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Have you ever tried to download a free app or game from the App Store, only to be greeted by an annoying "Verification Required" message? This frustrating prompt forces you to enter your Apple ID password or payment information, even when trying to install free apps.

If your App Store keeps saying "Verification Required" and you're tired of dealing with it, this article will show you how to fix this problem for good. We'll explain what causes the verification required loop, and walk through several methods to remove the prompt so you can seamlessly download free apps again.

Whether you've forgotten your Apple ID password, have billing issues on your account, or just want this nagging verification layer gone, we've got you covered. Follow along as we detail proven techniques to stop the App Store from asking for verification every time you try to get a free app. Say goodbye to this irritating hurdle and learn how to enjoy app downloads without interruption again!

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Part 1: Why the App Store is requesting this verification repeatedly?

If you see the "Verification Required" prompt repeatedly, there are a few possible explanations.

One reason is that you have an unpaid balance or expired payment method associated with your Apple ID. The App Store wants to ensure you can pay for any purchases, so it will ask you to update your payment info.

Another trigger can be if you're setting up a brand new Apple ID that has never downloaded paid apps before. Apple wants to verify real users during initial setup.

Finally, if your account was restricted by a family organizer or your payment method was flagged as invalid, the App Store may ask for reverification before allowing downloads again. Repeated prompts to verify are typically for security and payment protection, so check your account status and payment details if you keep seeing the message.

Part 2: How to Remove the App Store Verification Required Prompt?

There are a few different ways to remove the prompt requiring you to verify or update your payment method when trying to download apps from the App Store.

Method 1: you can try updating your payment method on file.

Go to Settings > [Your Name] > Payment > Shipping> Add Payment Method >Credit/debit card > enter new card details > Done.

Adding a new card or updating an expired one may resolve the verification prompt.

Method 2: you can pay off any unpaid balance that is linked to your Apple ID.

Go to Settings > [Your Name] > Media > Purchases > View Account > Purchase History.

And now check purchase history for any unpaid items, then pay outstanding balance.

Method 3: you can disable the password requirement in Restrictions.

Go to Settings > Screen Time > Turn on Content > Privacy Restrictions > iTunes > App Store Purchases > Change "In-app Purchases" to "Allow"

In summary, updating your payment method, paying any balance due, and disabling password restrictions in the Settings app can potentially resolve the App Store verification prompt when trying to download apps.

Part 3: Remove App Store Verification Required without Apple ID Password

If you have forgotten your Apple ID password, you cannot remove the Verification Required prompt in the App Store using the normal method of entering your password. In this case, you can use a third-party tool like iMyFone LockWiper to bypass the Verification Required message without needing your Apple ID password. LockWiper is designed to help fix various Apple ID-related issues, including removing Verification Required for App Store downloads. With LockWiper, you can delete the Verification Required prompt without your password. This tool can also remove Screen Time passcode, MDM locks, and screen time passcodes.

To use LockWiper to fix the App Store Verification Required issue, simply follow the below steps:

Step 1: Download the iMyFone LockWiper and install it. Laucnch it.

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Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the Computer. And choose "Unlock Apple ID" in the LockWiper interface.

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Step 3: Click "Start to Unlock" to begin unlock apple id.

Start to Unlock

Step 4: If Find My iPhone function has been turned off, LockWiper will start to unlock Apple ID for your device.

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If you have turned on Find My iPhone, you could go to Settings > General > Reset All Settings to set up first.

Reset All Settings

Step 4. Wait for a second, it will unlock your Apple ID successfully.

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Q: How do I fix App Store verification required?

Here are 3 ways: you can try updating your payment method on file; you can pay off any unpaid balance that is linked to your Apple ID; you can disable the password requirement in Restrictions. And for the detail steps you could refer to Part 2.

Q: Why does my App Store keep asking for verification required?

There is unpaid balance on your Apple ID. Or Apple ID payment method is incorrect, and more reasons you could refer to Part 1.

Q: How do I stop iPhone verification required when installing free apps?

Launch Settings > iTunes > App Store > Select Payment Information > Select None. Again Tap on Done.


The Verification Require' prompt on the App Store can be frustrating, but there are several solutions to resolve it. The main options are updating your payment method, paying any unpaid balances, or removing your Apple ID entirely if you have forgotten the password. Tools like LockWiper can help remove the Apple ID without data loss.

Ultimately, keeping your payment information up to date is the best way to avoid the verification hassle. But if your Apple ID password is lost, removing the ID may be necessary. Just be sure to use a safe data recovery tool. Follow these tips, and you can download apps freely again. Going forward, stay on top of payments and password changes to prevent 'Verification Required' from popping up.

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