Some iPhone users have recently reported issues that WhatsApp iCloud backup is stuck at 0% and looking for solutions. If you are one of them whose WhatsApp backup is stuck at 0%, then this is the right article for you. This article gives you possible reasons why WhatsApp backup is stuck at 0% or 0 Bytes, and common solutions you can use. Lastly, we will recommend a free tool known as iTransor for WhatsApp to back up WhatsApp.

Part 1: Why Is WhatsApp Backup Stuck at 0% or 0 Bytes?

We understand how disappointing it is when WhatsApp fails to back up on iCloud.  You could be wondering why that is happening and you want to solve it immediately. Here are some possible reasons why WhatsApp backup is stuck at 0%.

  • You may be signed out of your iCloud account in WhatsApp.

  • The iCloud storage may be insufficient, or it is full.

  • There could be issues with the iCloud server.

  • Your Wi-Fi connection could be poor and unstable.

  • Your iCloud Drive maybe off, or iCloud Drive is turned on on other devices with the Apple ID if you are using iPhone 7.

  • The iOS system you are using may not be compatible with WhatsApp.

  • You may have disabled WhatsApp Auto backup.

  • There might be bugs with the iOS system.

Part 2: How Do You Fix "WhatsApp Backup Is Stuck at 0%"?

We have mentioned the most likely reasons causing WhatsApp iCloud backup is stuck at 0% for long hours. Now, let us see possible solutions and back up your WhatsApp chats on iCloud successfully.

Solution 1:  Sign into iCloud and Enable iCloud Drive

First, check to ensure that you are signed into your WhatsApp iCloud account. Go to iPhone Settings, tap on "iCloud", and ensure that you sign in using your Apple ID. If you are signed in, consider signing out and signing in again.  Next, enable iCloud Drive. This solution solves the problem where your iCloud Drive is off or where you may not be signed into your iCloud account.

turn on whatsapp icloud drive

Solution 2:  Enable WhatsApp Chats Backup

Next, you need to check if you have enabled your WhatsApp backup. Now, go to the WhatsApp app, tap on "Settings", tap on "Chats", and then tap on "Chat Back up". From there, enable the "Back Up Now" option.

back up now iphone

Solution 3: Check Your Network Settings

In some cases, the Wi-Fi you are using could be slow or poor. You can test your internet speeds to ensure it is working properly. If it is your home network, you can restart it. Also, you need to reset your iPhone settings if your network is good. On your iPhone, go to "Settings" > "General" > Scroll down to tap "Reset" > "Reset Network Settings".

reset network settings

Solution 4:  Check and Free up Your iCloud Storage

If you have signed into an iCloud account, turned on Backup and ensured the Internet is good, then check if your Backup storage is sufficient. Go to "Settings" tap on "iCloud", and tap on the "iCloud Storage". Next, tap on "Manage Storage" and check the available space. If it is full or insufficient, consider deleting some files.

icloud manage storage

Solution 5:  Check iCloud Server Status

At this point, if you still can't back up your WhatsApp, then check the iCloud server status because it might be the problem. Head to, and check if any iCloud server status. If everything is labelled green, then the iCloud server's status is normal, whereas if you see some orange labels, then iCloud has errors and you need to wait.

check icloud server

Solution 6:  Force Restart Your Device

Some users have reported that they fixed the issue by restarting their iPhone device. You can also try this.  The force restart style differs from the version of iPhones. If you are using the latest version from iPhone 8 to the newest iPhone 12, do the following:
Quickly press and release the volume up button.

Next, press and quickly release the volume down button, then press and hold the side button.

Now release the button when the Apple logo appears.

Solution 7: Reduce the Frequency of Backup

Another solution that iPhone users have reported being working is reducing the frequency of iCloud backups. If you have been doing daily iCloud backups, you can change to weekly or monthly back up. Go to WhatsApp settings, click on Settings > Chats > Chat Back up > Weekly> Back Up Now. Now, check again if the stuck issue has been fixed. If not, check the next possible solution.

reduce the frequency of backup

Solution 8: Update iOS

Your WhatsApp iCloud backup is stuck at 0% maybe because of a bug within the iOS. Therefore, consider upgrading to the latest version or the updated version. To update, go to iPhone settings and tap on the "General" menu. Next, tap on "Software Update" to see if there is a software update of the current iOS.  If there is, tap on the "Download iOS Updates" button to update to the latest version. Hopefully, this update might solve WhatsApp back up stuck on at 0%.

Part 3: Problem Still Exist? Find A Free Alternative to Back up WhatsApp

You have tried all the solutions mentioned above and your WhatsApp backup is still stuck at 0%? It is then time to use iTransor for WhatsApp, a sure-bet working solution to back up your WhatsApp chats. iTransor for WhatsApp is designed for your WhatsApp and WhatsApp business. It can fully back up your chats within only three steps without overwriting the other back up chats or deleting them. Moreover, this tool allows you to restore WhatsApp backup within a click.

Other features of iTransor for WhatsApp are highlighted below:

  • WhatsApp backup is stored on your computer, so you don't have to pay for extra storage.

  • It can back up all WhatsApp data, including chats, media and attachments.

  • The WhatsApp backup created by the program can be viewed, exported and printed.

  • Your WhatsApp backup is stored locally, so there won't be any data loss or data leakage.

Steps on How to Back up WhatsApp by Using iTransor for WhatsApp

Now that we have mentioned the features and how iTransor for WhatsApp can accurately enable you to back up your WhatsApp chats, it is time to see how it works.  First, ensure that you install this program from the iMyfone website and then follow these simple three steps.

windows version Mac version

Step 1 Launch iTransor for WhatsApp on your computer. Next, connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. Ensure that you unlock the screen of your iPhone so that the program can detect your iPhone.  Once your iPhone is detected, click on the "Back up" button. Next, choose the WhatsApp you want to back up, either WhatsApp or WhatsApp for Business.

connect iphone to pc

Step 2 iTransor for WhatsApp will immediately begin to back up your WhatsApp chats. Be patient and ensure that you do not disconnect your iPhone while the program is doing the backup.

back up whatsapp

Step 3 Once iTransor for WhatsApp completes the backup, it will notify you on the screen. Just click on "Done" and safely disconnect your iPhone.

successfully backed up whatsapp