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Fix “iPhone Is Disabled Connect to iTunes” on iPhone 7/7 Plus

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July 10, 2018 (Updated: June 2, 2020)• Filed to: Unlock iPhone

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So the iPhone 7/7 Plus (indeed every iPhone) does this thing where you will be unable to unlock it if there have been too many unsuccessful attempts already at opening it. Is that “iPhone 7 Plus disabled” now irreparable? Far from it! Read on, and you will discover how to unlock the iPhone.

“Why Is My iPhone 7/7 Plus Disabled?”

iPhone 7 is disabled connect to itunes? If you enter the wrong passcode for less than 10 times, a warning message pops up onscreen saying, “iPhone is disabled try again in X minutes”. When you enter the wrong passcode for 10 consecutive times, your iPhone 7 will say, “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes”. That means your iPhone 7/7+ is permanently disabled.

This happens for security reasons, to protect the contents of your iPhone when you've forgotten your passcode or when a child may have reset your passcode mistakenly.

iPhone is disabled

Choose from the 3 Solutions to Fix iPhone 7/7 Plus Disabled

There are actually many solutions to the “iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes” iPhone 7 problem. But each of the solutions were going to look at only works based on the specific condition of your iPhone per the time it was permanently disabled. Study each one to know what will work in your situation. The 3 solutions you can choose are: 1. Using Unlock Tool, 2. Via iCloud, 3. Via Recovery Mode.

If "Find My iPhone" has been disabled
If "Find My iPhone" has been enabled
Fix without Apple ID and password
Probalility of success
Only 1 time to work
Only work when your iPhone is connected to internet
May try several times when your iPhone storage is large
Operation difficulty

1 “iPhone 7/7 Plus Disabled Connect to iTunes” Fix with Unlock Tool

If you're wondering whether there's a way to unlock your iPhone disabled screen within minutes, without a passcode and without connecting to iTunes, then you would be pleased to know that it is possible with the iMyFone LockWiper Unlock Disabled iPhone. It’s an iPhone password unlock tool to handle all your screen lock issues and all iPhone failures.

LockWiper - Your Mighty Passcode Expert

lockwiper unlock iphone passcode

1,000,000+ Downloads

  • Instantly bypass iPhone disabled screen without passcode without iTunes
  • Easily unlock iPhone screen whenever it's locked by 4-digit/6-digit passcode, Face ID and Touch ID
  • Promise high success rate even when iPhone screen is frozen or unresponsive
  • Unlock iPhone from iCloud account and Apple ID without password so you can enter a different account to enjoy all features
  • Fully compatible with the latest iOS version and all models of iOS devices.

Detailed Steps to Fix Disabled iPhone 7/7 Plus:

Step 1: Download, install and launch the iMyFone LockWiper on your PC or Mac. On LockWiper, choose "Unlock Screen Passcode" mode.

Try It FreeTry It Free

choose unlock screen passcode mode

Step 2: Click “Start” to begin. Connect your iPhone 7/7 Plus. Your iPhone 7 will be automatically detected. Click "Download" to continue.

download firmware for disabled iphone to start unlock

Step 3: It will download the specific firmware and verify it for your iPhone 7. When it finishes, click "Start to Extract".

extract firmware for disabled iphone

Step 4: It will start unpacking the downloaded firmware. Click "Start Unlock". Then you need to confirm it by enter "000000" into the box and click "Unlock" to get started.

start to unlock disabled iphone

After only a few minutes, viola! The lock has been removed! Your iPhone won't be locked out by disabled screen.

unlock disabled iPhone 7 successfully

Note: iMyFone LockWiper's free trial allows you to check whether this way is available for you. If you need to unlock your disabled iPhone, it will ask you to register when you click "Unlock" at the last step. So get a registration code and also the Special 20% OFF Coupon Code first: iMyFone LockWiper Official Registration Code >>

2 Fix "iPhone 7/7 Plus Disabled Connect To iTunes" via iCloud

iCloud is the program that gives your device online access if your iPhone is lost. For this method to work, you must have the “Find my phone” feature turned ON before the “iPhone 7 disabled” situation occurs.

    1. On your PC/MAC, go to and sign in to your iCloud account with your Apple ID and password.
    2. Click “Find iPhone” then.

erase iPhone from iCloud

    1. Tap “All Devices” and choose your iPhone 7.
    2. Select “Erase iPhone” and confirm to proceed.

erase iPhone from iCloud

Requirements of this method to work:

  • Your iPhone 7/7 Plus must have an iCloud account log in and the "Find My iPhone" must be enabled. (You must know the iCloud account and password).
  • Your iPhone must be connected to internet, or this way is not available.

3 Fix “iPhone 7/7 Plus Disabled” in Recovery Mode

Though this way is a little complicated, it still works.

    1. Connect your iPhone 7/7 Plus to computer and open iTunes.
    2. To enter Recovery Mode, press and hold the Side button and Volume Down button of your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

erase iPhone from iTunes

    1. Release the buttons when you see the recovery-mode screen.
    2. A message from iTunes will pop up saying it has detected your device in Recovery Mode.
    3. Click “OK” on the popup to proceed. On iTunes “Restore” screen, tap on the “Restore” button.

erase iPhone from iTunes

This process also deletes all your data in the iPhone. Also, your iPhone will be restored to its latest version of OS.

Those are the three methods to fix when your iPhone 7/7 Plus says "iPhone disabled connect to iTunes". If your iPhone has "Find My iPhone" enabled and connect to internet, it's suggested to use the iCloud. Otherwise, consider iMyFone LockWiper Unlock Disabled iPhone for help because it's the easiest way to fix any disabled or locked iPhone without any requirements. Recovery mode is less suggested because it doesn't always work.

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