Our topic in today’s article is: How to fix Facebook keeps crashing in iOS 17? It is not a big deal for some not frequently used apps on iPhones to crash suddenly, but we will get irritated if this problem happens to some life-related apps like Facebook. Can you imagine Facebook just stops working and keeps crashing when you are chatting with someone? A situation like this will certainly cause great inconvenience to our life. So, come with me to see why and how to fix this problem.

facebook keeps crashing in ios 17

Why Facebook App Keeps Crashing on My iPhone?

  • There are bugs with Facebook. If the app is pestered with some minor bugs, it may crash suddenly.
  • Facebook is in a low version. Not making an update to Facebook will cause incompatibility with your iPhone, thus causing it to keep crashing.
  • There are problems with your iPhone or iOS system. Since this is a thing between Facebook and your device, potential problems with your iPhone and its system should be taken into consideration.
  • How to Fix Facebook Keeps Crashing in iOS 17?

    1 Force Close the App

    Sometimes, force closing the app in order to solve its bug problems can be really helpful. Whenever Facebook stops working or keeps crashing, you can make a force-stop. Here is how to do it.

    Go to the Home Screen or from anywhere you are, swipe up from the bottom of the screen then pause to see the floating window with every opened app. Swipe to find the Facebook app, then swipe up to close it. Now go to the Home Screen again and open the Facebook app.

    2 Clear Data

    Clearing the cache and data of an app is considered to be an effective way for many users. All your opened images, files and videos will be stored and if there are more than the data can bear, your Facebook will run a bit slower or even crash.

    • Step 1: Open the Facebook app from your Home Screen.
    • Step 2: Tap on Menu>Settings & Privacy>Settings.
    • Step 3: Tap on Browser under Permissions section.

    clear data on facebook

    3 Update the App

    Since the operating system requires apps to keep up with its update, you should check if Facebook is updated to be compatible with the iOS 17. Otherwise, the old version will stop working and keep crashing. Go to the Apple Store, if there is an update available, tap on it to get the latest version.

    Go to the Apple Store, if there is an update available, tap on it to get the latest version.

    4 Fix the System Problem via iMyFone Fixppo (No Data Loss)

    If you want to solve the problem as soon as possible, then you can try iMyFone Fixppo. It's a software designed to solve iPhone/iOS-related problems and has already successfully helped many people to fix their phone glitches such as iPhone stuck in boot loop, iPhone stuck on restore screen, etc, not to mention this Facebook keeps crashing in iOS 17 update problem. Now, I'll show you how to use it to fix the problem:

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    Step 1: Download and install Fixppo to your computer, choose its Standard Mode.

    standard mode

    Step 2: Connect your device to computer through a cable, then enter Recovery Mode (DFU Mode is also available).

    put device to recovery mode

    Step 3: Click on Download button to download the firmware package (You can choose other firmware version if it's available).

    download firmware package

    Step 4: Give Fixppo some time to process after you start the program. And congrats! Fixppo has fixed your Facebook keeps crashing in iOS 17 headache smoothly. And you can enjoy Facebook as usual when the device is started.

    fix successfully

    Practice leads to knowledge. You can just download Fixppo to see whether it can truly help you out of this annoying situation. If there are other iPhone-related problems, it can help you with that too.

    5 Disable Low-Power Mode

    This is said to be working with some of the users. Phone in low-power mode will reduce background activity, thus causing you not be able to receive certain messages. If your Facebook app keeps closing, you may try this solution.

    You can head to Settings>Battery>Turn off Low Power Mode.

    turn off low power mode

    6 Offload and Reinstall the App

    If your Facebook is still unable to work normally, you can try uninstall it and reinstall it again. Don’t worry about losing your data since Facebook requires account and passcode to log in and there are two options for you to choose.

    • Step 1: Go to Settings>General>iPhone Storage.
    • Step 2: Scroll down to find the Facebook app>Choose Offload App.
    • Step 3: This will delete the app only but your documents and data will be kept, and go to the Apple Store to get the Facebook again.

    offload facebook

    7 Force Restart iPhone

    Before you turn the phone on again, all background activities and third-party applications will be stopped by performing a force-restart, so it can be a choice for you to fix the Facebook keeps closing issue.

    • Step 1: Press the Volume Up button and quickly release it.
    • Step 2: Press the Volume Down button and quickly release it.
    • Step 3: Press the Side Button, when you the Apple logo appear, release it.

    reboot your iphone

    8 Update iOS to the Latest Version

    As we said, the iPhone and the iOS system should also be considered as one of the factors. If you updated to iOS 17 the day it was released, it’s likely that you are using a buggy one. And it is time to check for the latest one. After that, your Facebook app keeps crashing problem should be solved in time.

    • Step 1: Go to Settings>General>Software Update.
    • Step 2: If the latest version is released, make an update after making sure you've enough storage and power.

    make software update to ios 17

    Please be careful when making an update to the latest iOS system, if your iPhone is dead during the process, try to restore it through the all-in-one tool mentioned.

    9 Restore iPhone to Factory Settings (Risk Data Loss)

    This solution should be the last one you resort to since it will clear all of your iPhone data. And your phone will be restored to the original settings the day you just got it. It is risky if you don’t make any backup. However, if all solutions mentioned above can’t solve your problem, you may want to try this one.

    • Step 1: Go to Settings>General>Transfer or Reset iPhone.
    • Step 2: Tap on Erase All Content and Settings>Enter your passcode if needed to begin the process.

    erase all content and settings

    How to Prevent Facebook/Any App from Crashing Again?

    1 Update the app regularly

    Don’t forget to update your apps in a regular time. This is necessary for them to run smoothly since an old version of any app won't survive the up-to-date phone system.

    2 Clear phone storage once in a while

    If you have a phone with less memory, remember to clear it up and release space for the operating system to work well.

    3 Keep up with the system update

    This is all the more important since your phone will run into even more problems like the iPhone keeps turning on and off, the iPhone stuck on a black screen, etc, thus causing apps to crash as well.


    Hope your iOS 17 Facebook keeps crashing on iPhone problem can be solved with the soultions mentioned above. And don't forget to try iMyFone Fixppo if you find common solutions don't work. If you have better solutions or any suggestions about Fixppo, please let us know!