We live in an age where everyone is communicating via text messages, but that same technology also makes it easy to ignore someone. We've all been there – you pluck up the courage to send someone a text, but the message just never seems to deliver and then you're left wondering why for hours on end.

One of the reasons is that they've blocked your number, but how can you tell if that's definitely the case? Well, unfortunately, there is no definitive answer, but we're going to explore several different ways to investigate how to tell if someone blocked your number from texting.

1. Using iMessage on an iPhone to Verify (iOS 12 Supported)

Now, iMessage is an Apple feature which makes text messaging very seamless and enjoyable. To utilize the feature, both parties need to have iMessage enabled, and you also need some sort of connection – Wi-Fi or cellular data. When you're using iMessage, you'll notice that underneath the text it will either say 'Delivered' or 'Read'. So, if you ask ‘how can I tell if someone blocked my number from texting’ and both parties use iMessages, the status of your iMessages is a sign.

imessage has been read

But, before that happens, you'll have a sending bar towards the top of the screen. If that sending bar stops progressing towards the end and no 'Delivered' tag appears underneath your message, then that means it hasn't gone through to the other device.

This doesn't automatically mean they've blocked your number though. If they're in an area where they don't have connection or service iMessage won't work. Alternatively, their iPhone may have run out of battery, or they may be busy, so they've turned it off. However, if none of them are correct, then there's a strong possibility you've been blocked.

What If You Don't Use iMessage?

If you don't possess an iPhone, or if you're just opting to text without iMessage, then how to tell if your texts are blocked? Well, you'll never have that 'Delivered' sign anyway. Instead, you'll just be sending basic text messages which don't require any type of connection. However, you will still have the sending bar at the top, and if the sending procedure doesn't complete, then your number may have been blocked by the other person.

2. Send Multiple Messages to the Friend

A simple way to to tell if someone blocked your texts is to send multiple messages over a 24-hour period. Either you'll eventually receive a response, or you'll continue to be ignored. That means they don't want to speak, or they've blocked your number, but either way you'll know to stop wasting your time and energy.

send multiple messages to friend

3. Psychological Trick May Work

People will often succumb to a clever mind game, so before giving up, you may want to try one. This is what you could do – send a text message saying something along the lines of, “Hey, I don't know who she/he is, but she's/he's asking for your number. Should I give it to them?”

psychology thinking

If they still aren't curious enough to reply, then you can probably assume that you've been blocked on text by them.

Ultimately, you'll never know if someone blocked your number from texting unless they literally tell you that they've done so. But, if you try the tips above, you'll have a stronger idea. Need to know more about how to tell if someone blocked your on SNS? The following links may help:

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Tip: Back Up the Messages between You and the Friend

It is necessary to regularly back up text messages on iPhone in case someone blocks you without any notice and you lose the important messages sent to or received from that person. Then how to do that? print the messages.

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