"Is my smartphone being spied by someone?"

This is the most common question that鈥檚 bugging every smartphone user of these days. Ever since Google and Facebook were accused of tracking user鈥檚 daily Internet activities, people have become extra curious about who else is tracking them. The truth is smartphone tracking has become a trend these days. So, today, we鈥檙e going to share a couple of effective tips on how to stop someone from spying or tracking your phone and keep your privacy intact.

Part 1: Is My Phone Being Spied?

First of all, let鈥檚 take a look at the signs that tell if your smartphone is being tracked or not.

is your phone being spied

1 Battery Drains Too Quickly

Rapid battery drain is the biggest indication of the presence of a spyware application on your smartphone. Spyware apps run in the background. Even when your smartphone is idle, these apps will be doing their job silently and consume power. It means that a sudden drop in the phone鈥檚 battery backup clearly indicates the presence of a spyware application.

2 Unusual Restarts on Your Smartphone

Always remember that your smartphone will never restart until you manually press the 鈥淩estart鈥 button. Whether you鈥檙e using iOS or Android, the smartphone will never restart on its own. So, unexpected frequent restarts are an indication that someone is hampering with your smartphone鈥檚 functionality and might be stealing your personal information.

3 Your Smartphone is Heating Up Unnecessarily

This is one of the most common signals that鈥檒l tell you that a third-party is spying on your smartphone via a spyware app. Since spyware applications run in the background, they put too much load on the processor. As a result, the smartphone will start heating up, even when it鈥檚 kept idle.

4 Strange Sounds While on Call

When you are speaking with someone on the call and you experience any odd sounds in between, chances are your device is being tracked. The signal connections have been greatly evolved these days and unlike past, no such disturbance occurs during the call that can hamper the call quality. If you happen to hear such odd things, it is quite possible that you should take a step ahead in investigate by whom you鈥檙e being tapped.

5 Troublesome Turning Off Device

In case you鈥檙e facing any difficulty while shutting down the device, it cannot be a good indication. The reason might be the background operations of the spy app or software is running in the device. and hence, it can imply that someone is keeping tabs on you.

So, if you鈥檝e been noticing similar strange behavior on your smartphone, continue reading, the next section will help you understand how to prevent people from spying on your phone.

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Part 2: 4 Ways to Prevent People from Spying on Your Phone

Now, you might wonder how to prevent people from spying on your phone? Don't worry, in the rest of this article, we will provide you 4 useful methods to help you block someone from spying on your phone.

Method 1: Spoof Location to Stop Someone from Spying on My Phone

Usually, people will track your smartphone to know your location. Even tech giants like Google and Facebook want to know the user鈥檚 every movement on the map. So, if you鈥檙e only worried about people knowing your whereabouts, you can simply install a location-spoofing app on your device and use it to change its GPS location.

Using a Geo-spoofing will help you trick the spyware app easily and hide your real location. You can easily find dedicated geo-spoofing apps for both Android and iPhone. To make it easier, we鈥檝e found the best location spoofing apps (for iOS and Android) that鈥檒l help you change your GPS location instantly.

Stop Spying Using iMyFone AnyTo on iOS Device

iMyFone AnyTo is an exclusive location spoofing app for iOS users, it's widely compatible with most iOS devices even the latest iOS 14 system. With a dedicated 鈥淭eleport Mode鈥, it becomes fairly easy to change your GPS location and replace it with any physical location across the world.

Let鈥檚 take a look at how to prevent people from spying on your phone location using iMyFone AnyTo.

Step 1: Click 鈥淭ry It Free鈥 button to download iMyFone AnyTo. Launch iMyFone AnyTo on your computer/Mac and click 鈥淕et Started鈥.

Try It FreeTry It Free

install and launch imyfone anyto

Step 2: Using a USB cable, connect your iPhone to the computer/Mac and click 鈥淭rust鈥 to establish the connection between two devices. Enter your passcode to confirm the connection.

unlock and trust

Step 3: Once the connection is successfully established, a map will appear on your screen displaying your current location. Click the 鈥淭eleport Mode鈥 button in the top-right corner and use the top search bar to find a specific location. You can also search for a location by pasting its GPS coordinates in the search bar.

choose teleport mode and select a location

Step 4: Once you鈥檝e selected a specific location, click the 鈥淢ove鈥 button to use it as your current GPS location. No one can spy your location on your phone right now.

change location in 1 click

Stop Spying Using Fake GPS GO on Android Device

For an Android smartphone, Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer is the most suitable location-spoofing app. Irrespective of the Android version you鈥檙e using, Fake GPS Go will help you spoof your location instantly. Unlike iOS, you can directly install the app on your smartphone, making it a hassle-free task.

