Are you not able to get your images on your Canon Camera? Is your Cannon camera showing "cannot playback image issue"? Don't worry; this article will tell you all the easy and possible ways to use cannot playback images in Canon Camera. We will see the reasons for this issue with their solutions. We will also see how any third-party software will help you to recover Cannon photos after this issue appearing.

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Part 1. Why My Canon Camera Says "Cannot Playback Image"?

1: Non-Canon Images

Images clicked from another camera will show inaccessibility issues. Cannot Playback image is a common problem for those who use memory cards containing images clicked from other devices/cameras. Avoid other images in your memory card that you are going to use in a Canon camera. The memory card should be specific for Canon cameras, with all the images clicked from the Canon camera.

2: Malfunctioning SD Card

A malfunctioning or inaccurate SD card can also be the reason why your images are opening in the Canon camera. In this case, you will have to check the card first. If you find any issue, then you will have to change your SD card for secure playback and storage of your images/data.

For checking errors:

  • Put another/new card into the camera.
  • Click some images and try to playback them.

If the images open normally, then there will be an issue with your previous SD card. But, if the images in the new SD card are also inaccessible, then there will be another issue. You can follow the further cannot playback image Canon fixing methods. You can also try to use the same previous SD card after formatting it carefully and thoroughly.

3: Edited Images

Images clicked with the Canon camera and then edited with some unauthorized or unreliable software after shifting them to the computer/PC can also show a playback issue. To avoid this, you are required to use any authorized or latest software for image editing. Editing like rotating, flipping, and cropping should be avoided if you want to playback images into your Canon camera.

4: Low Battery Issue

Sometimes users try to playback images with a low/down camera battery. This can also put your camera in non-functioning mode. This can be a reason why your camera opens any image from the memory card. Always use a fully charged camera with complete operational knowledge.

Part 2. How to Fix Cannon Camera "Cannot Playback Image" Issue?

If you're encountering the "Cannot Playback Image" issue with your Canon camera, here are some steps you can take to try and fix it:

  • Check the memory card: Make sure the memory card is properly inserted into the camera and that it's not full or damaged. Try using a different memory card to see if the issue persists.
  • Battery level: Ensure that the battery level is sufficient. Sometimes, if the battery is low, it can cause playback issues.
  • File format compatibility: Ensure that the image file format is compatible with your camera. Canon cameras typically support formats like JPEG and RAW. If the file format is not supported, you may encounter playback errors.
  • Reset the camera: Try resetting your camera to its factory settings. This can sometimes resolve software-related issues.
  • Firmware update: Check if there's a firmware update available for your camera. Installing the latest firmware can sometimes fix bugs and improve overall performance.
  • Try a different playback device: If you're trying to playback images on a computer or another device, try using a different device to see if the issue is with the camera or the playback device.
  • Contact Canon support: If none of the above steps resolve the issue, it's possible that there's a hardware problem with your camera. In this case, it's best to contact Canon customer support for further assistance or to arrange for repairs.

Watch this video to see how to fix Cannon camera showing "cannot playback image" issue

Cannon camera cannot playback image

Part 3. Recover Cannon Files After "Cannot Playback Image"

If your Canon shows "cannot playback issue" and your SD card is also not working, then there is still a chance that you can get your images back. iMyFone D-Back is the software that recovers data efficiently from different sources, including cameras, device's hard drives, SD cards, external memories, and SSDs, in a very easy and quick way. Not only images, but you can also use this software to recover types of data because it supports almost 1000+ data types or formats.

Before starting the recovery process, it allows users to preview their images, videos, audio, documents, office files, or whatever data type the users are going to restore. As far as its security is concerned, it is 100%secure and safe software that protects users' data and privacy.

Here are the steps to easily use the iMyFone D-Back to recover your images from a Canon camera.

Step 1: Install iMyFone D-Back and connect your camera to your PC. Make sure that your camera is detected by the computer. After this, open the software.

Step 2: Your camera with its name will appear on the screen. Click on your camera icon to start the recovery process. Clicking on the camera icon will start scanning. All the recoverable data will start appearing on the screen.

imyfone dback hard drive recovery expert

Step 3: You will also see your images there. Select and preview them to be sure about them. In the end, click on the Recover button to restore the pictures. You can also recover multiple files and save them at the desired location.

imyfone dback hard drive recovery recover images

Part 4. FAQs

1 How Do You Initialize the Canon Camera Memory Card?

Place the card into the slot and power on the camera. Go to Home And tap on Other Settings > (a tool icon) > Initialize > Memory Card. This will start initializing the memory card.

2 How Do I Put My Canon Camera into Playback Mode?

Power on your camera and press the playback Button to see one of your camera's clicked images. Press the right and left cross keys to go through your images. Now to return back to the picture-shoot mode, press the playback or shutter button halfway.

3 Why My Canon Camera Won't Read My Memory Card?

There can be many reasons for this problem; there can be an incompatibility between the camera and the SD card. SD card damage also results in malfunctioning. Any physical damage to the camera's SD card slot can also be a reason for this problem. The chances of this issue can be reduced if users take care of these things.

4 How to fix "cannot playback image" from Canon rebel t6?

Actually, only third-party repair tool can help you to fix this issue. You can try iMyFone Ultra Repair or Yodot Video Repair, etc. And, you can go to theCannon after-sales maintenance center to repair.


Canon is one of the most reliable cameras, but it sometimes shows different issues. One of those issues is the "cannot playback image issue". It can be due to several reasons like a damaged SD card, low camera battery, image editing, and images not clicked with the Canon Camera. We have shared some of the best suggestions through which you can avoid this issue easily. Other than this, data recovery software like iMyFone D-Back will not only help you get your images, but you can also get multiple benefits from its versatile functions and features.