2 Popular Ways to Change Your Instagram Location

Although you can create your custom place, it is automatically located in your actual location. So how can you customize the location according to your preferences?

1 iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo a virtual positioning software that succeeds every time you use it. Its features of simple operation and quick modification of positioning have been affirmed and supported by the majority of users. Here are the steps to use the iMyFone AnyTo for changing location.

anyTo product

iMyFone AnyTo

  • Custom your GPS location to anywhere in the world with one click.
  • Work well with location-based apps such as the social platform Snapchat, an AR game Pokémon Go.
  • Change the movement speed as you like, and joystick to simulate GPS moving freely.
  • Easy to use for all iOS and Android devices.
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Here are two ways to customize the location:

Step 1. Download and install iMyFone AnyTo on a computer, click “Get Started” and connect your device via a USB cable.

get started

Step 2. Choose “Social” mode to go to the map page.

location london

Step 3. Select the location you want and click “Move”.

change to paris

Step 4. Now you can check your custom location on your device, and share your check-in location.

The location displayed in iMyFone AnyTo

move to paris

Check-in location displayed on Instagram

location on paris

Learn more: How to Change Location on Instagram to Anywhere in the World?

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2 Nord VPN

Nord VPN is another software for changing location with a simple page. Here is the abridged version of the steps:

Step 1. Download and install Nord VPN on your phone, and open it.

Step 2. Enter the address you want and click “Search”.

Step 3. Then, check the custom location on your phone.

nord vpn steps

Part 4: FAQs of the Check-In Feature on Instagram

1 How to pick an attractive check-in post?

You can search keywords on “Tags” and choose a tag you are interested in among the tags with many targets. Here are examples of the top three place tags. Here are examples of the top three place tags.

place tags

2 How to make a cool custom place on my Instagram?

You can observe other users’ custom places and use your creativity to create some special landmarks.

3 What should I do if I create an error location?

The solution is easy, that is to re-create a new address and use it.


Instagram is an excellent social platform, and the new check-in function allows users to manifest their creativity. Learning to use a tool to spoof your GPS location can help you create a variety of check-ins and increase your exposure on Instagram. iMyFone AnyTo mentioned above is a helpful tool to achieve this goal that you can be anywhere with one click. I hope this article can help you better use this function on Instagram and attract more users to like your posts.

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