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As technology continues to develop, the boundaries between virtual reality and the real world are becoming increasingly blurred. One of the products full of creativity and fun is the game "Pokémon GO" launched by Niantic and its accessory device Pokémon GO Plus auto catcher.

This device has raised the player's gaming experience to a new level, let's explore the charm of Pokémon GO Plus auto catcher together.

pokemon go plus auto catch

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In this article:

Part 1: What is Pokémon GO Plus?

Pokémon GO Plus is a portable device designed by Niantic to integrate with the Pokémon GO game on mobile phones to provide a more convenient gaming experience.

The device, which looks like a flat brooch, can be attached to clothing or the wrist, allowing players to participate in the game without having to stare at the phone screen all the time.

Part 2: How to Use Pokémon GO Plus for Auto-catching?

Using Pokémon GO Plus is very simple. Once the device is connected to the game on the phone, it maintains communication with the phone via Bluetooth technology. When the player approaches a nearby Pokémon, the device will alert the player with a vibration and LED lights.

how to use pokemon go plus

Players can try to use Pokemon Go Plus to auto-catch Pokémons by simply pressing a button on their device, rather than opening a phone app. Additionally, the device can alert players when gym battles or events occur nearby.

Part 3: Advantages & Fun of Pokémon GO Plus

Pokémon GO Plus brings many benefits and fun to the gaming experience. First, it allows players to focus more on their surroundings without having to stare at their phone screen all the time. This is especially useful during outdoor activities such as walking, running or cycling.

Second, Pokémon GO Plus increases the gameplay. Players can catch Pokémon anytime, anywhere, engage in gym battles, and stay engaged with the game even when their phone is away. This convenience makes gaming a form of entertainment that is more integrated into everyday life.

Part 4: Integration with the Real World

Part of the charm of Pokémon GO Plus is how closely it blends the virtual and real worlds. The player is no longer a virtual character confined to the screen of the mobile phone, but actually interacts with the environment around him.


Pokémon GO Plus is an excellent gaming aid, while virtual location software AnyTo gives players more flexibility and control for a richer gaming experience. Here's how to use Pokémon GO Plus with AnyTo:

Step 1: Connect AnyTo First, you need to connect your iOS device to the AnyTo software using USB or WiFi.

connect anyto

This step ensures that your device can be controlled by virtual positioning software, providing you with more options for game positioning.

Step 2: Modify the location for spoofing Pokemon GO on the map interface of the AnyTo software, you can choose the destination you want to locate. In the operator panel, find and check the "PG Plus Assistant" option.

anyto go plus assistance

Next, click the "Move" button and the system will modify your location to your chosen destination and enable forced cooling mode.

anyto go plus assistance move

PG Plus Assistant is designed to help you perform forced cooling, prohibit related operations during the cooling time, and reduce the risk of game house arrest.

Operations such as catching Pokémon are prohibited during the cooldown period, know more about Pokemon Go cooldown triggers for avoiding softban in this blog for details.

anyto cooldown mode

Step 3: Connect Pokémon GO Plus After the cooldown timer is over, you can connect your Pokémon GO Plus device to your phone via Bluetooth.

This will allow you to start the game without staring at your phone screen all the time.

cooldown mode finish

With a Pokémon GO Plus device, you can collect Pokémon, engage in gym battles, and do other game-related activities without ever having to keep an eye on your phone.

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Part 5: Hot FAQs about Auto-catching in Pokemon GO

1 How to Fix Pokemon GO Plus Not Auto Catching?

Ensure that auto-catch is activated within the app settings. Maintain close proximity between the device and your phone, as this issue may arise from inadequate distance.

Keeping them in close proximity will resolve errors related to Pokémon GO Plus, including the auto-catching functionality.

2 Which Pokémon GO 'Auto Catch' Companion Device Is Best?

After many trials and summaries, we finally selected 5 Pokemon Go auto catchers that we think are easier to use.

The Top 5 Pokémon Auto Catchers in 2024:

  • Go-tcha
  • 247 Catcher
  • Pokeball Plus
  • Dual Catchmon
  • Brook Auto Catch Lightning

3 Is there any tips for catching more Pokemons?

The essence of Pokémon Go is simple and delightful. As you journey, you capture Pokémon, amass a collection, and pause at Poké Stops to stock up on supplies for your Trainer's journey.

Yet, delving deeper into the game reveals a plethora of strategic elements to conquer. This blog presents a compilation of valuable Pokémon-catching tips for those seeking mastery in Pokémon Go.


In conclusion, Pokémon GO Plus is a remarkable innovation that seamlessly merges the virtual and real worlds, enhancing the gaming experience for enthusiasts.

It's inconspicuous design and easy integration allow players to immerse themselves in the game while staying connected to their surroundings. By simplifying gameplay mechanics and reducing the need to constantly focus on a phone screen, it transforms outdoor activities into engaging adventures.

This device not only fosters accessibility but also promotes a healthier gaming lifestyle by encouraging movement and exploration. Pokémon GO Plus stands as a testament to the evolving synergy between technology, entertainment, and the great outdoors.

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