How to Recover Deleted Photos from WhatsApp on iPhone

Hi. I accidentally deleted my conversations on whatsapp. They are all backed up to iCloud so I deleted the app and reinstalled it to recover them. However, the messages wouldn't restore and only restored the one last message I sent after deleting the conversations. My whatsapp is still saying I have over 240 photos in my iCloud back up - is there any way I can get these back or are they gone forever? Thank you for any help.

WhatsApp messaging app is one of the most downloaded apps across the globe today. iPhone users have embraced this app and use it to send messages, photos, videos and other media files to friends and relatives.  At one point you may organize photos in your WhatsApp conversations and you may delete some of them accidentally. This is bad, but it is even worse if you don't know how to retrieve them. Fret not, in this article we will show you how to recover deleted WhatsApp photos without or from backup.

What should you do when you delete WhatsApp Photos accidentally?

One thing that most iPhone users don't know is that, if you delete data and continue using your iPhone, the space saved by deleting data will be used up. Therefore, when you accidentally delete WhatsApp images, cease from using your iPhone since you may end up overwriting the deleted files. If files are overwritten, it will be impossible to recover the files. Now you know. With that being said let us look at the first method of recovering WhatsApp photos without backup.

1 Recover Deleted Photos from WhatsApp without Backup

If you are caught off guard without a backup in iTunes or iCloud, you can still scan your iPhone and recover the deleted WhatsApp photos. A tool that can powerfully do this for you is iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery. This tool recovers WhatsApp data, including photos, videos, messages and audios, lost through accidental deletion on your iOS device. Before we look at how to use this software, we have highlighted its key features.

iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery (iOS 11/11.1 Supported)

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Key Features:

  • Supports 18+ data types like text messages, WeChat data, voice memos, contacts, notes and more without affacting other data.
  • It allows free trial version you to preview data and selectively recover data from iPhone.
  • iMyFone D-Back recovers data lost due to accidental deletion, virus infection, iOS update failure, etc.
  • Recognized by Cult of Mac, iMyFone D-Back is reliable and has helped millions of iOS users to retrieve data.
  • It supports to fix different iPhone issues, like iPhone keeps restarting, iPhone message send failure, etc
  • It supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 11/10/9/8/7, even the latest iOS 11.1, iOS 11.2.
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    How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos Using iMyFone D-Back

    When you have downloaded the software to your computer, you can follow these easy steps.

    Step 1. Choose "Recover from iOS Device" Mode

    Run iMyFone D-Back and select "Recover from iOS Device" tab on the home window. After that click on "Start" and select the file types you want to recover. Select them including WhatsApp. Next you will have to connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.


    Step 2. Scan Data on Your Computer

    When your iPhone is detected, click "Scan" and iMyFone D-Back will start to scan your iPhone. It will take a while, which depends on the storage of your iPhone.

     Scan Files

    Step 3. Preview and Recover WhatsApp Photos

    After scanning has competed you will see the selected file types being displayed. Go to WhatsApp Attachments and view what has been found. Also, check the App Photos to confirm whether there is any photo you may want to recover. Next, mark on the photos and click on Recover. The photos will be stored on the folder you create on your computer.

    preview whatsapp photos on mac

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    2 Recover WhatsApp Deleted Photos from iCloud backup

    2.1 Restore WhatsApp Chat History from iCloud

    You can recover WhatsApp chat history if you have backed up your WhatsApp messages to iCloud. Here is a simple way to do it on your iPhone.

    Step 1. Open WhatsApp app, and then go to WhatsApp Settings> Chats> Chat Backup and see the date of last backup.

    Step 2. Now go back to home page and delete the WhatsApp app. Hold on it and click on "X" icon on it. Then confirm by clicking "Delete".

    delete the WhatsApp app

    Step 3. Go to App Store and reinstall WhatsApp. Enter your phone number and confirm it on the next step and then tap on "Done" icon. After that tap on "Restore Chat History". The restoration process will commence. Once it is completed you will see the number of messages it has been restored.

    Restore Chat History

    2.2 Selectively Restore Photos from iCloud via iMyFone D-Back

    Step 1. Choose "Recover from iCloud Backup" tab.

    Open the software and click on "Recover from iCloud Backup".

    Recover from iCloud Backup

    What follows is to select file types and then log in to your iCloud account. On the iCloud account, select the appropriate backup file and click on "Next" button.

    log in to your iCloud account

    Step 2. Preview and Restore photos

    Once the backup file has been downloaded and displayed, you can now go through the photos and other files. Mark on the WhatsApp photos you wish to recover and click on "Recover" button.  The files will be recovered on the specified folder on your PC/Mac.

    Preview and Restore photos

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    3 Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos from iTunes backup

    3.1 Restore WhatsApp Photos Using iTunes

    If you have backed up your data with iTunes before accidental deletion, then you can try this method to find the deleted files back:

    Step 1: Open iTunes on the computer which you used to back up your device.

    Step 2: Connect your device to the computer with a USB cable.

    Step 3: Select your iPhone when it appears in iTunes. Click Restore Backup and follow the onscreen instructions to finish the process.

    Restore WhatsApp Photos using iTunes

    3.2 Selectively Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos from iTunes Backup

    You can also use iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery Win or iPhone data recovery Mac to selectively extract deleted WhatsApp pictures from several iTunes backup you made before.

    Step 1. Select Recovery Mode

    Launch the software and choose "Recover from iTunes Backup". Next choose the file types you wish to restore and click "Next".

    Select Recovery Mode

    Step 2. Scan iTunes Backup

    After that a window appears with backup files. Click on the suitable file and click on "Scan" button.

    Scan Files

    Step 3. Preview and Recover WhatsApp Photos

    Now go through the photos found. Check on WhatsApp attachments, App Photos and Photos to see the files you want to restore. Check on each photo and click on "Recover." The files then will be saved on where you define on your computer.

    Preview and Recover WhatsApp Photos

    The Free Trial version of iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery is available to download now. Give it a try!

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