Instagram is one of the biggest photo and video sharing apps with millions of users in various parts of the world. However, when posting a video, picture, or post, most users complain that Instagram posts are stuck on sending.

There are several reasons why Instagram videos or posts you spent hours creating might fail to upload. These reasons range from poor network connections to large file sizes.

However, before getting frustrated, it is vital to understand why your Instagram post is stuck on sending and fix the issue just in time. This article takes a look at Instagram Post Stuck on Sending problems and how to fix them. Read on.

Part 1: Requirements for Instagram Videos Upload

Whether you are posting a video on your feed, video, story, or reel, your video can be in one of the following formats only: landscape, square or vertical video formats. The requirement to upload a feed video include:

Aspect Ratio

Instagram Feed: 4:5 for vertical, 16:9 for landscape, and 1:1 for square

Instagram Stories: 9:16

Instagram IGTV: 9:16

Instagram Live: 9:16

File Type

Instagram Feed: MP4 or MOV

Instagram Stories: MP4 or MOV

Instagram IGTV: MP4

Instagram Live: MP4 or MOV

File Type

Instagram Feed: 23 to 60 FPS (frames per second)

Instagram Stories: 30 FPS

Instagram IGTV: 30 FPS

Instagram Live: 30 FPS

Minimum Resolution

Instagram Feed: 600×750 vertical, 600×315 for landscape, 600×600 for square

Instagram Stories: 600×1067 (1080×1920 is recommended)

Instagram IGTV: 720 pixels

Instagram Live: 600×1067 (1080×1920 is recommended)

Maximum Length

Instagram Feed: 60 seconds

Instagram Stories: 15 seconds

Instagram IGTV: 1-minute minimum length, 15 minutes from a mobile device, and up to 60 minutes from a web or computer

Instagram Live: 4 hours

Maximum File Size

Instagram Feed: 4GB

Instagram Stories: 4GB

Instagram IGTV: 650MB (for 10 minutes videos or shorter) or 3.6GB (60 minutes videos)

Instagram Live: 4GB

Part 2: 6 Ways to Fix Instagram Post Stuck on Sending

There are various ways to fix Instagram post stuck on sending problem. They include:

2.1 Restart Your Phone

Restarting your phone can reboot and clear all background applications. It also restores all settings. This is an easy and smart way of fixing most problems on your mobile device.

To restart your phone, press and hold the power and down volume button. Drag the restart slider and wait for it to restart.

restart phone

2.2 Check Internet Connection

After restarting your phone, make sure your internet connection is strong before attempting to post again. If your network provider has a bad network, try switching to another network provider or using a strong WiFi connection. Also, ensure your mobile data for Instagram is enabled.

To fix this issue, check if your mobile data is turned off for Instagram, go to Settings > Mobile Data > Instagram, and then click on the Switch button. If your mobile data wasn’t turned off, you can turn it off and on again.

2.3 Clear Instagram Caches

Instagram is designed to save caches; these caches interrupt the operation of the app sometimes. However, by clearing these caches you can fix the failed video upload challenge.

To clear caches, go to Settings > App > Instagram > Clear caches.

clear instagram caches

2.4 Change Instagram Data Setting

Most users change their Instagram data settings to “useless data” to reduce the data consumption rate. Unfortunately, this has the capability of affecting your experience while using the photo-sharing app. It is because your app is set to consume less data, preventing your videos from uploading.

To change this, Go to Settings > Cellular data usage > Default.

high resolution media

2.5 Reinstall Instagram

Make sure you have an updated version of the app. Visit the Apple store to download the new version. You can also delete and reinstall the app to fix this issue. 

2.6 Your Post Might Violate Instagram Policy, Change It! 

Most users get all worked up about a failed upload without checking if their post meets Instagram policy. The truth is that some users do not understand Instagram policies. Therefore, you must ensure that your post does not violate any policy if it does make the right corrections.

Part 3: Fix Instagram Post Stuck on Sending with Fixppo

A good way to fix Instagram Post Stuck on Sending problems is by taking advantage of the benefits that third-party apps like Fixppo offers. If your Instagram issue is the result of system failure, then Fixppo fix your problem is like a piece of cake.

Fixppo is designed to fix errors such as restarting loops, iPhone app stuck, update error, frozen screen, among many others. This amazing software works in 4 different modes, the Standard Mode, which is used in fixing common issues. The Advanced Mode, which can be used when the standard one fails to work, the recovery mode and the Reset iDevices.


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Great Features of Fixppo

  • iOS issues like restarting loops, iPhone app stuck, update error, frozen screen can be fixed.

  • Able to reset iPhone without password in a few clicks.

  • Support all iOS versions and devices including iOS 15 and iPhone 13 models.

  • Easy to use. No technical knowledge required.

windows version Mac version

Detailed steps on how to use Fixppo in solving Instagram Post Stuck on Sending problems.

Step 1: Launch and install Fixppo on your system. Three different options will display on the Window. First, opt for the Standard Mode. Please note that when you opt for the Advanced Mode, you will lose data. However, the Standard Mode and Enter/Exit Recovery Mode do not affect your data.

fixppo interface

Step 2: Click on the Standard Mode.

standard mode

Step 3: Use a USB cord, connect your device to the system and choose "Next".” Unlock your device before clicking "Next".

fix guide

Step 4: If your device is detected, the program will automatically move to the next stage. However, if your device goes undetected, you will be asked to put your phone in DFU Mode or Recovery Mode. Follow the prompt on your screen to do that.

For DFU Mode, follow this prompt.

fix guide

For Recovery Mode, follow this prompt.

fix guide

Step 5: Download firmware then the program will automatically detect your device model and present you with the available firmware. Choose the proper firmware and click download. Once downloaded, it will automatically verify the firmware and extract the software before fixing the issue.

fix guide

Step 6: Before fixing the problem, ensure that you have checked the device and firmware information. Also, confirm that everything is okay. Then click Start. If the firmware is an older version, the issue will be fixed immediately. However, if it fails, try a newer version. Do not unplug your device during this process until the issue is completely resolved.

Do not unplug your device during this process until the issue has been fixed completely.

fix guide

Step 7: Try restarting your phone normally after the fix and see if this works. If it doesn’t, you may need to start the process again or opt for the Advanced Mode.


Instagram posts have been stuck in sending could be very annoying, especially when you have an update to make just in time. However, this shouldn’t be a problem. For iOS system problems like this, there are several solutions. This article has provided details on all the necessary steps you can take to Instagram Post Stuck on Sending issues. Most importantly, opt for the amazing Fixppo software that helps you solve Instagram post stuck in sending problems with no data loss.

windows version Mac version