3 Tips to Remove Apple ID from iPad without Password

Question: I bought an iPad and it has someone else’s Apple ID signed in. How do I remove Apple ID from iPad without password?

Buying a new iPad can be expensive which is why many people choose to look into second-hand iPads. The only problem is that not all iPads are factory reset before they are sold and some of them still have passcodes or in this case, an Apple ID signed in. Without the Apple ID password, you aren’t able to sign out and sign your own account in. Thus, you need to know how to remove Apple ID without password.

1. How to Remove Apple ID from iPad without Password Using iTunes

Step 1. Launch iTunes and connect your iPad to the computer using a USB cable.
Step 2. Your iPad will then sync with iTunes and once it has, click on the device icon from the top of the program.
Step 3. From the menu on the left, click on the “Summary” option.
Step 4. You will now be shown some basic information about your device and some of the backup features. For this method, click on the “Restore iPad” button on the right side.
restore ipad
Step 5. A popup box will then appear to verify the process. Simply click on the “Restore” button to proceed.
Step 6. After a few minutes, your iPad will be completely wiped and the Apple ID will have been removed from the device too.

Please note that your iPad should be synced to this iTunes before. Or, this way is not available.

2. How to Permanently Erase/Reset iPad without Apple ID Password

The best fix that you can erase an iPad without Apple ID password is using iPhone data eraser that called iMyFone Umate Pro iPhone Data Eraser for Win or iPhone Data Eraser for Mac. It provides ultimate solutions for save saving, performance improving and privacy protection. With the help of its “Erase All Data” feature, you can permanently erase any data that is stored on the iPad.

This is also a feature that you should look into using if you are going to be selling an iOS device yourself. Simply factory resetting isn’t enough as your personal data can be recovered – which is why the “Erase All Data” feature is worth using.

Umate Pro iphone data eraser

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  • Data erased by iMyFone is no longer accessible or recoverable.
  • Files that were deleted previously will be found out and completely destroyed from iPad.
  • Erase chats and attachments from WhatsApp/WeChat/Viber/Kik, and also leftover traces from Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • 1 click to clear up app cache, iTunes cache, photo cache, corrupted files, crash logs and 20+ more junk files for free.

iMyFone is highly praised as an ultimate iOS data eraser for iPhone, iPad, iPod - MacWorld, iPhoneinCanada, APPKED, etc.


Steps to Erase/Reset iPad without Passcode

Note: For erasing from iPad without Password, firstly, you should make sure that "Find my iPhone" is turned off.

Step 1. Start by making sure that iMyFone Umate Pro iPhone Data Eraser is downloaded and installed on your computer.

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Step 2. Launch iMyFone Umate Pro iPhone Data Eraser and connect your iPad using a lightning cable.
Step 3. Once the program has loaded up, to completely reset iPhone, please click on the Erase All Data option from the left panel. If you just want to erase some of your iPhone data, then go to other options like "Erase Private Data", "Erase Deleted Data" or "Erase Private Fragments".

Step 4. Tap Erase Now to begin the process.

This is undoubtedly the most effective method for anyone looking to reset idevice without password.

3. Some Useful Tips to Apple ID Password

1 Forgot Apple ID Password? How to Reset Apple ID Password

For those who don’t want to wipe their iOS device and want to retrieve their Apple ID password, here are some tips on how to retrieve it.
Easily recover your Apple ID password using the steps below.

  1. Unlock your iPad, launch the “Settings” app, and tap on “iCloud”.
  2. At the top of this menu tap on your email address.
  3. From here you will see the “Forgot Apple ID or Password” option. Tap on this to proceed.
  4. Simply enter your Apple ID, answer the required security questions, and you will be able to reset your Apple ID in just a few minutes.

2 How to Change Apple ID Password into a New One

If the Apple ID is your own, save time by recovering your password rather than wiping the device. This prevents you from losing data.

  1. Go to appleid.apple.com page and sign it with your account.
  2. Go to Security and tap on Change Password.
  3. Type your current Apple ID password and enter the new password. Confirm it.
  4. Tap Change Password to save the setup.