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With the help of AI tech, product management has revolutionized the whole world. AI brings product management to an unprecedented level of efficiency, customization, and effectiveness. Being the product marketer and manager, you may have acknowledged that AI can generate product information like product descriptions, copywriting for different platforms, slogans, and product features. All these can drive the sales of products in a short time. How to make full use of AI tech in product management? Follow us.

AI Product Manager for product manager

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Part 1: Role of AI in Product Management

With the rise of TikTok, Shein, Shopee, and the traditional online shopping platform Amazon, it is more and more convenient for customers to place orders online. As we can see from the chart below, the amount of e-commerce sales keeps going up by year. In 2024, product managers still need to focus on optimizing products and exploring new ones to capture the attention of potential consumers.

E-commerce retail sales by year

However, taking care of all product aspects from description, and slogan to after-sales service is a time-consuming and challenging task. Here, AI product managers come for help. By analyzing vast data of customer information, market trends, and competitor strategies, an AI-powered system can customize product descriptions, ad copies, and slogans for the target audience. Finally, helps you boost the sales of your products on online shopping platforms.

Part 2: What Can the AI Product Manager Do

You should not underestimate the importance of product descriptions, slogans, ad copies, and product images. These factors play a key factor in capturing the attention of potential customers and convincing them to purchase your products. But mastering all these factors at the same time is difficult. Drawing support from an AI product manager could be a good choice. It can help you to generate text content to fulfill all product promotion requirements.

Followings text content types are included but not limited to:

  • Product descriptions
  • Product features
  • Product slogans
  • Product images
  • Product reviews
  • Ad copies for different online shopping platforms

Part 3: Benefits of Using AI Product Manager

Implementing AI product managers in your daily marketing strategy offers numerous benefits for your business:

Save time and resources: The AI product manager can generate product descriptions, ad copies, and slogans, even product shot ideas according to the analysis of the market. You are free from everyday brainstorming about how to generate creative and eye-catching content for your products.

Accuracy Improvement: AI generates product-related content based on a huge amount of customer data, market trends, and competitors. The contents are generated to help your product attract the potential customer in a better and more accurate way, resulting in high conversion rates.

Optimization ideas: Generations of AI product managers provide some unique perspectives and recommendations to help us optimize products and market strategies.

Part 4: All-in-one AI Product Manager Takes Care of Your Products

Among so many AI product managers, only a few of them with embedded AI technology provide all the product management tools that we have mentioned above. ChatArt, the most popular AI product manager, has helped thousands of product managers in different product management situations.


ChatArt Key Features:

  • Engage in real-time Q&A with AI and obtain quick and accurate answers.
  • Select different text creation modules according to scenario needs.
  • Generate chat scripts, ad copy, novel, poetry, blogs, work reports, dream analysis, etc.
  • Save valuable content via bookmarking for easy future access and use.

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Available for :

1 AI Product Manager

Product Manager in AI Writer of ChatArt can help you generate product descriptions, slogans, features, and functional descriptions for your different products.

Step 1: Go to ChatArt.

Step 2: Select Product Manager in AI Writer.

Choose AI product manager function in ChatArt

Step 3: Select the desired text content function you need. Input product features, keywords, and style and target platform to generate text content.

(Here we take Product Description Generator as an example.)

Input product-related content to AI product managers

2 Products' Marketing

Besides the product information generator, ChatArt can also generate Ad copies and product reviews for you.

Step 1: Open ChatArt.

Step 2: Go to the Marketing & Advertising function in AI Writer of ChatArt.

Marketing functions of AI Product Manager in ChatArt

Step 3: Select the function you want and input the required information to the related content window. Click Generate and AI Product Manager in ChatArt will make the text for you.

3 Image Creation

Generate Product Images with the All-in-one AI Product Manager of ChatArt

Step 1: Open ChatArt.

Step 2: Go to the AI Image function. Select the Product Poster template.

Generate product image with AI product manager

Step 3: Input the image description in the related content window and click Generate. Wait for the creative AI-generated product images.

Generate product image via AI product manager


With the AI product manager, optimizing the existing products and releasing new ones will become easier. No need to waste time brainstorming for them, you can focus more on the product’s R&D and other marketing issues. Finally, boost the sales of all your products. However, we should not rely everything on AI product managers. We can only regard it as an assistant. Now get the all-in-one AI Product Manager in ChatArt and make greater achievements in your business!

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