Are you battling Google account verification or FPR (Factory Reset Protection) problem? If an FPR is activated and you forget or don't know the Google account, you can't use your Galaxy smartphone after you perform a factory reset.

Alright, you're thinking about how to turn off FRP lock on Samsung. No worries, grab yourself a hot cup of coffee and keep reading. We'll tell you how to turn off FPR lock Samsung.

turn off frp lock samsung

Part 1. How to Turn Off FRP Lock on Samsung in Settings

This method is very easy and useful if you can access the phone and enter the home screen.  Follow these simple and straightforward steps to turn off FRP lock on Samsung.

3 Easy Steps to Turn off FRP in Settings.

Step 1: Press the "Apps" icon on your home screen and go to "Settings".

Step 2: Tap on "Accounts". Press the "Google" option.

Step 3: Select your account, press the "More" option.

Part 2. How to Turn Off FRP Lock on Samsung without Passcode

I. Turn off FRP Lock Samsung with iMyFone LockWiper (Android) FRP Unlock Tool

Do you think about the easiest way of how to turn off FRP lock on Samsung? Use iMyFone LockWiper (Android), which can remove Samsung Google lock without the Gmail and its passcode very quickly with straightforward steps. LockWiper (Android) is specially designed to effectively turn off FRP lock on Samsung.


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  • It can easily bypass Google Samsung account verification/FRP within a few minutes.

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Simple Steps to Turn off FRP Lock on Samsung Using iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

Follow these 5 steps to remove the FRP!

Step 1: Launch iMyFone LockWiper (Android) , select the "Remove Google Lock (FRP)" mode and click  "Start".


Step 2: Select your Samsung model and click the "Next" button.


Step 3: Choose the phone information and then click "Download" for the data package. The program will automatically download the matched data package for your phone. Then, enter "000000".


Step 4: Now connect your Samsung with pc, follow the instructions on the program to reset your phone.


When you reset the phone, a firmware package will be immediately downloaded. When it completes, please click "Start to Extract".


Step 5: Wait and witness your phone being unlocked. Congratulations, you can use all features on your phone now.


I have tested and it works! The FRP lock on Samsung is bypassed totally and the phone can be used normally. iMyFone LockWiper (Android) FRP Unlock Tool is a great tool for your FRP problem. If you want to ask how to turn off FRP lock on Samsung S6, why not try its free trial version now?

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II. Turn off FRP Lock Samsung by Connecting to Wi-Fi

Do you want to unlock your FRP locks without any tools? Okay, here is a good way, which takes advantage of a Google security bug. Follow the steps below, and you may be able to remove FRP Lock by connecting to Wi-Fi.

Step 1. Connect your phone to Wi-Fi and the to-be-removed Google acount appears. Tap the text field to let the keyboard appear.

Step 2. Tap and hold down the "@" key until the setting menu appears. On the menu click on the "Google Keyboard Settings" option.


Step 3. Tap on the 3-dot line in the top part of the screen. Select "Help & Feedback" and any other following option.

Step 4. Press and hold down to select any text on this page. There shows an option "Web search" in the upper right corner. Then, click on it and a search field will be shown.

Step 5. Type the word "Settings" in the search field. Tap "About Phone" 7 Times in order to enable the "Developer Options".


Step 6. Now return and open Developer Options. Allow "OEM" unlocking. Tap back twice and restart your phone. At last, you will asked to add a new account. Then, you can access the phone now.

Part 3. How to Turn Off FRP Lock on Samsung Online

If you need another method to turn off FRP lock, you can use the Google platform directly. It is simple and easy to use, this means, with a different device, you can turn off the FRP lock. Here is how to turn off FRP lock Samsung S6 via online:

Step 1. Visit Login with your details and scroll to sign in and security.

Step 2. Under the "Sign-in and Security", click on "Device Activity and Notification".

Step 3. Scroll to recently used devices. Click "Review Device".

Step 4. You'll see a list of devices that have been used for logging into your mail, select your Samsung s6 and click the "REMOVE" button.

Step 5. A confirmation will appear with two options "REMOVE" and "Cancel", click on "Cancel".

remove google frp lock

You will receive a confirmation message, confirm by going back to Review Devices. Your Samsung S6 will show access removed. After it has been removed, you need to reset your phone.

Part 4. Pro Tip about How to Recover Your Google Account

If you've forgotten the password of your Google account and thinking to recover it, you can follow the steps below to do so.

Step 1. Go to the Google Account recover page. Tap "Forgot my password".

Step 2: You will be asked for your phone number. Google will send a recovery code to you.

Step 3: Enter the code and enjoy!

Note: It won't work if the phone number doesn't belong to you.

account recovery google


There are many ways to solve your problem of how to turn off FRP Lock on Samsung. But the problem is, they aren't easy to apply and comes with many complications as well, such as requiring a phone number. If you want to bypass the FRP Samsung Lock in few minutes, iMyFone LockWiper (Android) FRP Unlock Tool turns out to be the easiest among all of them.

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