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iMyFone ChatsBack

iMyFone ChatsBack

( Reviewed by 42 Users )

User Reviews of iMyFone ChatsBack

  • By Jack 2021-12-31

    I had to disable 2FA for it to be able to recover WhatsApp data from Google Drive. PS: don’t forget to enable 2 factor authentication back again, you need to keep your account safe. 5 stars for the program.

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi Jack, thanks for your comment and advice. We are glad that you like our program.

  • By Benjamin 2021-12-30

    Just wanted to let everyone know that the WhatsApp data on your phone will be deleted after the recovery process. I learned this along the way. No problem, just something to expect. Otherwise, no issues with the whole process.

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi Benjamin, thanks for you comment. Recover to Device will cover the WhatsApp data on your phone for now. We are working on it and will support merging the data in the future. You may also recover the deleted data to your computer to avoid data overwriting for now. Thanks for your understanding.

  • By David 2021-12-29

    I accidentally deleted my whatsapp Gdrive backup folder. The recovery was seamless and straightforward, a lot easier than I initially expected it to be.

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi David, thank you very much for your comment. We are glad that our program has helped you. If you need any other help, please let us know.

  • By Brandon 2021-12-28

    Never in a million years did I expect to be able to have access to everything. The latest Android update messed up my phone pretty bad, whatsapp included. I reluctantly installed ChatsBack - I had to go for the pro version - and it freakin’ worked, everything was there!

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi Brandon, thank you for the feedback. We are glad that our software helped you.

  • By Leah Harris 2021-12-28

    I was a ball of stress waiting for it to scan my phone, hoping to say it found everything. Lesson learned, I'll always backup my account’s data to my iTunes.

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi Leah, I guess that the program has helped get back the lost WhatsApp data. Thanks for your comment. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • By Jordan 2021-12-27

    Phone clogged with water resulted in losing access to my whatsapp account. Your app and suggestions helped me retrieve all my data.

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi Jordan, thanks for your review. We are glad to hear that. iMyFone is always here to help you.

  • By Zoey 2021-12-27

    My daughter locked my phone just when I needed to access some important reports on my whatsapp account. I don’t know how I would have finished my report without this, everything was backed way faster than expected!

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi Zoey, we are glad that ChatsBack helped you. Thanks for your comment.

  • By Owen 2021-12-26

    So glad I stumbled upon this! I have the worst of luck with phones, I always stumble upon issues like these.

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi Owen, thanks for your comment. I guess that you ChatsBack has helped you recover WhatsApp data. If you need any other help, please let us know.

  • By Isaiah 2021-12-26

    I never expected to be left with zero access to my whatsapp, your app saved me hours and hours of stress!!!

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi Isaiah, thank you for the feedback. We are glad that our software helped you.

  • By Nicholas Stuart 2021-12-26

    I’ve used the “recover to PC” option. Took its time to back up a lot of data but luckily all my files were safe

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi Nicholas, thanks for your comment. Yes, you can save all the WhatsApp messages on your computer as HTML/PDF/Excel/CSV files.

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