“Hi, I need help. I was watching video last night and there was no sound. I thought there might be some issue in that video. But I tried many other videos and the sound was still not working on iPad. I am so annoyed. I remember I upgraded my iPad to iOS 11 the day before. Is it happening because of it? Can anyone please help me and explain any troubleshooting steps?”

There are many iPad users who have come up with iPad sound not working when they are plaing games, musics or after thy upgrade their device to iOS 11/11.1/11.2. Don’t worry, we are here for you and would recommend you the following troubleshooting steps to solve your issue.

Part 1. The Symptoms of iPad Sound Not Working

  • There is no sound on iPad when you play musics or games, etc.
  • iPad is stuck in headphone volume mode with volum bar come up.
  • iPad speaker is not working.
  • Part 2. Fix iPad Sound Not Working Without Data Loss

    If you found the sound is not working on your iPad after updating to iOS 11, perhaps it's because the iOS 11 was not installed on the device properly or something is compatible with the iOS 11. The recommended way to get rid of it is to use iMyFone D-Back which is an expert and admirable data recovery tool to resolve various iOS problems without any data loss. iMyFone D-Back, recommended by famous media sites like Cult of Mac, and Makeuseof, is trusted by millions of users.

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    How to Use iMyFone D-Back to Fix iPad Sound Not Working Problem

    Step 1 – Launch the Program

    The initial move is to download the program, install and launch it afterwards. When you enter the first interface, choose “Fix iOS Sytem” and connect your iPad to the computer.

    Choose the mode to fix iOS

    Step 2 – Enter DFU Mode or Recovery Mode

    After selecting “Fix iOS System”, you will enter the interface where three modes will be available. You can select “Standard Mode” and then follow the instruction showing on the screen to put the iPad in DFU mode.

    Enter DFU Mode or Recovery Mode

    Step 3 – Download Suitable Firmware

    When you put your iPad in DFU mode, it will be recognized by the program easily and you will get the latest firmware for your iPad. You need to just click on “Download” button.

    Download Suitable Firmware

    Step 4 – Fix the Issue

    Lastly, hit on “Start to Fix” button to get the problem fixed. After that, the iPad sound not working problem will be fixed soon. Your device will restart automatically and get back to normal.

    Fixing the problem

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    Part 3. Common Tips to Fix iPad Sound Not Working Problem

    1. Clean the Headphone Port

    Before getting hurried, examine your headphones port first. If you are using it on regular basis, chances are the port of headset is having some kind of dust or debris. Therefore, check and clean your headphones port and clean it with a dry toothbrush. If it is the reason, your iPad sound will work normally.

    iPhone headphone port

    2. Check Mute Switch

    Another thing you need to check is the Mute switch when iPad sound is not working. There is a chance that you have accidentally switched it on. Most of the time we are in haste in our day to day schedule, so it is likely to happen that you have turned on mute switch and forgot.

    For this, inspect the tiny side switch, generally located on the right side, of your iPad. Your iPad is muted if you observe a reddish orange mark on it. Slide the mute switch to the other side to turn off the mute function and put your device on the ringer mode. Now checkout if you can hear sounds out of your iPad.

    check iPad mute switch

    3. Hard Reset iPad

    This is the troubleshooting step which works in many cases. For hard reset iPad, hold down the “Sleep/Wake” button and “Home” button altogether for at least 10 seconds. Remove the buttons when you will observe the Apple logo. Now check if the iPad sound not working problem is gone or not. If not, keep on reading.

    Hard reset iPad

    4. Turn off Bluetooth

    This has turned out to be successful for many users when they got iPad sound not working glitch. To disable Bluetooth, open the “Settings” in your device and go to “Bluetooth” and then turn it off.

    Turn off bluetooth


    The intention of writing this post was to keep you aware of the troubleshooting steps when your iPad sound is not working . Hope you can find one of the above tips helps in fixing the problem.

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