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How can we add a joystick in Pokemon GO and able to move everywhere by just sitting?

Out of this difficult pandemic period, there are still many Pokémon fans wish to play it. Hence, in this article, we will tell you how you can use Pokémon Go joystick on iOS and Android without actually going out in the physical world.

Here are 5 amazing Pokemon GO GPS joystick on iOS without jailbreak. More importantly, we'd like to introduce several APPs which are useful for spoofing GPS in Pokemon Go.

pokemon go gps joystick

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In this article:

Part 1. Everything You Should Know about Pokemon GO GPS JoyStick

GPS JoyStick virtual joystick is an application that allows you to freely set and change the current location through the GPS location information of a virtual Android phone.

When you don't want others to know your location, or you need to play Pokémon based on location information but cannot go out due to the epidemic, you can simulate your location and fake your location information.

1 Why use GPS JoyStick with Pokémon Go?

Imagine this: At first, it might be fun for players to walk around the neighborhood, visiting restaurants, supermarkets, and a few other locations, picking nearby Pokemon.

Soon, however, nearby Pokemon become exhausted. Due to this, players have to visit new environments to catch more rare Pokemons.

That uses the Pokémon Go joystick for Android or iOS to fake your location, making it appear to be in another location.

why use Pokemon go joystick

With the push of a button, the joystick can be easily moved from one area to another. That's why more and more people are looking for Pokémon Go virtual joysticks.



Most GPS Joystick is currently only available for Android users, so if you're an iOS user and want to know about Pokemon Go Joystick iOS in 2024, we suggest you go straight to Part 2.

2 What is Pokémon GO Joystick Hack?

The traditional logic of physically moving to control your Pokémon trainer character through your phone's GPS is well-known. However, by utilizing the Pokemon GO joystick, you gain the ability to navigate your character within the game using an on-screen joystick.

This means you can interact with different Pokémons without needing to physically relocate. The Pokemon Go joystick hack enables you to play Pokémon GO, capturing new Pokémon conveniently, potentially advancing in the game even faster.

Watch Video Tutorial to Change GPS Location to Anywhere for Pokémon Go

How to spoof pokemon go

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Part 2: Top 5 Pokemon GO Joystick in 2024

Methods AnyTo PGSharp Tutu App iPogo Fake GPS Location - GPS JoyStick
Ratings star star star star star star star star star star star star star star star star
Ease of Use 3 Steps 3 Steps 2 Steps 5 Steps 8 Steps
Operating Time 3 mins 7 mins 12 mins 15 mins 20 mins
Compatibility iOS & Android Only Android iOS & Android Only iOS Only Android

1 Best Joystick for Pokemon Go - iMyFone AnyTo [iOS & Android]

Security score:

Pokémon Go encourages people to go outside to finish the game tasks. However, with Pokemon Go joystick - iMyFone AnyTo, you can play the game just indoor.

This Pokemon Go spoofer allows you to change your location in the game to anywhere in the world, without jailbreaking your phone. Moreover, you can also simulate movement at a customized speed in the game. Let's learn the best methods to spoof GPS with Pokemon Go joystick below.

iMyFone AnyTo

Key Features:

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iMyFone AnyTo is compatible with all iOS devices. And It is now updated to support most Android devices like Samsung, Google Pixel, One Plus, and Motorola!

As far as I know, iMyFone AnyTo has limited-time brand deals right now, here are the coupons for their products, what you see is what you get.

Special Offer: Get Official AnyTo with A Discount

10% off Coupon Code: YTR5E7

Step 1: Install the iMyFone software on your PC. Open the software, and clock on Get Started.

download imyfone anyto

Step 2: Connect your phone with it, and you will see your location on a map.

anyto load map

Step 3: Here you will get a map, drag and select the location you want. Choose the place where you want to go to and click Move.

Change GPS Location with 1 Click

Here you go! Your location is changed with 1 click! Now you can check the location on your iPhone. Your location in the game is changed as well! In this way, you can get to anywhere to easily fake GPS joystick location.

Select a location pokemon go joystick

How to search and change location to catch Pokemon by 1-click?

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  • Change the GPS location with one click.
  • 3 Joystick Modes enable Pokémon GO players control the game more smoothly without restrictions.
  • Built-in cooldown time, spoof location without getting banned.


  • Require extra 2 steps for Android users.


Daily Exercise

Let's see how much rare Pokemon can you catch!

