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Create New Story Ideas with Best Free AI Story Generator


4 mins read

New story ideas do not come to our minds frequently. For many story writers, thinking out some creative and attractive story ideas is not so easy especially when they are creating stories. At this moment, you may want an assistant to generate good and new story ideas continuously.

Here are some AI story generators that carry AI tech to make your wish real. Through AI-created stories on specified themes, we may get inspired by some strange but creative ideas. Following we will introduce some best free AI story generators for your test and help you generate new story ideas effortlessly.


Recommendations of Best Free AI Story Generators For Good Story Ideas:

Generating an attractive and creative story is not so easy cause we are not able to have so many ideas at any time or any themes. Sometimes, it is a good idea to draw support from some tools with AI tech to help us think out of the box which may inspire some new story ideas.

Option 1: ChatArt – Free and No Signup Requirement

Carries different AI models, including ChatGPT-3.5, advanced ChatGPT-4, and the powerful advanced ChatGPT-4 Turbo, ChatArt can satisfy different text creation needs, like an essay, marketing promotion, poem, blog posts, etc. Also, you can find some creative and unique story ideas and plots that have not been found by other novel writers from the AI-generated story.


  • No signup requirement.
  • bCarries various AI tech models ChatGPT-3.5, 4, and advanced Turbo version.
  • Real-time Q&A and AI-generated passage provides you with great and creative ideas.
  • Different content creation templates are provided.
  • Users can define keywords, outline, tone, and word count for the output passage.


  • The free version gets a trial limitation.

How to Find Story Ideas from the ChatArt-Generated Story

Method 1: Novel Generator

Step 1: Go to ChatArt.

Step 2: Find Novel Generator in the Library.

Use Novel Generator function in ChatArt

Step 3: Input related factors of your story in the content window and click Generate.

Input story related content in content window

Method 2: Article Generator Function

Step 1: Go to ChatArt.

Step 2: Go to function AI Writer, Article Writer & Seoer, and choose Article Generator.

The main interface of the AI Writer function in ChatArt

Step 3: Input the topic of your story and click Generate to let AI generate the passage on your topic.

Tips: If you get keywords and outline ideas, you can click and input in related areas.

Input topic and related items in ChatArt AI Writer

Step 4: Enjoy the story and find any creative and useful ideas for your story.

Option 2: AI Story Generator from EditPad

Being one of the most widely-used story generators, AI Story Generator from EditPad+ claims that it is with the AI tech and users just need to input the topic, and set the length, story type, and creativity type for story generation. However, it often gets stuck after users click the Write Story button, which greatly impacts the user experience.

Story generator from Editpad


  • Online use.
  • No need to resign from any service.
  • Support to set length, story, and creativity types.


  • Get stuck and no out finally.
  • Can not edit content.

Option 3: AI Story Generator

AI Story Generator, as its name suggests, can help you get more creative ideas based on your story topic. Users just need to input the theme of the story to output the content.

main interface of AI story generator


  • Easy to use.
  • Free.


  • The output content is short.
  • Can not set the desired story types and person.
  • Ads appear when using.
  • Can not set or adjust for the tone, and story type.
  • Does not support any other language besides English.

Option 4: AI Story Generator from ToolBaz

AI Story Generator from ToolBaz, another worth story creator, just provides limited functions in story generation which does not equip the real AI tech. Users can just input the outline of the story then the tool will finish the rest of the part. It can not help us much if we want to find some creative or good story plots or ideas.

AI story generator from Toolbaz


  • Support multiple languages.


  • Ads appear when using.
  • Not equipped the effective AI tech.


After using and searching customers' feedback, we found that the Story Creator in iMyFone ChatArt matches and satisfies their needs best. And so does the output of iMyFone ChatArt.

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