ChatGPT-4’s New AI Chatbot Competitor: Anthropic's Claude 3


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Open AI released the 1st generation of Chat GPT on Nov. 30th, 2022, and raised a boom in AI tech. After that, a lot of players are attracted by the race to develop advanced AI tech.

Google joined the AI chatbot area on Dec. 6th, 2023 by introducing a comparable technology.

On Mar. 15th, 2023, Open AI updated the ChatGPT version to ChatGPT-4 which has been regarded as the most powerful chatbot technology since its release. Another highly performing AI chatbot Claude came out in early 2023. The 2nd generation of Claude also gained over 350000 waitlist sign-ups.

Although the leading artificial intelligence companies have been distracted from one controversy after another, AI technology continues to develop at a remarkable pace.

March 4th, 2024, Anthropic AI announced Claude 3 – the latest member of AI models and its Claude family. Claude 3 is claimed to set new industry benchmarks across a wide range of cognitive tasks by Anthropic. It seems that it has become the new competitor of ChatGPT-4. Who will get the leadership position in the AI chatbot area?

Claude 3 from Anthropic

In this article:

Part 1: Claude 3 Introduction

Claude 3 consists of 3 different models: Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku with a descending order of capability, performance, and cost which decide their specific application. All models have impressive capabilities in the realm of content creation, and code generation and even carry conversations in multiple languages.

Comparison of Claude 3 family

1 Haiku

Described as "Light and Fast", the fastest and most cost-effective model Haiku is aimed to help users solve lightweight requirements. As expected, it gets the lowest performance among the 3 AI chat models in the Claude family.


  • Input: US$0.25 / Million Words
  • Output: US$1.25 / Million Words


  • Customer Interaction – Provide accurate support and translation in real-time chat
  • Content Review – Find risk and request for customer
  • Save Cost – Logistic Optimization, Warehouse Management, etc

2 Sonnet

Claimed as a "Hard-working" role, Sonnet, the middle ground model of Haiku and Opus, takes a good balance of intelligence and speed which can effectively manage high-throughout tasks.


  • Input: US$3 / Million Words
  • Output: US$15 / Million Words


  • Data Processing – Search for specific data in a large database
  • Marketing – Promote product and generate forecast
  • Save time for Task – Coding, quality control projects, and text extraction from image

3 Opus

As we can conclude from the graph above, Opus is outperforming the other 2 Claude 3 members in every aspect like analysis, mathematics, coding, and common knowledge. Opus is designed to help users handle complicated analysis, longer tasks with complex steps and math as well as coding tasks with its outstanding near-human comprehension.


  • Input: US$15 / Million Words
  • Output: US$75 / Million Words


  • Task Automation: Execute complex operations in API and database
  • R&D: Create reviews and new ideas for research
  • Strategy: Analyze complicated graphics and charts, predict economic market trends

All 3 models are tested and proved to be faster and more intelligent than the previous version of Claude. According to Anthropic, Sonnet and Opus are available to use on

Part 2: Limitations of Claude 3

According to early Claude 3 users, it performs well for instructional tasks or answering factual questions. But it sometimes struggles with mathematical and complex reasoning questions. There are also instances of biased responses.

Claude 3 is also currently the most expensive model on the market, but there will be a discussion of providing more affordable plans soon.

Part 3: ChatGPT-4 New Competitor Comparison

There is no doubt that users will make comparisons between Claude and other AI chatbots, especially ChatGPT-4. Anthropic has considered it and made it for us.

As seen in the chart, Claude 3 Opus beats its competitors including ChatGPT-4. In aspect tests, even Sonnet and Haiku also get an achieved result. The numbers show the Claude 3 family win ChatGPT-4 across the chart on all 10 benchmarks. In other words, Claude 3 is competent to be a main opponent with ChatGPT-4.

comparison of Claude 3 and chatgpt4

Another key feature of Claude 3 also drives a giant gap is the word count. The context window provided by Claude 3 is 200K while the one of ChatGPT-4 is 32K. However, when it comes to the payment part, Claude 3 does not provide free services. It charges customers 0.25 to 15 dollars / million input and 1.25 to 75 dollars/ million output based on the usage of Claude 3 models.

Part 4: How to Enjoy Claude 3 Service

Step 1: Visit the official site of Claude: and log in with your email or Google account.

Go to Claude's official site and register

Step 2: Go to your mailbox and find out the temporary login code sent by Claude. Paste the code to the related position.

Step 3: Verify with a phone number.

Verify Claude AI 3 account with phone number

Step 4: Input your data like name, nickname, etc. And agree on the terms of Claude.

Step 5: Finish the registration and chat with the Claude 3.

Part 5: More AI Chat Tools

However, Claude 3 provides services to only 159 areas and locations which means most areas and countries are not supported. Want to enjoy the AI chat service? Here are some useful and popular AI Chat Tools that can bring us a new level of efficiency and creativity.

1. ChatArt

ChatArt is a creative AI writing App powered by ChatGPT. The app seamlessly integrates an AI assistant that can engage in real-time conversational Q&A as well as generate tailored copywriting for various life and work situations.

AI chatbot- Chatart


  • Quick experience - Get real-time conversational responses from the AI assistant anytime.
  • Free-flowing conversations - Have intelligent, natural chats that flow smoothly.
  • Themed copywriting - Access presets for frequently-needed content like chat scripts, marketing copies, articles, reports, and more.
  • Personalized content- Get customized writings tailored to your specific needs with just a few clicks.
  • Emotional analysis - Get personal insights and analysis on emotional topics.
  • Speech to Text - ChatArt can support voice recognition, allowing you to communicate with AI by voice conveniently.


  • Free trial: three times per day
  • 1-Month Plan: $6.99
  • 1-Quarter Plan: $13.99
  • 1-Year Plan: $23.99
  • Lifetime Plan: $59.99


  • Provides various use cases and text creation modules for different scenarios
  • Real-time Q&A response
  • Can generate different types of copywriting such as chat scripts, ads, novels, poetry, blogs, work reports, dream analysis, etc.
  • Supports bookmarking and sharing to save and distribute content


  • Limited free trials every day
  • Less flexibility compared to open-source platforms

iMyFone ChatArt

  • Engage in real-time Q&A with AI and obtain quick and accurate answers.
  • Select different text creation modules according to scenario needs.
  • Generate chat scripts, ad copy, novel, poetry, blogs, work reports, dream analysis, etc.
  • Save and bookmark your favorite conversations and content for easy access later.

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iMyFone ChatArt

2. OpenAI's ChatGPT

Built by OpenAI, ChatGPT utilizes a language model trained on a diverse range of internet text to generate human-like text. It's a valuable tool for drafting emails, writing articles, creating engaging social media posts, and even scripting. Its ability to understand and respond to prompts accurately makes it one of the best AI writing assistants available.

Pricing Plans: OpenAI has a subscription plan known as ChatGPT Plus. It costs $20/month and provides general access to ChatGPT, even during peak times, and faster response times.


The publication of Claude 3 attracts lots of attention to AI tech. Will Open AI update a new version to regain the leadership position recently? It is magical to see.

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