Also read: 10 Best Places to Spoof for Rare Pokemon Go

2 Pokemon Go Fake GPS Joystick - PGSharp [Only Android]

Security score:

PGSharp is an interesting third-party APP. It is a very simple app that can be used to spoof Pokémon Go which contains a Pokemon Go GPS Joystick function.

The "joystick" option allows users to easily fake locations within a few seconds and playing Pokemon Go without actually physically moving.

You can install this app from website. All in all, this is a great app to help you get Pokémon Go joystick iOS free.

Pokemon Go PGSharp offers a range of exciting features that enhance your gaming experience:

  • Effortlessly catch Rare Pokemons in the game with the Pokemon Go joystick.
  • Adjust your moving speed according to your preferences.
  • Teleport to any location through the map feature.
  • Automatically walking by using Routes feature.
  • Conveniently save your last location for quick reference and ease of play.

Here's the PGSharp guide for spoofing your Android device:

Step 1. Get a Pokemon Trainer Club account. Go to pgsharp website. Download the app onto your device.

PGSharp pokemon go spoofer free

Step 2. Click and launch the file, create a new Pokémon GO account. (This step has high risk to get a softban.)

Step 3. To be able to log in to the app, you will need to enter your Facebook account details.


  • Comes with a Pokémon GO joystick.


  • Get you banned easily.
  • Tricky to use and unresponsive at times.

3 Fake GPS APK - Tutu App [iOS & Android]

Security score:

Tutu App is a free app store that offers a wide variety of apps for all the gamers who want to play tweaked versions of popular games.

You can also play Pokémon go by faking JPS joystick on iOS using this app store. You can move your joystick to any location in the Pokémon Go++ game in TuTu.

The tweaked game can spoof your location with the help of Tutu - free Pokémon Go iOS Joystick. And the simple-to-use interface and smooth features make this app store a very useful tool.

Here's the TutuApp guide for spoofing iOS device:

Step 1. Go to Tutuapp official website  in the Safari Browser on your iPhone. Click on "Install Now" and wait for the pop-up; now click on "Install".

Once the TuTu App has installed completely, the app icon will appear on your home screen.

install tutuapp

Step 2. Click on the Pokémon Go icon and launch the Pokémon Go++ to play Fake Pokémon Go with GPS Joystick on your iPhone easily!

pokemon go joystick ios no jailbreak


  • It does not require jailbreaking your device.
  • It has a very nice and polished interface.


  • It asks for permission to access your messages and call logs, which has nothing to do with the game.

4 Pokemon Go Joystick iOS - iPogo [Only iOS]

Security score:

AppValley is a very popular fake GPS joystick apk for Pokémon Go. As you already know, Pokémon Go++ is a modified version of the official Pokémon Go gaming app. This tweaked game will allow you to play the Pokémon Go game without actually moving around as it contains an onscreen GPS joystick and uses fake location. You can access quick teleport to any location and play the game without any limitations.

As this game is not available on the official Apple App Store, you can download it via AppValley. AppValley does not require jailbreak and can be used to download millions of apps!

Here's the steps about how to spoof Pokemon Go on iOS with iPogo:

Step 1. First of all, download the AppValley app. Now, wait for the prompt to appear and click on "Allow".

download appvalley

Step 2. Once the download is finished, click on "Settings" and go to "Profile Downloaded". Now click on "Install" followed by "Next".

install appvalley

Step 3. Now click on "Install" again and confirm it. Finally, click on "done". AppValley has completely installed in your iOS device and an icon will appear.

appvalley gps jpystick

Step 4. Go to the home screen and launch the app. Search for Pokémon Spoofer i.e., iSpoofer for POGO and click on "GET". Wait for the prompt and click on "Install".

appvalley gps joystick ios

Step 5. Now open up the once installed game and play Pokémon Go with GPS joystick on iOS!

pokemon go joystick ios


  • iPogo is built in Virtual GoPlus (Auto catch/spin/priority).
  • One click item bag cleaner.


  • Jailbreaking your device is a requirement for utilizing iPoGo.
  • High risk to get account banned.

5 Fake GPS Location - GPS JoyStick [Only Android]

Security score:

In few years, Android users have sought methods to spoof location in Pokemon Go.

GPS JoyStick (Android GPS joystick), an application commonly known as a Pokemon hack tool or Pokemon Go Joystick APK, has garnered considerable interest from players since its inception.

pokemon go joystick gps changer

You can download Fake GPS Location - GPS JoyStick from Google Play, and please make sure your Android operating system is above 4.4, but it cannot be used directly after downloading, so you need to follow the instructions below to make some GPS JoyStick settings to start using this Pokémon Virtual Joystick.