Follow these instructions to use Fake GPS Go and hide your location from a spyware app.

Step 1: Install Fake GPS Go from Google Play Store.

download and install fake gps go

Step 2: Go to 鈥淪ettings鈥 and click 鈥淒eveloper Options鈥.

Step 3: Scroll down and select the 鈥淪et Mock Location App鈥 and choose 鈥淔ake GPS Free鈥 from the list.

set fake gps go as mock location app

Step 4: Now, open 鈥淔ake GPS Go鈥 and use the search bar to select a location.

Step 5: Tap the 鈥淧lay鈥 button to change your current location to the selected location.

click play to change location

That鈥檚 how to hide your whereabouts from spyware apps using a dedicated location spoofing tool.

Method 2: Use Anti-Tracking Software to Prevent People from Spying on Your Phone

Location is only the tip of the iceberg that a spyware app will track. If you want to completely protect yourself from a third-party, installing an anti-spy app is the best solution. These apps are designed to find and remove malware apps from the user鈥檚 smartphone and keep his data protected.

Let鈥檚 check out some of the best anti-tracking tools for iOS and Android.

Best Anti-Tracking Apps for iPhone

1 Lockdown

Lockdown is the latest Anti-spyware app for iDevices. Since it is designed by two former Apple engineers, you can expect the application to keep your privacy intact and secure your data effectively.

Lockdown anti tracking app

2 Avast Security & Privacy

Avast Security & Privacy is the complete package for iOS users. Being one of the most popular anti-malware tools, Avast Security will help you instantly remove malware apps from your smartphone and keep your valuable data protected.

Avast anti tracking app

Best Anti-Tracking Apps for Android

1 Spyware Detector 鈥 Anti Spy Privacy Scanner

Spyware Detector is an all-in-one tool that鈥檒l automatically detect and uninstall potential spyware tools from your smartphone. You can simply install the app on your device and it鈥檒l create a safety bubble, keeping you safe from third-party malware applications.

spyware detector

2 Anti Spy (SpyWare Removal)

With a dedicated 鈥淪can Now鈥 feature, you can scan any spyware app using Anti Spy on your Android device instantly and remove it with one tap. In addition to spyware, Anti Spy will also protect you from potential viruses.

anti spy app

Method 3: Use VPN to Hide Your Location to Stop Spying on Your Phone

Another recommended method to stop people from tracking your location through a spyware app is to use VPN software. Like the geo-spoofing app, the VPN will also hide your location and the spyware won鈥檛 be able to track your real location.

While there are many VPN tools, NordVPN is the best solution if you want to protect your data and location from a malware app. Having an intuitive interface, you can connect NordVPN to a virtual server with one-click and completely hide your location & browsing activities.

use nordvpn to stop spying

Method 4: Factory Reset to Stop Someone from Spying on Your Phone

Performing a factory reset will delete any malware app from your device. So, if none of the above-mentioned methods work, resetting the device is the last option. Here is the step-by-step guide of how to factory reset your phone.

How to Factory Reset on iPhone

Step 1: Go to 鈥淪ettings鈥 and click on 鈥淕eneral鈥.

select general on iphone settings

Step 2: Now, tap the 鈥淩eset鈥 button.

Step 3: Select 鈥淓rase All Content and Settings鈥 and click 鈥淓rase Now鈥.

factory reset iphone

Once the process completes, follow the on-screen instructions to set up your device again.

How to Factory Reset on Android

Step 1: Open 鈥淪ettings鈥 and scroll down to click on 鈥淏ackup & Reset鈥.

Step 2: Select 鈥淔actory Data Reset鈥 and click 鈥淩eset鈥.

Step 3: Enter your screen lock and the system will start resetting your device instantly.

factory reset android device

However, this method has its own limitations, which include:

  • A factory reset will delete everything from your smartphone鈥檚 internal storage. This can become really hectic if you haven鈥檛 taken a backup.
  • Any software update will be rolled back to the original version that came default with the device.
  • Many times, users have reported that a factory reset damaged their smartphone鈥檚 firmware as well. So, it might be a risky option.
  • Anyhow, if you鈥檙e ready to reset your device, follow the below-mentioned instructions.
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    That鈥檚 everything you should know about smartphone tracking and how to stop someone from spying on your phone. If you鈥檙e also worried about your privacy, make sure to utilize the above tips to protect your data from potential hackers who can misuse it in different ways.