Fix “iPhone Is Disabled Connect to iTunes” without iTunes (iOS 12 included)

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You may see a message pop up on your iPhone's screen that "iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes". At this point you can not use the device or even access any of the data on it. While connecting the iPhone to iTunes and restoring the devie will enable your disabled iPhone, it will also result in data loss. Any of the data on the iPhone that wasn't backed up using iTunes or iCloud will be lost completely with no way to get it back. You may wonder if there is an alternative solution to fix "iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes" without iTunes. This article will provide you with a few ways to fix this problem without/with iTunes and get your iPhone working normally again.

iPhone is disabled

1. Is It Possible to Restore Disabled iPhone without iTunes?

There are 2 methods to restore disabled iPhone without iTunes. You can either use a third-party tool, or use iCloud if you had set up Find My iPhone, which will also guides you to restore your iPhone from an iCloud backup. You must be worried about your data, right? Restore disabled iPhone will erase all the data on your iPhone and no recovery tool can get them back. But if fortunately, your iPhone has trusted a computer before, you can use a third-party tool to export the data from your iPhone before you restore your iPhone.

2. Bypass 'iPhone Is Disabled Connect to iTunes' without iTunes

We can understand how frustrated you are when your iPhone gets disabled. We are introducing to you a trustworthy and reliable tool iMyFone D-Back, which can help you to bypass 'iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes' screen with just a matter of a few clicks.

iMyFone D-Back is an amazing tool which is basically a data recovery tool. In the case that your iPhone is disabled, you can try the feature 'Recover from iOS Device' to export the data from your iPhone if it has trust the computer before. This program offers free trial version, so you can just download the free trial version to test. This tool is available for both Mac and Windows computers and it is fully compatible with almost all iOS devices including iPhone 8, iPhone X. It works for iOS devices running iOS 7/8/9/10/11/12, including iOS 11.4/12.

It's now time to know the step by step tutorial to bypass 'iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes' using iMyFone D-Back.

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Step 1 – Install the iMyFone D-Back and launch it on your PC. Then, get your iPhone connected to it and select 'Fix iOS System' tab and then the 'Advanced Mode' on the screen. Please note that your iPhone will be completely erased after using this method. We recommend that you try "Recover from iOS Device" to export your data before you try this mode.

Choose the mode to fix iOS

Step 2 – You are now required to set your device into Recovery/DFU mode. To do this, hit 'Start' and make sure to follow the on screen guide carefully.

DFU mode under Advanced mode

Step 3 – You device and the latest compatible firmware version will then be displayed automatically by the software. Verify the information and hit on 'Download'.

download firmware package

Once it gets downloaded, hit on 'Start to Fix' button and within a short while your device will be back to normal. The message 'iPhone Is Disabled Connect to iTunes' will disappear.

fixing system

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3. Fix 'iPhone Is Disabled Connect to iTunes' with iCloud

Step 1: On any other device go to and sign in with your Apple ID.

Step 2: To erase the device click on "All Devices" and then select the device you want to erase. Click on "Erase iPhone" to erase the device.

You can now set it up as new or restore from a backup and re-enable it.

erase iPhone on iCloud

This method won't work if you never turned on Find My iPhone on your disabled iPhone, so we will also show you how to fix "iPhone is disables, connect to iTunes" problem with iTunes in the following text.

4. Fix 'iPhone Is Disabled Connect to iTunes' with iTunes

1 If You Had Synced Your Device with iTunes

If you had synced your device with iTunes, follow these simple steps to fix this error.

Step 1: Connect the device to your computer. If this is the computer you sync your device with, iTunes should open automatically. If it doesn't, open it. If iTunes requests a passcode, connect the device to another computer that you had synced your device with.

Step 2: In the bottom, right section of iTunes, right click on the iPhone and then select "Back Up Now."

Step3: Once the backup is complete, select to 'Restore iPhone'. You can use the most recent backup to restore the device.

backup and restore your iPhone with iTunes

2 If You Had Never Synced Your Device with iTunes Before

If you had never synced your device with iTunes before, you need to put your device in recovery mode before restoring it in iTunes. Follow these simple steps to do that.

Step 1: Contact your device to computer and open iTunes.

Step 2: Hold Sleep/Wake button and home button together. Don't release the buttons until you see iTunes logo on the screen.

iPhone in recovery mode

Step 3: A message should popup in iTunes saying that a device in recovery mode has been detected. Click "OK" and choose Restore iPhone option to restore the device and bypass 'iPhone Is Disabled Connect to iTunes'.

Step 4: Once your iPhone has been restored, you will be required to setup your iPhone and you can choose to restore a backup to your iPhone.

restore iPhone using iTunes

One of the above solutions should be very helpful in 'iPhone Is Disabled Connect to iTunes' . If you have other methods, feel free to leave a comment below.