In today's world, WhatsApp Status is the new silent communication method. Using this feature of WhatsApp, people can express themselves in great detail about their thoughts and emotions. The addition of this feature transforms WhatsApp into a full-fledged social networking platform rather than simply a messaging software.

WhatsApp status

But people wonder why their WhatsApp status not showing even if they've stored their friends' phone numbers. This issue arises for a variety of causes. We've come up with some amazing solutions to this problem through our research. Our editor recommends iMyFone WhatsApp data management solutions ChatsBack for WhatsApp recovery and iTransor for WhatsApp transfer. You can try it free now.

Why Is WhatsApp Status Not Showing to Me

Does your WhatsApp status not showing up problem bother you? Your answer is yes, and this is why you are searching for why my status not showing in WhatsApp. This section will examine all of the possible reasons for this issue. 

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Contact List Problem

It's possible that the person whose status you're attempting to view doesn't have your phone number in their contacts. You won't be able to read the status updates of anybody who doesn't have your phone number saved.

Outdate WhatsApp

There are a lot of issues if you haven't updated your WhatsApp application recently. WhatsApp's development staff continuously solves issues and releases new software versions to attract new users.

WhatsApp outdate

Privacy Settings

Your friend may not have saved your phone number in their contact list. Only those we know may see our status updates on WhatsApp because of privacy settings.

Connection Problem

If your network connection isn't working, then something is wrong with it. Low signal strength, a broken router, or other factors could cause. In this case, your WhatsApp status won't be displayed because the poor network connections prevent statuses from loading.

WhatsApp connection error

Blocked by the Contact

Are you thinking about why my status not showing in WhatsApp? Possibly, the person whose status you are attempting to read has blocked you from seeing their updates.

Your Contact Hasn't Set a Profile Photo

If the DP/Profile picture doesn't show, there is nothing to do with the status. But most likely, it's about privacy. There's a chance the DP won't show up for that specific contact. Contact sync problems might potentially cause this.

How to Fix WhatsApp Status Not Showing to Me

I've come up with a list of fixes. If your status not showing in WhatsApp for all contacts, this solution will help you with your problem:

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Check the Contact List

As you may know, WhatsApp requires that you have a list of people you'd want to speak with. You may begin a conversation with one stored contact, but you won't be able to view their profile image or their current status.

To view their display photo or any status updates they have made, you must first have them save your contact to their phone. In cases when both parties have saved the contact information on their phones, their statuses and profile pictures should be shown to the other person.

Please double-check your phones' stored contacts to ensure that both you and your buddy have the contact information you need.

Update WhatsApp

The WhatsApp app must be updated immediately if your app is out-of-date. As soon as you repair the problem, it will display anyone's status updates on your phone.

To get the most current version of WhatsApp:

  • Just visit the Google Play store
  • Search for "WhatsApp"
  • Then click the "update" option.

update WhatsApp

Privacy Settings

Open WhatsApp and click on the menu in order to see your privacy options. Go to settings >> accounts >> privacy >> status), and you'll only see three choices there.

  • My Contacts
  • My contacts expect
  • Only share with

By choosing the first option, you'll make your status visible to everyone in your contact list who uses WhatsApp.

WhatsApp status settings

If you pick the second option, it will be viewable to everyone in your contact list except those you specify.

To keep your status secret, you may pick the third option, which is usually some kind of private mode.

Check the Connection

Check to determine whether you're using your mobile data or Wi-Fi. It's a good idea to restart the Wi-Fi router if you're experiencing problems. Call your network provider if the above doesn't work. So, before making any changes to your WhatsApp app's settings, double-check that you have a working network connection.

Ask Your Contact

The absence of other people's WhatsApp status updates may be due to many factors. Firstly, they didn't save your WhatsApp phone number. Second, they hadn't told you anything about their status. The explanation for this may be found out by speaking with them directly.

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sign in to Google Account

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authorize Google

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prepare environment google drive

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log in whatsapp google drive

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google drive preview

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recover WhatsApp data to pc


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