Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps for both Android and iOS users. Its ease of use, significant match pool, and sleek design make it an excellent option for people looking to hook up, find a date, or find a serious relationship. By default, Tinder uses your GPS position to find matches in your area. However, you can give Tinder a fake location so you can chat with people anywhere around the world!

If being able to talk with people anywhere around the world sounds appealing to you, let's dive into why you'd want to fake GPS Tinder and how you would change Tinder location.

Why Would Users Like to Change Tinder Location?

Tinder uses your GPS location by default, and, for an app focused on matching people, this seems to make logical sense. Presumably, you'd want to see matches close to you instead of ones in a different city or country. However, there are a few reasons why users might want to give Tinder a fake location.

  • You're traveling. It's no secret that people use Tinder to find companions when traveling. Maybe you're spending a couple of months in Europe, and you want to meet some folks over there. When you change Tinder location, you'll be able to see what your dating prospects will be before you make the trip!
  • You're moving, or you're considering moving. The dating scene between New York, for example, and Los Angeles is quite significant. If you're single and looking at moving from one city to another, being able to find dates will be necessary. By having a fake GPS for Tinder, you'll be able to check out the scene before you make this life-altering decision.
  • Your local matches have run out. If you live in a small town, you may have already exhausted your available dating pool and need to branch out. When you give Tinder a fake location, you can see matches further away.
  • You don't want people you know to find you on Tinder. If you're worried about friends and colleagues seeing your profile, you can always set your location to a region further away so you can still meet people, without risking your boss finding out.

Fake GPS Location on tinder

How to Fake Tinder Location on iOS Devices

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you're in luck! You'll be able to fake GPS for Tinder easily. There are 3 ways to fool your device into thinking you are somewhere else in the world: iMyFone AnyTo, Tinder Passport, and using Cydia apps.

The chart below provides a quick summary of each feature's requirements, difficulty, and time to complete.

Methods and Features
iOS 14 or Below
iOS 11 or above
iOS 11 or Below
5 Minutes
10 Minutes
1 Hour, including time to jailbreak

1 Change GPS Location on Tinder by iMyFone AnyTo

The fastest and easiest way to change Tinder location, by far, is to use iMyFone AnyTo. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10, this beautiful software allows anyone, regardless of technical skill, to set their iOS 7.0+ device's GPS location to be anywhere in the world. If you want to make your iPhone think you're in Brazil, with a couple of clicks, you can trick your device into thinking you're there!

1,000,000+ Downloads

The impressive features of iMyFone AnyTo

  • Quickly fake Tinder GPS location in 1 click so that you can start matching with people elsewhere in the world in a matter of minutes.
  • Change Tinder Location without jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad.
  • Work on all iPhone, including the latest iPhone 11 series; Support all iOS versions, including iOS 14.
  • Work with all location-based applications, like Pokemon Go, Snapchat and Google map,etc.

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iMyFone AnyTo is so simple to use to fool Tinder with a fake location that it only takes 4 steps.

Step 1.Use the site to download and launch iMyFone AnyTo. A welcome screen will appear, and click “Get started”.

launch anyto application

Step 2.It should prompt you to connect your iOS device. Please do so. Once you connect the device, the iOS map should load.

connect iOS device to PC

Step 3.Click on the “Teleport” icon in the upper-right corner. Type the location where you want Tinder to think you are in the upper-left text box. Or you can choose the place by zooming in or out the map.

choose teleport mode and select a destination

Step 4.A “Move” button should appear. Click on that. Your iPhone's GPS should instantaneously teleport to the location you selected.

change location on iPhone

You can verify this teleportation worked by going to Apple Maps or by launching Tinder.

change location on tinder

Now you can find new friends at your selected place. Enjoy dating with people you want on Tinder!

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2 Spoof Tinder Location by Tinder Passport

Another way to change your Tinder location is to use Tinder Passport. Tinder officially supports this feature, and, much like iMyFone AnyTo, it lets you select any location in the world. You can then begin receiving matches and chatting as if you were really in that area.

If you'd still prefer to pay for and use Tinder Passport, changing your location is very easy to do within the app.

Step 1: Tap the profile icon on Tinder. Open "Settings", and click "Swiping in My Current Location".

swiping in location

Step 2: Scroll down and look for "Add a a new location". Tap that.

Add a a new location

Step 3: Choose a new place that you want to go in the search bar.

Step 4: Click the blue banner to fake your Tinder GPS location.

