5 Ways to Restore iPhone without iCloud Password!

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There are times when you want to set up new iPhone or just restore information on your existing gadgets. In some other cases, you might just encounter situations such as accidental deletion, reset or even virus attacks that lead you to lose your iPhone data. To restore your iPhones iCloud backup becomes very handy, but in one way or another, you might have forgotten your iCloud password. Now the question comes in…” Is there a way to restore iPhone without iCloud password?”

Restore iPhone without iCloud Password

Way 1: Restore iPhone without iCloud Password Using iMyFone Umate Pro

What method can you use that gives you complete control over your iPhone? What can you do to make your data unrecoverable so that even the sneakiest hacker will never be able to access the private data that was on your iPhone? You can use iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. It is an ultimate iOS data eraser that lets you permanently erase all the data on your iPhone - including restoring iPhone without iCloud password.

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Key Features:

  • Erase Deleted Files. If you manually deleted files before, they might still be recoverable. Umate Pro finds these files and erases them permanently for you.
  • Erase Private Data. Privacy is an increasing issue these days with smart phones. With Umate Pro, you can preview and selectively erase unwanted private data.
  • Wipe Third-Party Apps Traces. Apps can leave fragments of private data behind when using. All the private fragments can be found out and completely destroyed.
  • Fully compatible with iOS 11 and receive lots of positive reviews from macworld.co.uk, Makeuseof.com , Cultofmac.com etc.

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Steps to Restore iPhone without iCloud Password

Note: For restoring iPhone without Password, firstly, you should make sure that "Find my iPhone" is turned off.

Step 1. Install iMyFone Umate Pro on your computer and connect your iphone.
Step 2. Click Erase All Data on the software and then click on Erase.
factory reset iPhone 6 without passcode
Step 3. Type “delete” in the textbox to confirm. Click Erase Now to begin.
factory reset iPhone 6 without passcode

All of your data will be erased from your iPhone, just like with a factory reset, except that it will not be recoverable because your old data will be scrambled.

iMyFone Umate Pro provides 3 security levels and the default one is Medium. If you want to sell or give away your iPhone, it’s recommended to use Hige level. If you reset your iPhone expecting to experience brand-new performance, you can use the Quick level.

Way 2: Restore iPhone without iCloud Password Directly from iOS Setting

As we have mentioned above, the iCloud password is the same as the Apple ID password. Therefore, we can change iCloud password to a new one in some simple steps. You can try to change your iCloud password before restoring your iPhone without it.

Premise - It works only if you have done an iCloud backup for iphone before.

You can also factory reset your iphone without passcode in settings if you didn’t sync iPhone with iTunes before.

Step 1. On your iphone, go to your Settings
Step 2. Tap General.
Step 3. Tap Reset.
Step 4. Tap where it says “Erase All Content and Settings” And you will be asked to enter your iPhone password, it's the screen lock password, not the iCloud password.

Erase All Content and Settings

Step 5. Tap “Erase iPhone”.
Step 6. Your iPhone should restart and everything should be like new.
Step 7. When you see the “Set up your iPhone”, click on “Restore from iCloud Backup”. Then choose backup and let it set up your iPhone.

factory reset iPhone 6 without passcode

Please note, this method won’t work unless you have Find My iPhone enabled, since this is how the phone will verify who you are when you restore a backup on it.

Way 3: Restore iPhone without iCloud Password Using iTunes

Premise - It works only if you have synced your iphone to iTunes before.

The first way to factory reset iphone without password is to use iTunes.

Step 1. Before anything else, back up your iphone. You never know what can go wrong, so it’s important to always have a recent backup on hand to restore from. This is especially important if you plan on putting any of your data back on your iPhone, of course.
Step 2. Open iTunes after plugging your iphone into your computer.
Step 3. Click on your device and go to the Summary page for it on iTunes.
Step 4. Click Restore iPhone.
Step 5. When the dialog box pops up asking you if you’re sure, click Restore again.
Step 6. When the software update comes up, click Next.
Step 7. You will now see a software license agreement. Click where it says Agree.

restore iPhone without iCloud passcode

Now you simply wait for iTunes to restore your iPhone.

Other Solutions

Way 1: Set A New iCloud Password

Apple Inc. is very good with the security on their iPhones, and this is usually one of their top priority. iCloud being one of their services is impossible to access without keying in the right password, and the data backed therein is as good as lost.

However, all is not lost you can opt to reset or restore your iCloud password. The iCloud password is the same as the Apple ID password and resetting one is the same as resetting the other. Here are the steps of recovering iCloud password:

Step 1. Open your apple id account page and click “Forgot Apple ID or password.”
Step 2. Enter your Apple ID.

reset iCloud passcode

Step 3. Choose the option to reset your password and then click “Continue.”
Step 4. Then you will be prompted to choose the method that you use to reset your password including to answer the security questions, get an email, use the two-factor authentication or the two-factor verification.

two-factor verification

Step 5. If you choose either, then you will be directed to a Reset password page which you will use to change to a new password of your choice.

Once you have a new password, then it becomes possible again to Sign in iCloud with your Apple ID and new password and choose the right iCloud backup file to restore.

Way 2: Change iCloud Password into A New One

As we have mentioned above, the iCloud password is the same as the Apple ID password. Therefore, we can change iCloud password to a new one in some simple steps. You can try to change your iCloud password before restoring your iPhone without it. Following the steps:

Step 1: Go to https://appleid.apple.com/#!&page=signin, input your Apple ID and then sign in.

manage apple id

Step 2: Click “Password and Security”, then you will need to answer your security question.

Password and Security

Step 3: After verifying your identity, click “Change Password”.
Step 4: From the next page, you will need to input two passwords. One is your current password; the other is your new password.

After the password has been changed, you can use the new password with your Apple ID, iCloud and iTunes.