To download Fake GPS Location - GPS JoyStick, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download GPS JoyStick.

Visit the Google Play Store on your Android device. Then, Search for "GPS JoyStick" and download the app.

fake gps location spoofer

Step 2: Enable Developer Options.

If you don't see "Developer options" in your settings, go to "Device Information." Tap on "Build number" repeatedly until you see a message indicating that Developer Options have been unlocked.

Now, go back to your phone's settings.

Step 3: Select Mock Location App.

In the "Developer options," scroll until you find "Select mock location app." Choose "GPS JoyStick" from the available options.

If you can't find this option, your device may not be compatible with this method.

select mock location fake gps joystick

Step 4: Configure GPS Joystick.

Open the GPS Joystick app first. Select your desired location, starting with your current one. Press "Start" in the app, and you should see a joystick on your screen.

Use the joystick to move around within the Monster Hunter Now app.

Step 5: Enable Developer Mode.

Go to your phone's "Settings." Navigate to "About" or "About Phone." Find "Software Info" or "Software Information." Locate "Version Number" or "Core Version."

Tap on "Version Number" or "Core Version" seven times consecutively. This action activates Developer Mode.

Step 6: Set Mock Location App.

After activating Developer Mode, go back to the main "Settings" menu. Scroll down and select "Developer Options."

Look for the "Select Analogue Location App" or "Select mock location app" option. Choose "GPS JoyStick" from the list to set it as the mock location app.

Step 7: Open GPS JoyStick.

Launch the GPS JoyStick app. Click on "Set Location." From the "Select an option to start" menu, choose "Click here to open map."

Step 8: Choose a Location.

On the map that appears, select the location you want to spoof to. After selecting the location, tap "Select". Make sure to enable "Allow display on top of other applications" in the GPS JoyStick settings.

fake gps location gps joystick guide


  • Easy to use


  • It contains advertisements.
  • Sometimes system will breakdown.

iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo

Many users recommended. Spoofing Pokemon Go GPS location in one click, and faking location freely on Pokemon Go.

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Part 3. Tips for Pokemon GO GPS Joystick

We want to give you a better way of joystick for Pokémon Go and help you win the game, with a proper and trustworthy app! For the above 5 methods to spoof Pokemon Go, if you have a preference for other options, welcome to these courses:

Tips 1.Best Methods to Fake GPS in Pokemon Go You Should Know

Developed by Niantic, Pokemon Go promotes outdoor exploration to catch Pokémon. Yet, what if you prefer not to venture outside for the game?

Enter game assistants! These tools enable GPS spoofing in Pokemon Go, letting you select a location on a map and synchronize your phone's GPS accordingly.

  • 1. The Best Fake GPS App - iMyFone AnyTo
  • 2. Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer
  • 3. VPNa – Fake GPS Location

Tips 2.How to Use Pokémon Emulator for iPhone [Step-by-step Guide]

This comprehensive guide aims to enhance your grasp of the Pokemon emulator for iPhone. While emulators offer an excellent means to relish classic Pokémon games on your device, the intricate installation process and requirement for ROMs can be complex and tiresome.

what is bluestacks

Fortunately, with a GPS virtual location spoofer like iMyFone AnyTo, you can bypass these challenges. This tool enables you to effortlessly explore and enjoy the game at your convenience, eliminating the hassle associated with traditional methods.

Tips 3.Risks of Pokémon Go Joystick hack! How to avoid softban in Pokémon Go

While using fake location seems like a fun short-cut to play augmented simulation games like Pokémon Go, it can also be sometimes risky.

Faking your GPS location comes with certain inherent risks: Once you change your GPS location for one app, all other location-based apps (like Tinder or Snapchat) are affected as well.

soft ban pokemon go

When spoof location or change movement speed in Pokémon GO, caution is crucial. Niantic actively tracking cheating, imposing penalties such as account being softban forever.

iMyFone AnyTo, a safe Pokemon Go spoofer, allows you to play Pokémon GO without moving. Its cooling-timer function advised to adhere to normal walking speeds and recommended rest times when teleporting. The tool also includes reminders to avoid getting banned during auto walk in Pokémon GO.

