How to Bypass iCloud Lock on iPhone 8 (Plus)

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Bypassing iCloud lock on iPhone 8 is a complex process that requires professional tools and help. There may come a time when you would need to unlink your iPhone 8 from iCloud and bypass Activation iCloud Lock. So knowing how to proceed when its needed will help you save considerable time.


Following are some ways to bypass iCloud lock on iPhone 8:

Bypass iCloud Lock on iPhone 8 Via DNS

This is one of the easiest methods of bypassing iCloud lock as you can do this by yourself on your phone.

Follow these steps to bypass iCloud lock via DNS:

Step 1: Reset your iPhone 8 (8 Plus) from Settings app first. Once the reset process is completed, you will see iCloud activation lock on your iPhone’s screen.

Step 2: Now start over by pressing the Home button. Then select your country and language.

Step 3: Select a working Wi-Fi network. You will again see the Activate iPhone window, tap Home Button when you see it.

Step 4: Navigate to Wi-Fi settings and select the ‘i’ icon. This icon will be representing your connected Wi-Fi network.


Step 5: Select DNS Server option and choose Select All and then Delete the IP shown in the field.

Step 6: Now paste the IP that is of an iCloud Activation Server. You can find such IP addresses by searching on the internet.

Step 7: You can tap on Activation Hello now. Select Menu and you are done.

The bypass iCloud activation process is completed. Now you can fully access internet, maps, email, videos, music, etc. on your iPhone 8 (8 Plus).

Bypass iPhone 8 iCloud Lock Online

There are many websites that can help you bypass iCloud lock on your iPhone 8 (8 Plus):

Bypass iPhone 8 iCloud Lock on iPhoneIMEI

iPhoneIMEI is a company that can help you bypass iCloud lock on your iPhone 8 online. You will need to visit their website and provide your IMEI code in order to proceed. They use an iCloud lock removal tool that will bypass the iCloud lock within 48 hours. The cost of the service is $24.99.


Follow these steps to bypass iCloud lock on your iPhone via this website:

Step 1: Visit the official website of iPhoneIMEI in your web browser.

Step 2: Provide the IMEI code of your iPhone 8/8 Plus.

Step 3: You will receive a confirmation email from the company, it may take a few minutes to a few hours.

Once you receive the email, the iCloud lock on your iPhone 8 will be bypassed. You will find that the Find my iPhone feature is disabled and you can add your new iCloud account without any issues.

Bypass iPhone 8 iCloud Lock on OfficialiPhoneUnlock

This is another website that offers similar services as the one mentioned above. The process of bypassing iCloud removal with the help of this website is also similar. The cost of the service on this website is around $25.


Follow these steps to bypass iCloud lock on your iPhone via this website:

Step 1: Visit the website on your web browser.

Step 2: Provide the IMEI code of your iPhone 8 and then place the iCloud Unlock order.

Step 3: Now all you need to do is wait. You will receive confirmation email within the next 48 hours, telling you that the bypass process has been completed.

Step 4: Now use restore/update option on iTunes after connecting your iPhone to your PC.

Step 5: Create a new Apple ID and use it on your iPhone.

Bonus Tip: What to Do before Selling an Old iPhone

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Steps to Erase Your Data Permanently

Follow these steps to erase your iPhone data permanently via iMyFone Umate Pro:

Step 1: First make sure that Find My iPhone option is disabled on your iPhone as it may interfere with the process.

Step 2: Then connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iMyFone Umate Pro.

Step 3: Once your iPhone is detected, use Erase All Data option on the software and then click Erase button to proceed.

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Step 4: iMyFone Umate Pro may ask for confirmation, use Erase Now option if prompted and your data will be permanently erased.

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