Sony Interactive Entertainment had introduced the PS series, a pretty popular gaming console. PlayStation has earned huge appreciation from gamers after the new revelation. Unfortunately, like other hard drives, PS hard drives can also get damaged, and as a result, you will lose important PS5/PS4 game data you'd not like to lose.

Several factors can contribute to the issue you're facing with your PS hard drive. However, the question arises can you recover lost saved game data? The answer to this question is a big yes as you can recover files from your PS5 hard drive. For this, you'll only need to read this guide, and you'll be able to know how to get deleted saved game data back on PS5/PS4.

PS4 hard drive recovery

Part 1. Best Recommended Way to Recover Saved Game Data on PS5/4 Hard Drive

You can recover PS5/PS4 internal/external hard drive files by using iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery. This tool seems to be a perfect gig for you, courtesy of its excellent user interface makes it easy to revive lost files.

Using this spectacular data recovery software, you can get your back from SSD, Camcorder, internal hard disk&external hard disk(PS 5), digital camera, virtual disk, micro card, USB flash drive, etc.

Importantly, this fantastic data recovery tool enables you to revive about 1000+ data types, including emails, game data, videos, images, documents, etc.

Overall, iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery is a fascinating package that allows you to recover your important files at affordable rates.

Step 1. In the first step, you'll only need to visit iMyFone's official website and then get the software downloaded on your PC.Tap on the external device on the interface that you want to recover.

select location external device

Step 2. Before initiating the scanning process, you'll need to connect the PS5/PS4 hard drive to your PC. Next, you'll need to tap the "Start'' option to begin scanning your PS hard drive. This process doesn't take a long time, but still, you'll need to wait for a few moments before going ahead.

select location external device

Step 3. After completing the scanning process, you'll need to select the PS hard drive files you've been looking to restore from there.After a few minutes, you'll be able to reaccess the PS files.

preview files from external devices

Part 2. Other Methods to Get Saved Game Files Back on PS5/4 Hard Drive

Apart from using a third-party tool like iMyFone D-Back, you can also recover deleted PS4 hard drives files using other methods.

Here's the list of those methods:

2.1. Recover Lost Saved Game via Backup(Internal Hard Drive)

The way to get your PS hard drive deleted files is through backup. However, you'll need to save the copy before losing your data. You can look at the guide below to recover PS5/Ps4 save data:

Step 1.Open the Settings menu and then go to Saved Data and Game/App Settings. In the next screen, choose Saved Data (PS5) or Saved Data (PS4).

PS4 settings Application Data Management

Step 2.Now select the game and click on "download to Console Storage".

Step 3. After these two steps, Your PS5 will automatically scan cloud storage for new information and update your console. After that, you will see it in the game's menu.

2.2. Retrieve Lost Game from PS5 External Hard Drive

Follow the guide below to Retrieve Lost Game from PS5/PS4 External Hard Drive:

Step 1. Navigate to Select System > Backup and Restore from the Setting Menu, then click on the Restore Your PS5 option.

Step 2. Connect your ps5 external hard drive that contains your game data backup.

Step 3. Choose the game which you want to restore. Finally, choose to begin the restoration process.

Part 3. Lost/Deleted PS4 Save Files/Data-Reasons

Before looking for a way to recover PS4 hard drive files, you'll need to discuss the reasons causing this whole chaos.

Here are some common reasons behind the issue you're dealing with:

3.1. Powering off PS4 wrongly

The first thing that might create issues in your PS hard drive is when you tend to turn it off incorrectly, as you shouldn't unplug your PS hard drive from the power socket. If you don't turn your PS off properly, it might cause software or hardware issues.

3.2. Connection Errors

Some people tend to maintain cloud saves enabled. It means sometimes; you won't be able to see your saves. Hence, if you don't connect PS4 to an appropriate internet connection, you can't access your cloud saves.

3.3.Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive Failure is another massive thing with older PS4 that cause data loss. However, it can happen to every method but is more with older PS4s.

Part 4. FAQs about PS4 Hard Drive Recovery

1How do I restore my PS4 hard drive on a PC

If your PS4 hard drive got corrupted and you've lost all your important data for odd reasons, you can still recover it. The best way to recover lost PS4 save data is by using a third-party data recovery tool. 

However, you can try recovering data from iCloud storage or backup, but these methods don't guarantee to help you retrieve your files. Hence, you can go for iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery. It is a vastly used and tested data recovery tool that can help you revive PS4 hard drive data quickly.

2 How to Back Up PS5 Data to External Hard Drive?

  1. In the setting menu,choose "Saved Data and Game/App Settings".
  2. Then, select "Saved Data (PS5) or Saved Data (PS4) ".Then click on "Sync Saved Data".


If you are finding ways to recover data from a PS5 or PS4 hard drive, this guide could be a game-changer. The motive of this discussion was to provide you with the proper insight into the methods that can help you get your PS5 hard drive lost files back.

All the methods you'll get to read in this article come with a lot of quality, but iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery has to be the best data recovery tool. This tool brings a lot of quality by allowing to retrieval PS4 hard drive with minimal effort.