Is my phone being tracked? Suspect your phone has spyware installed?

Sometimes I feel like my phone is a little weird: the phone picks up with a humming noise, or the battery suddenly runs out of power.

spy on phone

In addition to the reasons for the failure of the mobile phone itself, you need to know that these may be signs that the mobile phone is being monitored!

It is very important to check whether the phone is being monitored, whether it is an iOS or Android phone, it may be a victim! This article will walk you through how to know someone is spying on my phone, and how to avoid or resolve this crisis to protect your privacy while being monitored.

Pat 1: 10 Common Signs to Know the Phone is being Tracked

01 The Battery is Draining Fast

A rapid battery drain is considered the most likely signal to be spyware installed, and we're not talking about normal battery drain after a long time on the phone, or the rapid battery drain that happens when you can't receive a signal.

But in normal use, because the monitoring software is running in the background, the battery usage of the phone suddenly drops when it is not in use. Observe the normal battery consumption rate of your phone to see whether the phone is being monitored.

02 Automatic Restart for No Reason

Most smartphones reboot only when you manually press the restart command.

If your phone suddenly turns on automatically for no reason, or falls into an endless cycle of restarts, be aware that someone could be watching your iPhone or Android device.

03 The Phone is Getting Very Hot

This is one of the most common signals of being monitored.

Just as you get hot from playing a game or using your phone for too long, executing in the background makes your phone feel like someone is running it constantly, causing it to heat up slowly and continuously.

04 Strange Sound during the Call

The technology now is less prone to interference affecting call quality. If you hear a strange sound in the middle of a conversation, it could be a sign that your smart phone is being monitored.

05 Difficult to Power off the Phone

If you encounter any difficulty in trying to shut down the machine, the spyware beacon will light up.

06 Unfamiliar Applications Appear

If you find an App on your phone that is not downloaded by yourself, be careful that it is installed remotely by someone else.

07 Strange Search History

Checking your phone's search history regularly can also help you find clues that you're not being watched.Checking your phone's search history regularly can also help you find clues that you're not being watched.

If you have strange websites, unused keywords, or downloads, be aware that you have spyware installed.

08 Phones are Getting Slower

Sudden performance gaps, memory being occupied by unknown data or storage problems could be caused by spyware monitoring your phone and taking up memory space, and your phone will be getting slowly.

09 Strange and Meaningless Text Messages

Receive messages with symbols you can't read, or your friends or other parties report receiving strange or offensive messages from your mobile phone, in addition to unfamiliar numbers?

Once a link is clicked to access these messages, the likelihood that the phone will be monitored increases dramatically.

10 Unknown Activity in Standby Mode

Does the screen of your mobile phone light up or vibrate for no reason when receiving an unusual notification? It is likely that the phone screen or camera is being monitored.

Above, how many similar situations have you encountered? Just relax. Here's how to remove your phone surveillance.

Part 2: How to Remove the Monitor on Phone

What should you do when you find your phone being spied? How to solve this problem? We will remove illegal smart phone monitoring for you through the following 7 methods.

1 Change the Mobile Phone GPS Location

Many apps now use location to track users' movements, so you can use virtual location to protect your real location from third parties who want to track you. Use your phone to modify your location to prevent others from spying on your phone.

iMyFone AnyTo, a GPS spoofer, one of the best applications available, can instantly change your GPS location and stop others apps like Whatsapp spying on your phone.

  • Support iOS 16 and Android 5.0-12.0.
  • One click to modify your mobile phone location easily anti - surveillance for Zenly, Snapchat, and other location-based software.
  • Simulate movement to protect privacy.
  • The interface is simple and easy to operate.

Watch Video Tutorial to Fake GPS Location on Your iPhone

(Note: If you have installed iMyFone AnyTo on the computer, drag the video bar to 0:46 to skip the downloading and installation part.)

change mobile GPS location

Steps to Follow

Step 1.Install Anyto, then hit Get Started on its main interface to continue.

pokemon go joystick ios no jailbreak

Step 2.Plug your phone into the computer and hit Trust on the pop-up tab for successful connection.

connect ios device

Step 3.The program will now load the world map. Click on the Teleport icon and select any location on the map.

4 select destination

Step 4.Just hit Move to teleport to that location. All the location-based games and apps on your iPhone will also show this new location.

5 change location with 1 click

2 Battery Detection

For an Android phone with a replaceable battery, you can test different batteries to see if they consume the same amount of power. For an iPhone, you can book a repair center to test them for you.

In addition, iOS 16 users can take advantage of a new privacy feature that alerts you to being monitored when using their lens or microphone, with a green dot for lens use detection and an orange dot for microphone use.

dots on the phone

3 Install Antivirus Software

If you are using the Android system, you can use antivirus security software to find out if you have installed spyware or other malicious software, while iPhone users cannot use scanning software, but don't worry, if it is a computer worm type, it is mainly aimed at Android devices.

The following are 6 frequently recommended antivirus software, which can be downloaded from Google play. Most of them include free and paid versions. Generally, the free version already includes scanning and assisting to remove monitoring functions, which is practical for most people.

antivirus software

Download the software from Google play. After installation, it will scan automatically. If there is any abnormality, it will automatically detect and jump out of the notification.

4 Set Application Permissions

The iPhone has a variety of options for positioning settings, and iOS 16 can use the "fuzzy positioning" function: only allowing apps to get your approximate location, not your exact location. In this way, it will be impossible to obtain more information of the user through the location information, thereby effectively preventing the mobile phone from being monitored.

Operation steps: Open Settings > Privacy > Location Services > select the application > select one of the preferences.

antivirus software

The Android system can also set the positioning selection of the application through the mobile phone.

Operation steps: Settings > Privacy > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Permission Manager

permission settings

5 Change Google Play or iCloud Password

Steps to change Google Play password: Open your Google account, go to Settings > System management > Google > Security.

change google play password

Steps to change your iCloud password: Open Settings > click your account name > Password & Security > Change Password, follow the on-screen instructions to update your password.

change icloud password

6 Check and Delete the Unknown App

Check your phone's software regularly. If you find software that you didn't download and install, you need to uninstall and delete it, because this may be a key tool for others to monitor your phone.

7 Return to Original Factory Settings

This is a last resort, accepting a phone reset means that all apps will be deleted, which is generally not recommended.

But if you can't remove the phone from being monitored, you can try this method, which is the most thorough operation.


Please back up important data first.

Part 3: FAQs about Mobile Phone Surveillance

1 How do I know if I have a spy app on my phone?

Check whether these problems are encountered by observing the power consumption of the mobile phone, body temperature, operating speed, call noise, etc.; or you can use anti-malware software to scan.

2 Will the phone be remotely monitored?

Yes, the cloud can remotely control your mobile phone through daily downloads or any mobile phone activities, and then conduct data theft, monitoring, monitoring and other behaviors.

3 Is there surveillance software that can check if a phone has been tapped?

There are some anti-spyware apps on the market today that can help detect eavesdropping. The following are the recommended apps for iOS and Android.

  • Lockdown, this app is the best anti-surveillance software for iPhone devices.
  • Spyware Detectort, designed for Android, is an all-in-one application that automatically detects and uninstalls potential spyware.


The problem of mobile phone monitoring is introduced here. From the methods mentioned above, I really recommend iMyFone AnyTo to you. I hope that through this article, I can give you some tips and help to prevent mobile phones from being monitored and monitored by criminals.