Smart Switch is a transfer tool that needs no introduction. It is Samsung’s official method to transfer data/apps from any other smart phone to a Samsung device. Placing no restriction on operating systems, Smart Switch is a world-class tool that can be used to transfer data from iPhones, Android devices, and PCs.

Does Smart Switch delete data from old phone?

A pressing question many people have about Smart Switch is if it deletes data from an old phone after transferring them to a new one. This article answers those questions and provides additional answers to other questions about Smart Switch.

Does Smart Switch delete data from old phone?

When you transfer data from an old phone to a Samsung device via Smart Switch, it does not delete the data from the old phone.

Smart switch works by creating and sending a copy of the data on your phone when you choose to transfer them. Therefore, the original content remains on your phone.

What data does Smart Switch transfer from old phone?

Not all data, content or apps can be transferred using Samsung Smart Switch. Restrictions are placed depending on the operating system and mode of transfer. Here is a detailed breakdown of all the data you can transfer with Smart Switch from the 2 major smartphone ecosystems: Android and iOS.

For all media files like music, pictures and videos, Smart Switch does not support transferring them if they contain Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection.

Android and iOS OS

1. Data you can transfer from Android Smartphones

While Smart Switch supports transferring different types of data from other Android devices, a few data can only be transferred between 2 Samsung Galaxy phones.

Here are the supported data for Android:

  • Personal data: Contacts, Messages, Memo, Call logs, Alarm clock, and Email.
  • Media content: Photos, Documents, Music, Videos, Radio and some Apps.
  • Others: Wallpaper, Lock screen, and Preferences.

2. Data you can transfer from iPhone via USB

Smart Switch supports transferring data from an iOS device via a USB adapter or through iCloud. Here are the data you can transfer from your iPhone through USB:

  • Personal data: Messages, Call history, Contacts, Schedule, Notes, and Bookmarks.
  • Media content: Photos, Music, Videos, Documents, Voice memos and some recommended Apps.
  • Others: Wi-Fi and Alarms.

P.S. Because most of the songs on Apple Music come with DRM protection, it is not reliable to transfer music with Smart Switch. Furthermore, Smart Switch does not directly transfer apps from iPhone to Samsung because of OS restrictions. It instead downloads an Android alternative to all your iOS apps. 

3. Data you can transfer from iPhone via iCloud

The following content are the only types of data you can transfer from your iCloud with Smart Switch:

  • Personal data: Bookmarks, Notes, Contacts, Schedule and Call history.
  • Media content: Photos, Videos, Documents, Voice Memos and some Recommended apps.
  • Others: Wi-Fi and Alarms.

Transferring data through iCloud come with the same restrictions as transferring through USB.

What won't Smart Switch transfer from old phone?

The simple answer is Smart Switch won't transfer app data from most of your apps. Your app data are all the personal information you’ve saved up on an app. For example, WhatsApp data can include WhatsApp messages, chat history, and WhatsApp photos/videos, while a fitness app’s data can include your daily fitness goals and fitness history, among others.

What won't Smart Switch transfer?

Apps with the following types of app data cannot be transferred with Smart Switch:

  • Encrypted data: Apps like WhatsApp or Telegram which provide end-to-end encryption on chats and data cannot be transferred with Smart Switch.
  • Apps with usernames and passwords: Smart Switch cannot read or transfer data from apps which require you to login with your username and password because your data is stored on the app company’s remote servers. This means Smart Switch cannot transfer all your social media app data, including apps like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and Facebook.
  • Most apps from your iPhone: Because Samsung Galaxy phones primarily run on Android OS, if you use an iPhone most of your app data would likely not be transferred through Smart Switch. When you transfer apps from your iPhone, what Smart Switch offers is a recommendation to download the Android alternative – from Google Play Store – of the app as we hinted before, which certainly does not include any app data.
  • Apps with Digital Rights Management (DRM): All apps which contain DRM content cannot be transferred with Smart Switch.

After assessing all the aforementioned limitations, it is clear that if you own an Android, Smart Switch can only transfer the app data from a few apps. But if you own an iPhone, this is almost impossible because of the OS and app store differences.

Apps to help transfer app data from old phone

Finding a tool to transfer all your app data alongside your app is the most difficult experience you can face when you purchase a new phone.

Here are 2 apps to help with your app data transfer:

1. iTransor Pro – To transfer WhatsApp data (More data supported)

iTransor Pro is an outstanding PC tool that can be used to transfer WhatsApp and all WhatsApp data between any two smartphones, regardless of their operating systems. It is compatible with iOS, Android phones, and it offers by far the most reliable method to transfer WhatsApp data without risking the security of your data.

What's more, the program can be used to transfer up to 17 types of basic data like contacts and messages from iPhone to Samsung or from Samsung/Huawei to iPhone. The detailed phone transfer guide is listed on the official website.

If you are one of the many people trying to keep their WhatsApp Voice messages, Chats, contacts and media, here’s how you can use this program:

Steps to transfer WhatsApp data using iTransor Pro:

  • Download and install the program on a PC. Open the app and click on "Transfer WhatsApp".

windows version      mac version

  • Connect the sending and receiving phones to the computer via USB cables. Don’t forget to Allow access to phone data on the Samsung, and Trust the PC on your iPhone. You can use the "Switch" option to select the accurate sending and receiving devices.

connect your devices to computer

  • Select which type of WhatsApp you wish to send, in this case select WhatsApp messenger, and Click on "Transfer" to begin sending. Wait till the process is completed and click on "Done".

2. iCloud – To transfer Contacts, Calendars, Mail and Photos

If you are an iPhone user planning to switch to an Samsung phone, you can back up and transfer app data with iCloud. You can save app data from apps like Contacts, Calendars, Mail and Photos, among others.

Steps to transfer app data to a Samsung device from iCloud:

  • First, make sure you have backed up the iPhone data you want to the iCloud.

iCloud backup

  • Then visit on your PC. Download the backup data from the app to your PC. You can save the files using the appropriate format, such as .VCF or .ICS.
  • Upload the files to your Android device and you would have all your data.