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iMyFone iTransor Lite

( Reviewed by 52 Users )

User Reviews of iMyFone iTransor Lite

Note: iMyFone iTransor Lite is renamed from iMyFone D-Port.

  • By Chan 2019-05-27

    very good

  • By Juanjo Cabrera Martínez 2019-01-13

    20$ worth for it

  • By Jason 2018-11-08

    works exellent thanks...

  • By Candy Chad 2018-09-18

    The software does allow you to restore data from iCloud backup. But only recover them on your computer.

  • By mohamad 2018-09-10

    before i buy IMyFone I NEED TO ASK can i print out all text messages after recovery

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi mohamad, Yes you can. After exporting all the text messages on your iPhone, you can print out the exported file in HTML or .XLS (CSV on Mac) format. Don’t you worry about this.

  • By Yuan 2018-09-06

    傳輸線已連接電腦及手機,可是該系統沒反應,一直要我:將iOS設備連接到計算機,請問該如何解決呢˙?? 另外iphone版的要我輸入油箱地址以獲取下載鏈接.....可是輸入信箱卻失敗,請問是要用哪個信箱呢˙??

    iMyFone replied:

    Yuan您好! 請問您的手機是否能正常運行呢?如果能正常運行但是系統無法識別您的手機,那您可以連接手機到iTunes試試看iTunes能否識別您的手機。 至於您在手機上獲取下載鏈接失敗的問題,很有可能是有太多用戶在同一天內提交他們的郵箱去獲取下載鏈接而引發的問題。您可以試試看明天再次在iMyFone app上提交您的郵箱,應該就可以了。 另外我們的客服團隊(也已經發郵件給您,提供了更詳細的解答。有任何困難,都可以和他們聯繫獲取幫助。

  • By Maria 2018-08-28


  • By Epherm 2018-03-29

    Active iPad mini

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi, if you have problems activating your iPad mini, please contact for professional support. Thank you for your interest.

  • By manuel sriol 2018-03-03


  • By Epherm 2018-02-01

    Setup my apple id

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