In the current scenario, messaging has become an inevitable way of communication. It is obvious that we make use of chats to convey our messages quickly. Due to the advent of chats and other forms of messaging systems you can communicate very quickly without much difficulty. In this article let us learn how to fix iMessage not working on Mac. If you send a message and get back an undelivered notification then you have to follow certain guidelines to fix this issue. It is quite simple but you have to go by the step by step process for successful delivery of the messages.

1st Issue: iMessage Not Saying Delivered

Suppose if you send a message in this iMessage platform and receive an undelivered message then you have to first analyze whether the problem is with your system or with the recipient. Though it may be a difficult task but still you have to research on this in order to fix this issue. Ensure the below discussed settings are fine with your system. Reset the parameters in your system to confirm that there is no issue in your communication.

Step 1: Visit the Apple"s system status website and check for its outage. The issue will be resolved automatically it there is a presence of outage. You need not worry to fix this issue. Instead everything will be solved without much difficulty. Nothing to worry if there is an outage.

Step 2: Go to the "Settings" and followed by Airplane mode. Switch it "off" and then "on". This is done in order to get back the connectivity. This process enables you to reset the connectivity properties by resolving unknown issues. Apart from this setting you have to check out whether iMessage option has been enabled in the "Settings -> Message". Make sure to turn on the iMessage option in order to enjoy flawless communication.

Step 3: Now click on the "undelivered message" which is displayed with the red exclamation in order to resend the message again. Check out whether the message has been delivered successfully after completing the above discussed process.

Step 4: In case if the message is not delivered even after following the above discussed guidelines then send a normal SMS to check out the recipient connectivity. From this you can analyze whether the connectivity issue exist in your side or at your recipient side.

turn on imessage

2nd Issue: iMessage Not Syncing between Mac and iPhone

In order to enjoy flawless connectivity you have to ensure better synchronization between Mac and iPhone. Have a look at the below tips for a good synchronization

Common tips for the sync issue

  • Enable the iMessage option in your iOS device by visiting "Setting -> Message".
  • Disable and enable the iMessage option in order to refresh the connectivity.
  • To synchronize your phone number and email address just select "Send and receive" option in your iOS device.
  • Ensure that your device has a proper network connection by verifying the Wi-Fi properties.
  • Delete the old chats and thread in the iMessage platform to enjoy a better connectivity.

Download iMessages to Mac

Another way to sync iMessages with Mac is to download them to Mac. Then iMyFone iTransor Lite iPhone Data Exporter is the right choice. You can extract as many as 19 types of data from the device or from the backup without hassles. Besides exporting data, this program also act as a backup tool that can make a full or partial backup of your iPhone. Now you can easily handle data with the help of this iMyFone platform. Follow the below steps to download iMessages to Mac.

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Step 1: Open the iMyFone iTransor Lite and go to "Backup and export from iOS Device" option which is available in your left side of the screen.

Step 2: Select the option "Export data".

Step 3: Choose the required data to be exported from the displayed files.

Step 4: Select the "Next" option after choosing the necessary file.

Step 5: Scan the selected file and click on the "Export" option in order to save it in your computer.

download imessages to mac

3rd Issue: iMessage Waiting for Activation

If your iMessage displays an error message "waiting for activation", then it means you will not be able to use this platform for sending and receiving messages. You have to fix the issue for successful activation process. The main issue related to this problem is that you might have poorly configured the time zone settings and it may also due to network issues. Make use of the guidelines below to fix iMessage activation problem.

Step 1: Go to the "Settings -> Airplane mode" disable and enable this option in order to restore the network connectivity issues.

Step 2: Select the "Settings -> general -> date and time "from the time zone settings option and enable the "set automatically" option. Restart your device.

imessage waiting for activation

iMessage is one of the best platforms for communication. Resolve the connectivity issues and communicate effectively without much difficulty. Use the iMyFone tool to reset and fix unnecessary issues related to iMessage. Stay connected round the clock using this effective communication platform.