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iMyFone iBypasser

( Reviewed by 130 Users )

User Reviews of iMyFone iBypasser

iMyFone iBypasser is a top-rated bypass tool which helps users easily and quickly bypass the activation lock from their iOS devices.

  • By Félix 2020-05-12

    Buenas disculpe quisiera saber antes de realizar la compra del servicio iBypasser el equipo queda funcional para realizar llamadas telefónicas veo los planes de compras y entiendo que el plan de 1 mes $39.95 significa que en ese periodo si no lo restauro o lo actualizo al pasar ese mes tengo que volver a pagar es correcto, o se vence el Bypass que se le realiza al teléfono, Este servio aplica para actualizar via OT el ios a la ultima versión y no pierde el bypass con llamadas.

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi, the activation lock screen will appear again if you restart devices running iOS 13.3 and versions above or reset your device after bypassing. You can use iBypasser on the same device for unlimited times before the license expires.

  • By qinziyang 2020-05-10

    Bypass the activation lock, can you call normally?

    iMyFone replied:

    After bypassing activation lock with iMyFone iBypasser, the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch will be jailbroken. You can access the device again for daily use except for the function of phone call, cellular and iCloud of your new Apple ID.

  • By Hassen 2020-05-10


    iMyFone replied:

    Hi Hassen, iBypasser does not support iPhone 5C. You might need to find other solutions.

  • By Bally yahaya 2020-05-07

    ok that\'s so cool to hear, what people said, this is rubbish you have to work harder to your tools done, if this company a ready to sell software let me know, cause me i don\'t believe it all the software stop on ios 10 and lower? ios 11.4 to 13 not surport at all

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi Bally, iBypasser supports iPhone 5S to iPhone X running iOS 12.3 and later versions (iOS 12.4.5 & 12.4.6 excluded).

  • By Salih 2020-05-06

    This bypass tool the best in the world, but it should be window version too please i used my friend MAC to run it

  • By Jijo 2020-05-06

    My I phone six s was lost some one break the password and once we found the phone he suddenly return it to my table but it’s shows everything I lost I sign in again but no photos and no data very sad 29 yrs my father take care of me and my brother when I reach home the same day he pass after 4 yrs abroad life and my father photos was there so many and his voice in WhatsApp while I feel lonly I was listening it I dnt know what shall I do now

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi Jijo, if you have any problems with the software, feel free to contact support through . Our support specialist will help.

  • By Alexander Msasa Phiri 2020-05-06

    am about to download this software and see what is gonna quastion is ,is it a free to unlock program or it needs some bank details?

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi Alexander, iMyFone iBypasser trial version lets you see the function and check if your device is supported as well as install jailbreak on your device. You need to purchase a license to use the full version to bypass the iCloud activation lock screen.

  • By Iphone 7 Sang 2020-05-03

    Hi ước gi bypass window

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi, the Windows version has been released. Please visit to download the trial.

  • By abc 2020-05-02

    this is helpful

  • By Ghilass 2020-05-01

    Bonjour j ai de Mac si possible j ai besoin de version windows et merci beaucoup

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi, the Windows version has been released. Please visit to download the trial.

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