Decode Password for iTunes Backup in All Scenarios

KeyGenius iPhone backup unlocker can rescue you from any frustrating situations with ease.

  • fogot_password

    • Forgot your iTunes backup
    password when restoring iPhone?

  • doesn't_accept_password

    • iTunes doesn't accept the
    original password?

  • ask_never_set_password

    • iTunes asks for a password that
    never set?

  • change_new_password

    • Struggle to change a new iTunes
    backup password?


Decrypt iTunes Backup Password with High Success Rate

KeyGenius iPhone backup unlocker helps you unlock iTunes backup encryption with advanced algorithms!

  • dictionaries
    1. Dictionary Attack
    A comprehensive build-in dictionary to recover most frequently used passwords.
  • mask
    2. Brute - Force with Mask Attack
    A faster and smarter way to retrieve passwords with part of known information.
  • attack
    3. Brute - Force Attack
    Check every possible combination to recover passwords.

Remove iPhone Backup Encryption Settings in No Time

New iPhone backup is always encrypted by default, but you want to turn it off?

KeyGenius iPhone backup unlocker easily disables backup encryption settings whether you know the password or not. Get rid of a password when creating new backups!

  • 5seconds

    5 Seconds to Eliminate

  • easy to use

    Easy to Use

Unlock Solution

  • high_success_rate

    High Success Rate
    Ensure 100% decryption rate
  • high_compatibility

    High Compatibility
    Support all versions of iTunes and iOS devices
  • flexibility

    Pause to save and recover at any time
  • 100secure

    100% Secure
    Zero damage to backup data

Only 3 Steps to Unlock iTunes Backup Password

Only 3 Steps

User Reviews

  • Michelle

    My iPhone backup password is too old to remember. So I found this tool. It works well, simply helps me unlock the backup.

  • Kevin

    Life saver. Thanks to this iPhone backup unlocker by iMyFone, I managed to restoring my encrypted backup which was locked about 3 months. And it would be such a misery if I couldn't get all my photos and text messages in it.

  • Alan

    I want to backup a second-hand iphone I purchased, but it has an encryption on it. This software is awesome. I can remove the encryption and backup my phone now!

  • Nate

    I can't restore my iPad because I can't remember the backup password. KeyGenius is really a nice product! I use it to retrieve the password. I can get back my old data too. Thank you iMyFone!

  • Mike

    I got an iPhone 5s from my father, but there's an encryption set up with the phone. My father forgot the password, so I search for other methods to remove it. This tool helps me a lot. It not only removes encryption, but also recover old passwords. Amazing!

  • Brenda

    It is the most convenient way I have found to unlock encrypted iTunes backup. Thanks to this iTunes backup unlocker, or I would never unlock the backup of my iPad, which contains a lot contacts and messages.

  • Jasmine

    iMyFone KeyGenius is really a genius! It's just so easy to find back my iphone backup password. Recommend it!

  • Alice

    I forgot the backup encryption password. When I made a backup, iTunes would always encrypt my backup automatically, which is very frustrating. Luckily, I found KeyGenius, it helped me to remove the backup settings from my iPhone without losing data.

  • Dan

    I'm the one who can't remember my passwords. iMyFone KeyGenius is a rescuer, when I have it, I don't need to worry about itunes backup password anymore. It helps me recover passwords just so easy.

iMyFone KeyGenius

Unlock iTunes Backup Password & Remove iPhone Encryption Settings