Top 6 Best AI Joke Generators in 2024


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Trying to think of a joke but can't come up with one? Don’t worry, the AI joke generator has taken center stage. They perfectly combine the power of artificial intelligence with humor to create endless fun for you. Just enter a few keywords and they will instantly bring you a series of humorous comments to add more fun and joy to your life.

Let’s explore 6 of the best AI joke generators that are redefining the way we experience and share laughter.

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Part 1. 6 Best AI Joke Generators in 2024

1 Top 1. ChatArt

ChatArt is driven by the most advanced AI models such as GPT-4 Turbo, Claude 3, GPT-4 Vison, Google Gemini, etc. It is a well-designed artificial intelligence chatbot, writing assistant, image generator, and of course it contains an AI joke generator.


Just enter some keywords into it and it will generate a variety of jokes for you. If you are not satisfied with these jokes, you can also improve them with one click, or continue to ask it. You can interact with it via text or voice and get instant answers. It also has an AI writing section that allows you to generate a variety of copywriting, including SEO articles, blogs, poetry, and more. Best of all, it can also create a variety of images for you!


ChatArt Key Features:

  • Have a real-time conversation with AI and get timely answers to various questions.
  • AI writing function helps you generate articles, papers, chat scripts, advertising copy, novels, poetry, etc.
  • Generate various images with one click, including wallpapers, icons, logos, posters, etc.
  • Save valuable content via bookmarks for easy access and use in the future.

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How to Use the ChatArt AI Joke Generator

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Step 1. Go to the web version of ChatArt or open the ChatArt app.

Step 2. Choose the text box at the top or go to the 'AI Chat' section.

Step 3. Enter the prompt and let ChatArt generate some jokes for you. It will respond quickly. Remember the more detailed the instructions, the better the answer.

2 Top 2. is an artificial intelligence joke making tool. It blends computer-generated humor with human emotion to inject fun into various scenarios. With the ai punchline generator you can generate 8 jokes per day for free. If you want to generate more, you can register an account.

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3Top 3. Nichesss

Nichesss AI joke generator free tool, is crafted to bring forth laughter from your audience. As you select a comical topic or keyword, prompting Nichesss to swiftly generate a multitude of personalized joke examples. However, to use it, you need to create a free account. In addition to the AI Jokes Generator, there are over 100 other tools that allow you to generate Quora answers, blog posts, ads, social media content, and so on.

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4Top 4. is a versatile writing assistant that contains more than 200 templates. Among them, you can find an is an Joke Generator. It uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to create hilarious jokes. To get started, just create a free account, then enter a keyword and click "Generate" and get tons of ideas generated by artificial intelligence.


Whether you're seeking amusement with friends or aiming to elicit chuckles from your co-workers, our AI-generated jokes are guaranteed to hit the comedic bullseye. With, the process of generating humorous content has never been more effortless.

5Top 5. Leiizy

Leizy also has a random joke generator that uses artificial intelligence to create specific jokes based on your prompts. It ensures that every joke is unique and original. You just need to choose the type of joke first and then click ‘generate’ to create a customized joke. You can also identify your target audience to ensure that the generated jokes are appropriate and relevant. You can even choose a theme for your joke and give it your personal touch to make the joke truly yours.

6Top 6. Writecream

Writecream is a professional AI writing tool designed to create flawless marketing content and sales emails. But that's just part of it, it also includes a random joke generator that you can try for free, which allows you to generate free jokes and humor in seconds. You can also choose the tone, style or enter a message to believe for customized humor content.

Part 2. FAQs about AI Joke Generator

Q1. What is an AI joke generator?

An AI joke generator is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to create humorous content, such as jokes, punchlines, and one-liners. It combines language patterns and context to produce amusing and entertaining results.

Q2. How does a joke generator AI work?

A joke generator AI employs complex algorithms and language models to analyze existing jokes, patterns, and linguistic structures. It then generates new jokes by mimicking human-like humor and understanding various comedic contexts.

Q3. Can I customize the jokes generated by an AI jokes generator?

Yes, many AI joke makers allow you to input specific topics, keywords, or themes to tailor the generated jokes according to your preferences. This customization adds a personal touch to the humor.

Q4. Are AI-generated jokes always funny?

While AI-generated jokes can be quite amusing, humor is subjective, and not every generated joke will land perfectly. The quality of the jokes depends on the sophistication of the AI model, the dataset it has been trained on, and the individual's sense of humor.

Q5. Where can I find the best AI joke generator?

The best AI joke generator needs to be able to generate multiple hilarious jokes and should be available on a variety of platforms. Here we recommend ChartArt to you. It is suitable for various platforms and has powerful functions. It can not only generate jokes but also articles, advertising copy, poems, pictures, etc. Best of all, it offers a free plan and requires no registration.

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In Conclusion

In short, these 6 AI joke generators each have their own characteristics and can generate interesting joke content for you. They help to enhance the joy of work and life and increase the joy of interpersonal communication. Although they currently have certain limitations, as technology continues to advance, I believe they will become more and more powerful in the future. Pick one that interests you and get started!

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