Total Distance Waiting Period Total Distance Waiting Period
1 Km 1 Minute 125 Km 33 Minute
2 Km 1 Minute 150 Km 36 Minute
4 Km 2 Minute 180 Km 39 Minute
10 Km 8 Minute 200 Km 42 Minute
15 Km 11 Minute 300 Km 50 Minute
25 Km 15 Minute 500 Km 64 Minute
30 Km 18 Minute 600 Km 72 Minute
40 Km 22 Minute 700 Km 80 Minute
45 Km 23 Minute 800 Km 86 Minute
60 Km 25 Minute 1000 Km 100 Minute
80 Km 27 Minute 1250 Km 118 Minute
100 Km 30 Minute 1266+ Km 120+ Minute

If you haven’t gotten how iMyFone AnyTo got its work done, head to the following video

pokemon go gps joystick

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Part 4. FAQs about Pokèmon GO Joystick

1 How do I use the GPS Joystick for Pokemon Go 2024?

Pokemon Go is a game where you can use your location to find out the pokemon. Many people like these pokemon techniques and people use the fake GPS location to find out the pokemon.

Many of them have questions like how to play pokemon go with a fake GPS joystick. These locations can be faked by using some of the techniques.

How to use fake GPS with a joystick in pokemon go? What are the steps for using the GPS Joystick in Pokemon Go 2024. In the above, we have provided you with 5 methods of using the GPS joystick in Pokemon Go 2024. We believe that it can perfectly solve your problem.

2 How do I use Fake GPS Location - GPS JoyStick?

Here in the Fake GPS Location - GPS JoyStick, you can fake your location by using some techniques. These techniques are GPS-related. 

For using the fake GPS location, firstly, use the mock locations. By using these simple techniques, you can use a fake GPS Joystick. From the map, you can select the background and can enter the location name. Once it is done, your device will be enabled by a joystick.

These all fake GPS Joystick can help change the locations. The Fake GPS Joystick can use these techniques.

3 Can you get banned for using fake GPS on Pokemon Go? 

By using fake pokemon go with GPS joystick, you can get banned, although the GPS location changer isuseful. Pokemon go is an app that can be better useful for faking the GPS joystick.

These GPS joysticks can be better helped in the manufacturing of the location. What you should focus more on is how to choose a highly safe joystick for Pokemon Go. The cooling-timer function of iMyFone AnyTo can solve your problem.

4 What is the best GPS Joystick for Pokemon Go?

There are many GPS Joysticks for pokemon go, which is the best. One of them is a GPS Joystick by the app iMyFone AnyTo.

iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo

Many users recommended. Spoofing Pokemon Go GPS location in one click, and faking location freely on Pokemon Go.

Free Download

Here you can get many manual locations, like using which site for the faking of the GPS. Many other current areas can be helpful in eth GPS Joystick. You can also get the last location which can be better helped in the GPS Joystick. These are some of the best fake GPS with joystick for pokemon go.

5 What should I do if the GPS JoyStick cannot detect the current location?

Generally speaking, GPS Joystick does not need to root the device, only needs to be set by the developer, but it needs your Android security patch level to be before 2017-03-01. Otherwise you may encounter "Pokémon cannot detect current location" error.

gps joystick cannot detect location

If your Android security patch level is already after 2017-03-01, you need to root the device in order to change GPS JoyStick to the system built-in program.

But the problem is that Pokemon GO will verify whether your device has Root, and if the verification fails, the game cannot be opened.

So in general, there are many restrictions on the use of GPS Joystick virtual joystick. Therefore, in the following section, we introduce you the best alternatives to the Pokémon Virtual Joystick, which are safer and easier to use, and hope to help you!

6 How can I use GPS Joystick in Android?

You can use GPS Joystick on Android. You can download GPS Joystick on Android or iOS devices and many other devices. 



  • Step 1: Use mock locations in your android.
  • Step 2: Use some of the joystick control in your android.
  • Step 3: After enabling the joystick, you have to go back, and then you have to disable the mock locations.
  • Step 4: Start using GPS Joystick on android.

In this way, you can use all the GPS Joystick on Android devices. Use these to download.

iMyFone launched a heavy discount combination to let you enjoy the fun of the game. Head over to the product page for more new information.


Except for special circumstances such as the epidemic or being unable to go out, we hope that you can participate in the game in person, and do not overuse tools such as Pokemon GO GPS Joystick~

From a security point of view, it is recommended that you use Pokemon GO spoofer iMyFone AnyTo.

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