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2016-02-18 15:20:27

It was weird that some documents just disappeared from my Mac, and my friends firmly believed that I deleted them with no consciousness but I was sure I didn鈥檛 do that for all my documents were sorted orderly! Anyway, this program already got them back and I have reflected the weird phenomenon to Apple.

By Macy Maclean


2016-02-10 15:39:35

I lost my Word file because my Mac powered off. And that was my work report! I have spent several days on it! Fortunately, the software helped me recover it! Without any damage!

By Maxwell


2016-01-05 16:44:29

I accidently deleted my photos of autumn outing from my Mac and the app helped me get them back easily. And it worked well on my Mac. In total, nice app.

By Marissa


2015-11-30 16:42:22

this software worked well on my Mac. and it was helpful to get back my lost document. Nice.

By Angelina Bolt


2015-11-17 15:47:55

good job! recoverd my photos in SD card! it means that I neednt to worry about data loss?

By Cole Martin


2015-11-10 17:27:12

Works well. It recovered the deleted photos in my digital camera.

By Sam


2015-11-04 15:12:10

Lost all my videos on my Mac computer, and I felt rather frustrated. It recovered all lost videos! Good job. Love it. No need to worry about data loss in the future.

By Leonard


2015-11-03 20:45:47

It helped me to recover data for my USB drive. Useful software. Easy to use and nice.

By Marie


2015-09-18 16:49:29

My document got back.

By Maria


2015-09-17 09:35:20

Easy to use and it hasn\'t let me down so far. Works well with my Mac.

By Katia

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