Your profile can be visible to new users in your selected location. Now you can start chatting with people in your virtual location!


  • Tinder Passport is different in two critical areas. First, Tinder Passport only applies to the Tinder app itself. If switching your location would be useful for other apps (games, regionally-restricted content, etc.), Tinder Passport won't help you.
  • The other area is the cost. Tinder Passport costs $9.99 per month at a minimum, which is approximately $120 per year. By contrast, iMyFone AnyTo costs half that for a lifetime plan!
  • 3 Change Tinder Location by Cydia Apps

    If you're willing to jailbreak your iPhone, one option to give Tinder a fake location is through Cydia apps. There are a few Cydia apps that accomplish this, but one of the more popular ones is the "Anywhere!" app. The app's language is in Chinese, but it's so straightforward that anyone should be able to follow what to do.

    If you have a jailbroken device and can install "Anywhere!" here are the steps to use it to fake GPS Tinder.

    Step 1: From the app's main screen, navigate to your preferred location.

    Step 2: Tap on the location you want. A red pin will drop.

    Step 3: Tap the blue tab on the next screen.

    Step 4: Choose all the apps for which you want a fake location (of course, include Tinder in this list!).

    select app to fake location

    Step 5: Tap the upper-right corner. There should be two words there.

    Step 6: Open Tinder. You should see the location updated, as well.

    use cydia app to fake location

    Your profile can be visible to new users in your selected location. Now you can start chatting with people in your virtual location!

    How to Spoof Tinder Location on Android Devices

    So far, all the above recommendations were for iOS devices. If you're on an Android device, you can still spoof your location on Tinder!

    1 Change Tinder GPS by Tinder APK

    Much like the iOS version of Tinder, one option is to set the location is within the APK itself. The Android version of the popular app also supports Tinder Passport. For a fee (which is at least $9.99 per month), you can set your matching location within Tinder and meet people all over the world.

    Using this feature is quite simple. There are a few steps required to enable it (assuming, of course, you're already at least a Tinder Plus subscriber).

    Step 1: Go to app "Settings". Look for the "Discovery Settings" section.

    look for discovery settings

    Step 2: There's going to be an "Add Location" link. Tap that.

    Step 3: Enter your new location details.

    add a new location

    Step 4: Once you complete that, Tinder will use the updated location for all matches.

    There are a few pros and cons to this approach.


    • Tinder Passport is simple and straightforward.
    • It's a supported feature of Tinder, which means that it will never break and stop working.


    • Tinder Passport can be only used on Tinder App, not all social platforms.
    • Tinder Passport is not cheap! Adding another at least $10 a month subscription is challenging.
    • When you reset a new location, your distance will show up to those matches as being whatever the distance is between your passport location and where you actually physically are.

    2 Fake Tinder Location by Fake GPS App

    Android users have another option for faking their Tinder location. They can use an app right on the phone to select the position and "magically" teleport them there. One appealing aspect of Android is that this solution does not require root access to your device. You can leave it as is!

    If you're interested in using a fake GPS app, here are the steps to do so!

    Step 1: Find and download one of the fake GPS apps from the Play Store. There are a few of them around!

    Step 2: Go to the "Settings" menu on your Android. And go to "Developer Options" and turn it on.

    Step 3: You should find a setting to the effect of "Allow mock locations". Toggle that on.

    Allow mock locations

    Step 4: Tap on the "Select mock location app" option. And select your fake GPS app.

    ASelect mock location app

    Step 5: Go to "Settings -> Location". Then select the "Location mode" and change it to GPS only.

    Step 6: Open Tinder. You should see yourself in the new location!

    How does this approach compare to using the Tinder APK? There are a few pros and cons.


    • It's free! This option doesn't require any money.
    • It's a supported feature of Tinder, which means that it will never break and stop working.


    • As this is not Tinder-supported, nor is it faking location at the OS level, it's susceptible to breaking. Tinder is frequently adjusting the Android app to detect these types of hacks.
    • It's a little bit of a complicated setup!


    For iOS users, iMyFone AnyTo is the best solution. It's the most cost-effective way to give Tinder a fake location. It's effective in changing location and can be used for other applications as well. To change Tinder location on your iPhone or iPad, use the solution from iMyFone AnyTo.

    However, for Android users, even though it might cost $120 per year, the best solution is to pay for Tinder Plus. While you might be lucky and the fake GPS Tinder apps work, they are not as reliable as Tinder Passport, and you may find yourself spending significant time fighting with the location-setting APKs.

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